Top 5 Best 1.5 GPM shower head Review & Guide

You might be worried about the excess wastage of water during bathing. According to research, around 40 gallons of water is utilized by a single-family only for showering every day. The main reason behind this situation is the showerhead. 

Moreover, you may have the misconception that all the shower heads are the same for wasting water. But I suppose you might be wrong. Now there are a lot of the best 1.5 GPM shower heads available in the markets.

These showerheads are not only best to conserve water. Additionally, they come with extraordinary innovative settings. In this case, you are also looking for the same showerhead to save water—then no need to worry anymore. 

Here I collected some best 1.5 GPM shower heads with their detailed description. I personally use all of them and now review them for your convenience. 

LOKBY High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head, LOKBY High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head,
  • Easy to Clean Nozzles
  • High-Quality Materials
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SR SUN RISE Shower System with Handheld Showerhead. SR SUN RISE Shower System with Handheld Showerhead.
  • 3-way Water Diverter
  • Lifetime warranty
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High Pressure Shower Head With Flexible Neck. High Pressure Shower Head With Flexible Neck.
  • 3” Single Function
  • 360 Degree Flexible
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High Sierra's high-efficiency showerhead High Sierra’s high-efficiency showerhead
  • Award-winning Design.
  • No clogging
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Faneborrn high-pressure showerhead Faneborrn high-pressure showerhead
  • Boosting Process 
  • Multiple Spray Settings
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High Sierra’s high-efficiency showerhead(top pick)

  • Award-Winning: patented nozzle delivers a strong, full-spray of large drops
  • Minerals in the Water: will not clog the patented nozzle as is common with most low flow shower heads
  • SOLID METAL CONSTRUCTION: with NEW and improved surface plating guaranteed to not corrode. Regardless of water quality.

This high Sierra’s high-efficiency shower head is perfect as it can save up to 40% of the water. Ultimately lower water consumption means less electricity bills. 

The company uses a patented design. This design will ultimately guarantee larger droplets with a strong spray. Furthermore, there will be no decrease in the showerhead’s performance even if less water is available.  

The good thing about this best water-saving shower head is its clog-less free nozzles, unlike ordinary shower heads’ nozzles that clog even with lower mineral content in the water. This best 1.5 GPM shower head will not show a problem of the nozzle congestion.  Most of the shower heads are usually designed with plastic coated with nickel. This case is different for this showerhead as it is designed with stainless steel and brass. 

Additionally, this all-metal construction is coated with different finishes for further enhancement. These finishes may be of oil-rubbed bronze, polished chrome or nickel, and brushed nickel. 

  • Conserve water 
  • Save electricity 
  • Clog free nozzle 
  • It is designed with metals and brass 
  • It comes with a durable design 
  • Bit noisy 
  • Expensive 

Faneborrn high-pressure showerhead

  • Boosting Process: The flow is 1.54 gallons per minute, water consumption is 1.54 gallons per minute. 
  • Multiple Spray Settings: Multifunctional showerheads provide 5 levels of function adjustment: strong rain, pulse massage, strong mist, strong massage, rain, and mist.
  • Multifunctional Connectors: The ball joint is equipped with a rubber pad to prevent water seepage and leakage.
  • Simple Installation: Universal fixed shower head with G 1/2 inch connection thread interface, easy to install.

This exceptional shower head comes with the boosting process. It provides 15 gallons per minute without any distortion. Moreover, when I talk about its diameter, it has 4 inches diameter. 

The Faneborrn shower head is famous for its spa-like and natural shower-like experience. Additionally, these shower heads provide you with five levels of function adjustment. By using this product, you can enjoy pulse massage, mist, rain, strong mist, and rain function. 

Furthermore, your daily stress will wash away with its luxurious rain shower. Interestingly the product is a miracle as it gives an invigorating massage to heal muscle pain.  Unlike ordinary shower heads, there is no need for specific tools to install them. Even an ordinary person can easily install it without any trouble. Moreover, it is effortless to clean. 

The good thing is that you do not need to waste your time and energy cleaning as its innovative nozzle comes with silicon jets. Ultimately these jets will not allow lime and mineral deposition.  There is a ball joint along with the rubber pad. These rubber pads are perfect for preventing water leakage or seepage. 

  • No problem of water leakage 
  • Easy to install 
  • Snappier cleaning 
  • Perfect water flow 
  • Very long life 
  • Life time warranty 
  • Water-saving mode is absent 
  • Bit bulky 

LOKBY High-Pressure shower head

  • High Pressure: Powerful and multi-functional handheld showerhead kit for low water flow and pressure showers, creates a pressure-increasing stream.
  • 6-Spray Functions: Shower wand has 5 different spray patterns which make pressure boosting effect for ultimate shower experience even at low pressure + stop and go – pause function for water saving.
  • Easy to Clean Nozzles: Closely grouped silicone jets provide even spray and prevent lime and hard water build up.

LOKBY is the third shower head that I am going to review. No doubt, this perfect showerhead is very easy to install due to its tool-less installation. Furthermore, it is a very powerful and multifunctional handheld showerhead. 

The product is well known for its pressure showers and low water flow. The perfect feature related to this product is its water-saving mode. Furthermore, even in a low water pressure situation, it provides high-velocity steam. 

There are six spray functions present in this 1.5 GPM showerhead. The different spray patterns ultimately provide a pressure-boosting effect. Its performance is unmatchable even at low pressure. 

Its nozzle will not easily clog up with the salt and mineral deposits. The main reason for its clog-free feature is its silicon jet nozzle. These silicon jets not only resist clog formation but it is also responsible for homogenous spaying. 

Moving towards its material, it comes with durable chrome-plated ABS material. Moreover, there are solid brass comfy ball joints. This product is very light due to its stainless steel hose. There is no chance of rust. 

  • Rustproof 
  • Designed with durable ABS material 
  • Very lightweight 
  • It comes with six spray settings 
  • Tool-less installation 
  • Not very durable 
  • Not available at a reasonable price. 

SUNRISE Shower head-best water-saving showerhead

  • Use Luxurious 6-Setting overhead shower head and 6-setting hand shower separately or both together! Choose from 35 full and combined water flow patterns.
  • Patented 3-way Water Diverter: with Anti-Swivel Lock Nut and Angle-Adjustable Overhead Bracket.
  • Ten layer Matte Black: plated finish offers a sleek look, ensuring corrosion resistance and durable.

The SUNRISE shower head has its own place in the queue of top-rated shower heads 2020. It comes with six luxurious setting options. 

It is designed with a unique feature that is absent in all the other best rain showerheads. So the feature is its 35 water flow pattern. Additionally, it comes with 4.375 inches full-sized brushed. 

The thing that makes it unique is its six options shower settings. These settings include a warm mist, power rain, and massage. Additionally, you can also switch to the pause and water-saving economy mode. 

Its sleek and stylish look enhances your bathroom look. Ten layers of matte black finish are responsible for its attractive look. Moreover, there are very few chances of corrosion. Ultimately the product is very durable. 

This product also comes with high-pressure technology. This pressure technology’s performance will not decrease even at very low water pressure. Last but not least, this sunrise showerhead offers a lifetime warranty. 

  • Lifetime warranty 
  • Sleek and stylish design 
  • Very durable 
  • Fewer chances of corrosion 
  • Lightweight 
  • Nozzle clog up easily 
  • Expensive 

1 GPM shower head- with flexible neck 

  • 3” single function showerhead: provide maximum water power and give you high pressure, comfortable shower experience.
  • 360 degree Flexible shower arm can cover almost your shower room. Spray water to every corner
  • Silicone Nozzles prevent lime and hard water deposit and clog. Easy to clean

If you are in search of the best handheld shower head, then this product will be a perfect choice for you. This 3 inches single-function showerhead is well known for its maximum water power.

With the help of its high-pressure flow, it gives a comfortable shower experience. Moreover, it is designed with a 360-degree flexible shower arm. Ultimately it can move in all directions and cover your whole shower room. 

Its cleaning process is very easy and snappier as its nozzle is made with silicon that does not allow mineral and salt deposition. It does not show clog deposition, even with the water that contains high salt content. 

This product comes with a mesh filter that will help to limit water flow. This feature is perfect for saving water. It is a complete three-piece set that contains a 360-degree flexible shower arm, a cover, and a showerhead. 

There is no need for several tools to install it. Furthermore, a simple person can install it without the help of any expertise. 

Here is a list of: Top Luxury ShowerHead

  • Easy to install
  • Snappier and easy cleaning 
  • Pack contains three pieces. 
  • A flexible arm covers your whole washroom.
  • It provides maximum water flow even at very
  • low water pressure.
  • Bit expensive 
  • Bit heavy 

Buyer’s Guide for best 1.5 GPM shower head

A bathroom is a crucial part of the house. If your bathroom is not well settled, then ultimately, your house is not attractive and perfectly settled at all.  You must pay close attention to the following factors while shopping for the best 1.5 GPM shower head. 


The most important feature that should not be neglected for the showerhead is its compatibility. Mostly, showerheads come with congested nozzles. Ultimately it will affect the flow and pressure of coming water. 

Moreover, always select the showerhead while keeping an eye on your budget and needs. A Lot of options are now available in the market. You can easily select one according to your choice. 


The second feature is the size of the best low-flow showerhead. Always go for the medium-sized shower head. If you choose a small-sized shower head, then it will not be perfect for most people. 

So always go for the medium-sized shower head for a good showering experience. When you choose a showerhead according to your own needs, then it will not interrupt the quality of the product. 

Different additional and adjustable feature 

In the case you are buying a shower head online, then do not need to forget to check its rating. After that, you must see its additional adjustable features. Moreover it is important to see the safety guideline of the showerhead. 

When you follow the steps mentioned above, then it will save your time and energy. Additionally, help you to make the right decision. 


Always go to the showerhead whose colors match the color of your bathroom. Odd color showerheads will ruin the beauty of the washroom. 

Frequently Asked Question

Question No 1:Which GPM is better for shower heads? Higher or lower shower head? 

Answer: Every showerhead has a different GPM. in the expert’s recommendation, a shower head with 2.5 GPM is best among all. A shower head with 1.5 GPM pressure is not suitable pressure to enjoy a relaxing bath. 

In case you do not have to invest to buy a showerhead of 2.5 GPM, then you can also go for a 1.8 GPM showerhead. A shower head with less than 1.5 GPM  pressure is not perfect for the bath. so try not to waste your money on such shower heads. 

Question No 2: Can I increase the shower GPM? 

Answer: Yes! A person can easily increase the GPM of any showerhead. Most shower heads use Rubber pressure-reducing valves. In simple words, these showers use rubber regulators to adjust and maintain lower water pressure in the shower heads. 

If you want to increase the GPM then you have to take out this rubber regulator. By taking out the regulator you are making holes enlarge that ultimately allow more water to come out from the shower head. This is the easiest way to increase the GPM of the showerhead. 

Question No 3: Can water pressure also increase with the increase of showerhead GPM? 

Answer: The GPM will automatically increase when you increase the water pressure. On the other hand, if you increase the GPMthen it is not mandatory that the pressure of the water also increases. 

You can increase the water pressure separately by adjusting the pressure valves. These pressure valves are present on the pressure washer. Make sure to increase the water pressure to the point that can easily be handled by the showerhead. 

If a person increases the pressure more than the optimum limit of the showerhead, then its body may damage. 

Final words 

No donut finding the best 1.5 GPM shower head among the variety of showers will be a tricky task for you. But if you follow all the directions that I mentioned, then this task becomes very easy for you. 


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