Top 5 Best All Metal Handheld Shower Head Review & Guide

You may have heard before that metal showerheads are the strongest and long-lasting products in their category. Well, that is true, and if you want one for your bathroom, then I can help you with my guide about the best all metal handheld shower heads that you can find from the market.

Each of the showerheads listed here has a strong shape and structure that will have a long-lasting effect in your daily life. I have explained them in detail with features so that you can have a clear idea about each one of them and see which one should be your ideal choice.

American Standard 9035254.278 Spectra Plus Duo 2-in-1 Shower Head American Standard 9035254.278 Spectra Plus Duo 2-in-1 Shower Head
  • 2-in-1 design.
  • Aqua Toggle.
  • Divert Paddle.
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Moen 26112SRN Engage Magnetix Handheld Showerhead Moen 26112SRN Engage Magnetix Handheld Showerhead
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Waterpik High-Pressure Hand Held Wand and Rain Shower Head Combo Waterpik High-Pressure Hand Held Wand and Rain Shower Head Combo
  • Relax and Relieve stress 
  • 3-way Diverter
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American Standard 9035254.278 Spectra Plus Duo 2-in-1 Shower Head

  • Aqua toggle easily changes sprays for hand shower
  • Dock-Tate securely docks the shower head magnetically
  • 2-in-1 design, with a wide shower head and hand shower combination

The best handheld shower head with the highest sustainability and strength as an all-metal product is the Spectra Plus Duo Shower Head in my list. This showerhead is built totally from strong metal with three unique excellent cleaned plating and spray settings.

Its quality development leaves everything behind, and it is also good at saving 40% of the water.


The alluring features of this showerhead give you a strong splashing experience even when there are low water pressure conditions. This showerhead has a very adaptable 72 inch all-metal and strong metal holder in one package. 

You can direct the volume of the water with a press button control valve. A self-cleaning spout simplifies your upkeep. The construction of the showerhead is a strong metal, and it’s accessible in decent clean wraps up of brushed nickel, chrome, and oil scoured bronze. 

The point flexible turn ball section allows you to rotate and change the shower direct easily, making it easy to pivot the course of the showerhead. Metallic finishing can be seen on every side of this showerhead which makes it a little bit heavy to carry while taking a shower.

But I think the weight is what you can expect from any metal showerhead. One thing I would like to add is that in some reviews, I have seen people complaining about the hose. It is durable but hard to maintain once it gets any fault.

So you should be prepared in case you are thinking on buying this product directly at the moment.


  • Water-saving technology.
  • Excellent for showers and made up of good quality.
  • Flexible rotating head for adjustable angles.
  • Superior grade metal body.
  • The hose is not of good quality.

Moen 26112SRN Engage Magnetix Handheld Showerhead

  • SPOT RESISTANT: Spot Resist Nickel finish resists fingerprints and water spots for a cleaner looking bath.
  • FLEXIBLE: Features a kink-free metal hose that extends reach and flexibility
  • MAGNETIC BASE: The magnetic docking system allows you to easily detach and use as a handheld shower head.

Another heavyweight and very sturdy shower head that I would like to add to this list are Moen 26112SRN Engage Magnetic showerhead. This is a showerhead that permits you to switch shower patterns.

For example, the extraordinary three-way massage splash, which conveys a beating knead shower that is very relaxing for your body.


This is a useful all metal 3-spray handheld showerhead that I personally recommend to everyone to use once in their lifetime. It has three spray designs, and you can choose which one fits well for you. 

The hand shower offers a decision between the wide spray choice and a light mist setting to shower. It is easy to connect with any standard shower arm inside 5 mins which makes it a very useful product in your bathroom. 

You will get a problem-free removable water restrictor that is not difficult to install for water-saving. You will be feeling the 304 hardened steel handheld showerhead in your grip when you are taking a shower and afterward, you can leave it in its metal shower holder. 

Due to its versatility, controlling the showering experience is simply with a flip of a switch. I think this showerhead was made keeping in the view of long term use without any errors or problems for the users. Mostly you can get it in a chrome finishing.

It offers a no-compromise shower experience conveying the greatest comfort in the shower, but there are always goods and bad about a showerhead. They have more noteworthy protection from erosion if accurately fixed. 

These choices are additionally resistant to discoloring, and they generally don’t scratch nor show fingerprints. But all in all, the design of the showerhead may seem to be added with the stylistic theme but deep inside, not every component is a solid metal. 

This has been mentioned by a few customers, but you can only know for yourself if you own one in your home. 

  • High-quality all-metal body.
  • Simple to set up and fits into any bathroom size.
  • Great durability for long term use.
  • Price is worth the material.
  • It is not entirely metal in a few pieces.

Waterpik High-Pressure Hand Held Wand and Rain Shower Head Combo

  • Body Wand: features a hand held shower wand, plus a relaxing rain shower head.
  • 3-way Diverter: lets you choose the shower wand, rain shower head or both.
  • Relax and relieve stress: The large 6-inch rain shower head features 4 modes, including soothing rainfall and invigorating Power Pulse shower massage.

Another one of the best handheld showerheads with an all-metal body is the Waterpik BodyWand Spa System. This is a great option that you have because it comes with PowerComb Stream and PowerPulse Massage along with a Rain Shower combo. 

It is an entirely new way to care for your hair, body, and mind if you are able to use its settings daily in the shower.


It includes a handheld shower wand, in addition to a relaxing rainfall showerhead, which I think is a sumptuous method for sustaining your hair and body. The big rainfall shower head in this package gives the most extreme inclusion and 4 settings for your showering needs.

You can choose to go from a soft, calming back rub or a PowerPulse Massage to get yourself instantly refreshed. This double showerhead offers these 4 fixed mount spray/splash modes so that every member of your family can enjoy the setting of his own. 

I am more of a fan of 3 shower modes. You will get an 8-foot premium metal hose and a 3-way diverter section for your showerhead in the bathroom. Its Power Comb shower is designated and strong for scalp knead, careful washing, and muscle pressure alleviation. 

Another useful thing is that this huge 6-inch rainfall showerhead highlights different modes for your needs. The problem is, you cannot only look for the good sides in a showerhead to choose it as your best product. 

After reading a lot of reviews, I have seen that people expect this showerhead to give more of the performance at the price that it is being offered for. Some people are not happy with the limitations of spray settings available with this showerhead.

  • Very soothing and relaxing shower head
  • Best product for scalp massage
  • 4 different settings for shower spray
  • Premium quality metal hose
  • Features are very limited.

Buying Guide: What to Consider

Now I would also like to add an easy guide for you to understand a few things that can help you in buying a product or making a good selection while choosing an all metal handheld shower head.

Number of Spraying Options

The spray options can make it more straightforward for you to change the speed of the shower. Having more splash settings implies various members of your family can utilize that showerhead as per their own will. 

Having a product with no less than three spray options is adequate, while you can get the best ones with more settings.


Always opt for a product that gives usability and convenience so that it can serve the purpose well for which it is built for. To this end, you simply don’t need to go for a decent design, but additionally, a handheld all-metal shower head that has an ergonomic feel in your grasp.

The feel is real alongside an adaptable hose. This will allow you to experience a comfortable shower at the end of your tiring days.

Size of Showerhead

Search for a showerhead that is ideal in size according to your grip and bathing needs. The purpose for it is that assuming you get one that is excessively little, having a size under 3.5 inches, showering will take more time, but the pressure will be high for sure. 

A bigger one will be hard to use but it will give you more of a massage feel. You have to choose wisely.


As you are choosing an all metal showerhead, it’s important that you don’t compromise on quality or otherwise; you will get a product that will be rusty in no time. 

Quality is generally a variable while picking an all metal body showerhead. Make sure you choose the highest quality product.

Water Pressure

Water pressure is your important consideration. When you are choosing a metal body shower head, you should check for the water pressure that it can offer. 

I always verify it in the first place because a lousy shower pressure can never satisfy my showering needs. It’s best to go for a shower head with high pressure for water in it.


Showerheads from different brands are being offered in various designs. I suggest you should only choose a metal body shower head that will suit the layout of your bathroom and enhance its overall looks. 

Choosing a decent design will give your restroom a cleaned look, after which your shower head will most probably match the rest of the stylistic theme in your bathroom.

Problems Related to All Metal Handheld Shower Heads

While using the metal shower head then you might face these problems that I am going to mention below. Here I tend to explain the problem in such a way that you will not get panic about these problems happening with your shower head. 

Low pressure of Water 

The most common problem that you might face with any type of showerhead is the lower water pressure. The temporary lower water pressure is due to the build-up of limescale in the showerhead. 

If you face the lower pressure of water in your showerhead. The very first thing you have to restore your showerhead is to do descaling the showerhead. If you have a high budget then you can also go for a permanent solution to this problem. 

Purchase a booster pump, this intelligent monitor system counteracts any difference in water pressure that may be caused by water usage. Installation of a booster pump is the perfect solution for the low pressure of water. 

Leakage of Shower Head 

The problem of leakage is due to low-quality shower heads. If you have purchased a high-quality showerhead then there is a high chance that you will not face any problem leakage in your showerhead. 

Additionally, some mechanical problems may occur during the installation of the shower head. Ultimately it becomes the reason for leakage in the shower head. The leakage in the shower head produces a very irritating noise that might disturb in relaxing bath. 

So it recommended hiring a skilful plumber for the installation of the shower head. 

Clogged Shower Head 

In some areas where there is the problem of hard water, then there might be the problem of clogged shower heads. The shower head becomes clogged after the deposition of minerals in the shower head holes. 


Are metal showerheads better?

Metal just really is the best shower head material, and it is because this material is substantially more adaptable than Plastic options, and they will last for a longer lifetime.

What is the best material for showerheads?

The best material showerheads are considered to be made from metal, brass, and steel along with ABS plastic.


This was an informative article on best all metal handheld shower heads. I have listed some of the best showerheads with metal bodies that can be installed in your bathroom for a long-term use.

My Recommendation

If you would like to consider my personal opinion, then I suggest you go for Spectra Plus Duo Shower Head that meets the American Standards for durability. 

But if you want something more flexible and easy to grip, then Moen 26112SRN would be a great choice. It only has 3-spray settings, but its worth it.

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