Top 5 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light and Bluetooth Speaker

Having a bathroom exhaust fan with light and Bluetooth speaker can make things simple for you when you are done showering or come out when you are done relaxing. A ventilation or exhaust fan can help eliminate the smell from the air so that the next person using the bathroom doesn’t get any bad signs of smell.

In the same way, having a light and ceiling fan with Bluetooth speaker makes it much simpler for you to get good light conditions inside your bathroom after evening and enjoy a tune or melody with a Bluetooth fan speaker when you are taking a shower. This is why I have put up a list of some of the best bathroom exhaust fan with light and Bluetooth speakers. 

List of Best Exhaust Fan with Light and Bluetooth Speaker for Bathroom

You will see details for all the products in my guide below.

Homewerks Worldwide 7130-04-BT Bathroom Fan Bluetooth Speaker Homewerks Worldwide 7130-04-BT Bathroom Fan Bluetooth Speaker
  • Wall Mount
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Broan Nutone SPK110 Sensonic Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Bluetooth Speaker Broan Nutone SPK110 Sensonic Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Bluetooth Speaker
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Delta BreezIntegrity ITG70BT 70 CFM Exhaust Bath Fan with Bluetooth Speaker  Delta BreezIntegrity ITG70BT 70 CFM Exhaust Bath Fan with Bluetooth Speaker 
  • Quiet Operation
  • Energy Star
  • Peace of mind
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BROAN NuTone SPK80L Bluetooth Speaker Bathroom Ventilation LED Light BROAN NuTone SPK80L Bluetooth Speaker Bathroom Ventilation LED Light
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Homewerks 7140-110 Bathroom Fan Ceiling Mount Exhaust Ventilation Homewerks 7140-110 Bathroom Fan Ceiling Mount Exhaust Ventilation
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Homewerks Worldwide 7130-04-BT Bathroom Fan Bluetooth Speaker

  • OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE: This Homewerk’s ensures comfort in your home by quietly eliminating moisture and humidity in the bathroom. 
  • HOMEWERKS TRUSTED QUALITY: Be confident in the quality and construction of each and every one of our products.
  • BUILD QUALITY: Designed to be corrosion resistant.
  • Mounting type: wall mount.

The best bathroom fan with Bluetooth speaker on my list is Homewerks Worldwide 7130-06-BT. I have listed it as a top Bluetooth speaker exhaust fan because it is furnished with a basic Bluetooth speaker, LED light, and a remote system that permits you to control the speaker. This is the best fan with a light on the grounds that the light has two distinct settings that can be used while using the bathroom.


There are features to notice about this exhaust fan, like this Bluetooth bathroom exhaust fan guarantees solace in your home by eliminating moisture and dampness in the restroom. This exhaust fan works at 1.5 sones giving a quiet operation. It is intended to be erosion safe with its steel development, highlighting a cutting-edge yet straightforward style. 

The speaker provided in this Bluetooth bathroom fan is also dampness-safe. The speaker will interface with most Bluetooth gadgets like Apple iPhone and such iOS devices, Samsung Galaxy, Android, iPad, and Android. The fan just gauges two pounds, has a great speed of 100 CFM and works at 1.5 sones. It has a controller that permits you to play/stop music, change the volume, and mix through melodies.

This exhaust shower fan can also be installed easily because of its no-cut plan and roof mount ventilation. You will get a quick wire setup and mounting equipment to do things, even yourself. This fan’s LED light has two unique settings: it can create white light or blue night light.

But, for some people, the experience was not as good as mine. People said that the bathroom speakers incorporated into this fan have quit working after some time. In some cases, the Bluetooth speaker in this fan creates an unmistakable sound that can be heard from a distance. 

  • Very quiet bath fan
  • Allows playing music wirelessly in the bathroom
  • Delivers clear audio to a distance
  • Easy installation with quick connect wire connectors 

  • The fan can be noisy after some time of use.

Broan Nutone SPK110 Sensonic Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Bluetooth Speaker

  • FAN COMBO: Exhaust fan with built-in Bluetooth Dual High-Fidelity Sensonic Speakers.
  • WIRELESS STEREO: Brilliant audio performance concealed behind your fan grille.
  • SAFE: This ENERGY STAR* qualified fan is UL listed for use over bathtub or shower when installed with a GFCI protected branch circuit.

The next best bathroom fan with Bluetooth and light on my list is the Broan Nutone SPK110 Sensonic. I have added this bathroom vent fan with Bluetooth speaker on the list because it has been a fan favorite because of its performance and features. It is a strong, calm, very much planned exhaust fan and has a Bluetooth speaker that produces great sound.


This is an exhaust fan that is simple to introduce into your bathroom. The fan can easily fit 2″ x 8″ roof area and incorporates a novel spacer for simple I-joist mounting. It is an extraordinary decision for the individuals who wish to hold the presence of a conventional restroom fan as the speaker stays protected behind the cover of the washroom grille.

The Broan Bluetooth bathroom fan has an Exhaust fan with Bluetooth Dual High-Fidelity Sensonic Speakers. The sound that you get is pretty high and clear. The fans are designed for ceaseless operation at 1.0 Sones and 110 CFM for your benefit at a very quiet operation. This fan has the best bathroom speakers that stay hidden and create a fresh sound.

It is just 1.0 sone, implying that it can be contrasted with large numbers of the contending Bluetooth speaker fans. Another thing that I love about this exhaust fan is that it has a fast fan speed of 110-CFM that alludes to the number of cubic feet of air its fan can deplete each moment. But there are a few problems.

From different reviews, I have found that although this fan may be working pretty well for some, there is still limited life to it. For some users, the speaker will be unable to be turned on except if the fan is additionally turned on simultaneously, which is annoying, to be honest.

  • Very reliable exhaust fan and speaker.
  • Fan and Bluetooth speaker combination.
  • Wireless connectivity and smooth operation.
  • Easy installation for fan and speakers.

  • The fan needs to be turned on with the speaker, which is annoying.

Delta BreezIntegrity ITG70BT 70 CFM Exhaust Bath Fan with Bluetooth Speaker 

  • Energy Star qualified for efficient cost-saving operation
  • Power consumption: 8.4 Watts with an efficiency rating of 10.6 CFM/Watt
  • Peace of mind: Quality, performance and reliability from the world’s largest DC brushless fan manufacturer

If your bathroom is still not complete because you can’t make a decision on a good exhaust fan, then I will recommend another best bathroom exhaust fan with Bluetooth speaker called the Delta BreezIntegrity ITG70BT 70 CFM. This is an exhaust fan that is suitable for any standard-size washroom, and it is also outfitted with a top-notch Bluetooth speaker.


This fan works at 80 CFM, which makes it ideal for a standard-sized restroom with a very much quiet operation. It is generally peaceful at just 1.0 sone, and it is also awesome for your spending plan since it is moderately reasonable in contrast with other expensive exhaust fans with bathroom Bluetooth speakers and light.

A good feature about this exhaust fan model is that it permits the user to install two switches to make the speaker and the fan work exclusively so they can be utilized simultaneously or independently. It additionally has a 3-watt 3.0 Bluetooth speaker that is very much hidden in the grille.

But considering these good points, you will notice minor problems. Some people gripe that the implicit speaker doesn’t have the best quality when contrasted with different fans with a Bluetooth speaker, and I think it is a good observation because it is a lot cheaper than premium products.

  • It is very quiet with 1.0 sones of fan operation. 
  • High Quality, performance, and reliable fan.
  • Easy connectivity with most Bluetooth smartphones.
  • Qualified for efficient cost-saving operation.
  • The exhaust fan’s speaker quality is low.

BROAN NuTone SPK80L Bluetooth Speaker Bathroom Ventilation LED Light

  • FAN COMBO: Exhaust fan with built-in Bluetooth High-Fidelity Sensonic Speakers.
  • WIRELESS STEREO: Brilliant audio performance concealed behind your fan grille.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Easy to install fan fits 2″x 8″ ceiling construction and tapered, polymeric 4 in. round duct fitting.

The Broan-NuTone SPK80L is another option that you can consider adding in your bathroom. I have listed this exhaust fan here because of its best speakers for bathroom, and design with exceptionally planned radiant white grilles that mix in flawlessly with the roof paint of most homes. Exhaust fan is made with Bluetooth High-Fidelity Sensonic Speakers to meet your needs.


It is made up of aroused steel housing which is erosion safe and guarantees its dependable toughness. The bathroom fan light speaker size is also ideal, and you can control the Bluetooth speakers with a remote. The installation of this exhaust fan is simple, and it delivers rich sound from overhead. 

You can now relax in your own space and appreciate music and news from the speakers with no necessary application on account of the installation’s Bluetooth usefulness. The Bluetooth speaker hides behind your fan grille and allows easy connection with most of the Bluetooth gadgets.

The fans can be fitted in a 2″ x 8″ roof area and work at 2.5 Sones, which may leave a bit of sound for operation at 80 CFM for your benefit. It makes it a strong choice for a standard-size restroom. Moreover, this fan is connected directly with a high-constancy Bluetooth speaker.

You will also get an LED light in this exhaust fan with a Bluetooth speaker, but I would prefer it more for its erosion-safe steel housing that makes it a durable product. But since the fan works at a high volume, it tends to be hard to hear the music played by the speaker over the commotion of the fan, which is not very pleasing in most cases.

  • Faster fan ventilation operation.
  • Beautiful LED lighting for low light conditions.
  • Erosion safe exhaust fan with longer lifetime.
  • Sturdy body and reliable product.
  • It is noisier.

Homewerks 7140-110 Bathroom Fan Ceiling Mount Exhaust Ventilation

  • OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE: This Homewerk’s bath fan ensures comfort in your home by quietly eliminating moisture and humidity in the bathroom. 
  • REMOVE HARSH ODOR: Homewerk’s bathroom fans can help remove the odor with its powerful ventilation
  • BUILD QUALITY: Designed to be corrosion resistant with its galvanized steel construction.

Home Netwerks Bathroom Fan 7140-110 is the last exhaust fan that I will recommend for you. It is one more kind of restroom fan furnished with an implicit speaker. This restroom fan gives ventilation and high sound quality. Home Netwerks ventilation fan 7140-110 is worked with a coordinated Bluetooth-empowered speaker and LED light.


It’s a three-in-one blend that is ideal for the people who have the idea to handle the latest technological equipment and gadgets which have a craving to stream sound music from their cell phone inside their restroom. Since the Bluetooth speaker is coordinated straightforwardly into the washroom fan, there is no compelling reason to re-charge the speaker.

This exhaust fan weighs around 8.88 pounds and is 11.4 ft in size. It is worked with channels to make use in the washroom simple. It is accessible in white tone and designed with glass which makes it a sensitive product. The sound from the Bluetooth speakers is stunning, and you can hear it over the shower.

Assuming that you turn it up noisy enough, it can be very loud. The sound can be heard obviously up to 30 feet away. The fan is very calm and doesn’t mutilate the music by any means. But, the only problem is that it is made of glass which is very sensitive.

  • Affordable in price.
  • Easy installation in any bathroom.
  • Loud Bluetooth speakers.
  • The fan is very calm.
  • Made of glass

Buying Guide: What to Consider

Now I will tell you some of the things that you must keep in mind when you are shopping for the best bathroom fan with speaker and light for your own home. Here are some key considerations to keep before making a decision.

Air Flow Capacity

Regardless of whether you choose an exhaust fan for your bathroom without bath speakers, an exhaust fan should be equipped to keep a washroom dampness-free. How much air a specific model can move is demonstrated in cubic feet each moment (CFM). Always consider a fan that has good CFM. 


The second most significant thought is the fan sound rating in sones fundamentally the way in which users can understand how calm or loud the washroom fan is. You might need a washroom roof fan that makes a continuous low sound only. Getting a loud led bathroom exhaust fan will make you struggle with the sound nature of the speaker.

Get the calmest fan possible for a better experience. Calm vent fans fall under 1.0 sone or less class. I would suggest you choose around 0.5 sones or below 1 for an incredible experience.

Speaker Quality

It’s a smart thought to choose a bath fan with a speaker that has good speaker quality. To have a relaxing experience, you would want to hear clear sounds when you are in the bathroom trying to relax. The bathroom fan with music that you will use in your washroom needs to have a top-notch bath speaker

The people who don’t give sufficient consideration to this variable end up with a model that will make them suffer from bad music sound forever. Ensure that the speaker should be very much inserted into the exhaust fan. It ought to be effectively matching with all of your music-playing devices.

Fan Ventilation Speed

The quicker exhaust fan can ventilate air for you easily, which will also remove any smell or moisture from the bathroom. CFM should be considered in such a better as it essentially lets you know how strong the fan is how much air it will ventilate in one moment.

Some Common Problems with Exhaust Fans 

The exhaust fan in the bathroom is very essential as it will drain out all the imprisonment from the bathroom and make it easy to breathe place. There are a few common issues with exhaust fans to you might face while using it. 

So look at them so that you will not get panic when these errors appear in your exhaust fan 

Dirt Build Up 

The most common issue with the exhaust fan is, that dirt will build up on it surface. The dust build-up on the various part of the exhaust fan is a sign that it could malfunction at any time.

The accumulation of dirt hinders the smooth running of the motor and the fan also. So always try to clean the exhaust fan after every three months. 

Rattling Sound 

The rattling sound of the exhaust fan is also the most common issue of the exhaust fan. if this sound is also coming from your exhaust fan then never ignore it. The rattling sound produced in the exhaust fan is due to the loose or defective component in the exhaust fan. 

Always check the exhaust fan to see which screw needs to be tightened or if any component has fallen off? In some cases, any part of the exhaust fan may break that causing a rattling sound in it. 

Always examine your exhaust fan in a week to see which components need maintenance. 

Motor Issues 

In very few cases the motor of the exhaust fan stopped working. The strange and overly loud noise coming from the fan it is the indication that the motor of the exhaust fan is not working properly. 

In most cases, the exhaust motor burns out completely or partially. So you have to make a replacement with respect to the situation. 

Yet, assuming you purchase a washroom exhaust fan that is some unacceptable size, then, at that point, it will not work well at removing dampness and bad smells.


What does a Bluetooth exhaust fan do?

Assuming your restroom doesn’t have a window, it is vital to have a fan that will ventilate the room while giving clean air. A Bluetooth speaker on the restroom fan will permit you to utilize tools like Siri to pay attention to a book recording or play your music while you shower or bath to prepare for work or wash around evening time.

Is it terrible to oversize a washroom exhaust fan?

Restroom vent fans are evaluated for how much air they can push, estimated in cubic feet each time, or CFM. In the first place, it’s smart to oversize the fan marginally. A basic example will be a 54-square-foot restroom, for instance, which should have a 60 CFM fan just in case.

What number of CFM do I really want for my washroom fan?

For most restrooms, this works out to one CFM per square foot of washroom region. For instance, an 8′ x 10′ restroom would require a 70 CFM fan. A 50 to 60 CFM CFM rating is suggested as a base for restrooms 55 sq. ft.

What do 3 sones seem like?

A fan evaluated at 3.0 sones will be generally just given a loud sound as live conversations. For a fan evaluated at 4.0 sones, this sone level is normally what individuals will feel like paying attention to a loud TV in their home. And for 5.0 sones, the fan will be very loud, which may be unbearable.


This was my detailed guide on the best bathroom exhaust fan with light and Bluetooth speakers. I have shared details for different exhaust fans along with the quality and type of speakers that users will get. Each product has its own worth, but this is up to you to decide which one you want for your bathroom.

My Recommendation

If you would consider what I recommend, then I have some favorite exhaust fans here that I think are better than others in a few ways.

Top Product

My favorite exhaust fan here is Homewerks Worldwide 7130-06-BT. It is because this exhaust fan has a Bluetooth speaker and LED light for a beautiful, comforting design. You will also get a remote system for easy connection. The fan works really well for eliminating moist, and dampness and the speakers interface with most Bluetooth gadgets, and most importantly, the overall setup can be installed easily.

Runner Up

The second exhaust fan that I would consider if I were you is Broan Nutone SPK110 Sensonic. It is a planned exhaust fan that has a Bluetooth speaker, which produces great sound. You get Bluetooth Dual High-Fidelity Sensonic Speakers for ultimate quality, and the fan has a quiet and ceaseless operation at 1.0 Sones and 110 CFM for a relaxing experience.

Affordable Choice

The most affordable choice with good features that you can have is Delta BreezIntegrity ITG70BT 70 CFM. I consider it the best choice because it is moderately reasonable in contrast with other expensive exhausts and it has a speaker and fan that can work independently of one another. The fan works at 80 CFM, and there is a 3-watt 3.0 Bluetooth speaker for full entertainment.

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