A Small Laundry Room With A Dog Shower

A small laundry room with a dog shower might seem like an odd concept, but there are many reasons why this combination works perfectly in some homes. Maybe you want to keep your canine companion close by when doing laundry, but the washer and dryer take up most of the space in your laundry room? 

In this situation, the dog shower becomes your solution. Here’s what you need to know about incorporating both things into one space. I hope this article will help you out with this situation. 

Common Questions About Small Laundries With A Dog Shower

There are many random questions that people want to ask related to a small laundry room and a dog shower, as it is something gain in the trend, so the questions such as:

How do I efficiently organize my small laundry? What are some must-have items for a small laundry room with a dog shower? 

How can I make my small laundry more enjoyable? How do I incorporate an outdoor living space into my small laundry room with a dog shower? Are there other ways to make a small laundry room with a dog shower feel larger and brighter? 

What is it like living in an apartment that has only one bathroom, which is also used as part of our main house (small laundry), so there is no privacy when using it? 

So, I will try to give appropriate knowledge that will cover all of these questions. 

Tips for Successful Small Laundries With A Dog Shower

If you have a small laundry room with a dog shower, there are ways to make it more than adequate for your needs. First, you’ll need to think about space. You can combine small spaces by using built-in shelves and drawers. 

If space allows, adding an under-the-counter washer/dryer is an option that provides storage as well as a large capacity washer and dryer. Additionally, add hooks or pegs near the washing machine so clothes don’t get soiled on hangers.

So,  If you have a small laundry room with a dog shower, consider adding extra storage space for pet supplies, grooming tools, and an air freshener to mask any odors from dirty clothes or pets. 

You can use baskets to hold towels and cleaning supplies and keep them out of sight when not in use. These tips will help you make your small laundry room more functional for your needs.

And honestly, a small laundry room with a dog shower can add lots of benefits to your home and life, but it’s definitely not as easy as just putting everything in one place and calling it good. 

To make sure you’re getting the most out of your dog shower in your small laundry room, you need to know these basic things to ensure that the whole thing will work out nicely

Basic Things About A Small Laundry Room With A Dog Shower

First of all, you have to look at your space and determine what size room you have. Do you have a dog or dogs? 

If so, will he/she be in there with you or outside during your shower? Once those two questions are answered, we can move on to more laundry-room-specific details. 

For example, if you do have a dog (or multiple dogs), you’ll want to make sure that they don’t use your room or laundry room as their own personal bathroom. 

The easiest way to do that is by making sure that it doesn’t smell like one! Make sure that everything in your laundry is clean and organized. 

You don’t want anything lying around that could make them want to relieve themselves inside rather than outside. 

Also, remember dogs like water! So if you do plan on having them in there with you, make sure they have access to fresh water (and maybe even some toys). 

They might not use it right away but once they get used to being in there with you, they might start using it as their own little hangout spot. So, after doing all of these basic things, your dog/dogs will not disturb you anymore while doing laundry.

So, you can easily arrange a small laundry area with a dog shower area. 

Frequently Asked Question 

Question No 1: How much do you need to design a dog shower in the house? 

Answer: It is difficult o tell fixed space to manufacture a dog shower at any place. The construction dog shower depends on various factors, like your budget,space available etc. so it is impossible to tell which size of the shower will be suitable for you. 

These days a medium size shower is of 36-inch wide enclosure. This space is enough to hold a single dog at a single time. If space is not a problem then you can construct a dog shower of 48 inches. This size shower is spacious and dogs can easily enjoy showering here. 

Question No 2: How can I bathe a dog in a small shower easily? 

Answer: after constructing a small shower room for the dog the next task is to give your a bath to your dog. Giving a bath to the dog is not much easy. So here are quick tips to do this complicated task easily. Bring the dog to the shower room by playing.

Play with the dog for some time to make him comfortable. Now rinse the dog using lukewarm water. I recommend you use a detachable shower nozzle. As it will help you to rinse all parts of the dog. 

Now apply the shampoo diluted with water. Leave shampoo for some time. After that wash, it out and you have done with your task. 

Question No 3: Can I bathe my dog once a week? 

Answer: The very brief answer to this question is yes. The best practice is to provide a bath twice a week. The most important thing here is that you should use lukewarm water and diluted shampoo for giving bath to the dog. Do not forget to use conditioner. 


A small laundry room with a dog shower will require thoughtful planning in order to create the most functional and appealing space possible. 

When you’re remodeling your laundry room, keep the ideas shared in this article in your mind to achieve your ideal space. 

Also, make sure to keep both places clean and appropriate, so that you can do your laundry without any issue. So, besides this, if you have any other trouble regarding your laundry room with a dog shower, then you can ask in the comment section.

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