Top 5 Best Ceiling Shower Head Review & Guide

Ceiling shower heads are the best way to add a beautiful touch to your new bathroom. These showerheads are fixed in the ceiling of the bathroom, or they can be adjusted at the top of the walls of your bathroom to provide a warm, comforting shower. 

If you have been looking best ceiling shower head, then I have found some. The ceiling shower head that I am going to mention are some of the top-rated options and also user’s choice in ceiling shower head

This means that these options are best to provide a rainfall shower experience with a rinsing spray to let you easily clean your body. Let’s see what each of ceiling shower can offer to you.

Delta Faucet Single-Spray Touch-Clean Rain Shower Head Delta Faucet Single-Spray Touch-Clean Rain Shower Head
  • Drenching Rainfall.
  • Wall-Mount Design.
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GROHE 26457000 Euphoria 260 Shower Head GROHE 26457000 Euphoria 260 Shower Head
  • 3 spray functions
  • Rain shower
  • Speed Clean nozzle
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PULSE ShowerSpas 1011-III-CH Kauai III Shower System PULSE ShowerSpas 1011-III-CH Kauai III Shower System
  • Invigorating 5-Function
  • Adjustable Height
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Delta Faucet Single-Spray Touch-Clean Rain Shower Head

  • Drenching Rainfall: Enjoy the Luxurious Experience of Showering in a Drenching Rain.
  • Wall-Mount Design: No Need to Invest in a Complex and Expensive Ceiling-Mount Installation.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Delta shower heads with Touch-Clean spray holes allow you to quickly and easily wipe away calcium and lime.

The first and the best rain shower head from ceiling that I would recommend to anyone is Delta Faucet Single Spray Touch Clean Rain Showerhead. This ceiling mounted rain shower head is made from excellent tempered steel.

It is made from this material instead of chrome plated plastic like so many other showerheads now-a-days. This makes it a very sturdy and strong showerhead choice for your bathroom.

The major reason for choosing this ceiling mounted shower head as the top product is that it has options with 140 individual water nozzles which give a genuine precipitation. The Delta rain shower head ceiling mount allows it to be held easily in the ceiling of your bathroom.

This showerhead is a brilliant decision for those looking for a high-volume yet delicate precipitation style best rain showerhead. I like the option that it can be used as a divider mounted or suspended from the roof according to a user’s choice. 

I prefer the roof-mounted style because the face of the showerhead is pretty big which gives a great splash on your entire body making it easier to clean. This ceiling mounted shower head requires simple installation and it is also very easy to clean because of its smooth touch face.

One of the features from which all the users are happy includes the EasyClean feature which means that cleaning the debris and dust from the face of the showerhead is very simple. You can invest your money in this option because this ceiling waterfall shower head has the spark.

People who have used ceiling shower heads in their life better know and understand what features are there to impress. 

  • Simple to fit and clean in the bathroom  Dousing Rainfall shower sprays.
  • Divider Mount Design for quick and easy installation.
  • Good pressure.
  • Not many settings.

Grohe Euphoria 260 Shower Head 

  • 3 spray functions transform your shower into a luxurious spa
  • 10″ spray face for maximum coverage
  • Speed Clean nozzles allow the user to easy clean away limescale

The new Euphoria 260 by Grohe is one of the notable flush mounted rain shower head that needs to be put to attention. I have considered it as the second-best ceiling showerhead because it is a stylish showerhead with ergonomic design with a blend of useful features. 

With its thin profile and long lasting structure, it supplements 3 types of spray for the users and is equipped with GROHE innovation. The new Euphoria rainfall shower head in ceiling outlines this through its design that allows you to easily change between these spray settings. 

With this, you will get a flush mount shower head in your ceiling. The drawn-out handle streams consistently into the shower face that provides a stronger and higher water pressure shower for you. 

It is cleverly designed to decrease water utilization with the GROHE DreamSpray features to balance the water equitably to each nozzle at the front of the face for a strong shower. This innovation is enhanced by an eco system.

The system is permitting the person to lessen how much water is utilized while taking a shower up to 20%. Fly Spray is also a great aspect of this ceiling mount shower head which is strong and engaged, ideal for wiping out the cleanser, and an empowering head or neck rub. 

The SmartRain Spray technology is this showerhead is more extensive for a stimulating yet loosening up experience by the end of the day. The Rain Spray utilizes every one of the nozzles on the free splash settings for full-body inclusion. 

To pick the spray setting, you need you should simply turn the creative SmartControl is the focal point of the showerhead. A unique feature that I like about it is that GROHE DreamSpray guarantees the progression of water from each spout is perfect for spray zone for a great shower.

You wont have any recessed shower head like this one. People believe that it’s better than most of the extra-large shower head in the market.

  • Perfect ceiling rain shower head with handheld optional feature.
  • 3 spray functions with a luxurious spa feeling.
  • Saves a lot of water when showering.
  • Speed clean nozzles for quick cleaning of limescale development.


  • It doesn’t work the best at lower pressure.

PULSE ShowerSpas Kauai III Shower System

  • Invigorating 5-function: hand shower with 59″ double-interlocking stainless steel hose
  • Adjustable Height: brass slide bar, wire basket soap dish, diverter and shower arm
  • Brass Wire: soap dish keeps soap easily accessible

The next option for the best ceiling mounted shower is PULSE Kauai III shower system. I would be honest that this is very expensive choice to consider as shower head from ceiling but the advantage of having it is that you get two showerheads. 

One is fixed that can be used as a ceiling flush mount shower head, and the other piece is a handheld option you would get double advantage from this one.

There are several notable features to count in this ceiling shower head with handheld option. It makes it very simple to clean your body with 5-Function of the Hand Shower that can give you a quick shower easily to reach the hardest parts of your body. 

You will get an adjustable slide bar and soap dish, which is also a nice feature. The finishing of this shower head is in Polished Chrome that puts it among some of the best rainfall shower systems that provide a lot of features for taking a quick shower. 

For this, you will just need a large rain shower head ceiling to fit the showerhead in its place. It can be used as a hand shower with a hardened steel hose giving your more mobility. There is an 8″ rainfall showerhead that effectively turns side to side on a richly curved shower arm. 

You will find this ceiling mounted rain shower head system to be perfectly coordinated with a metal slide bar that permits flexible tallness control of the hand shower and metal cleanser dish while giving a strategically placed divider to switching options.

The rub-clean delicate tips with Spray Straight innovation of this ceiling mount rain shower head with handheld option is one of the best things that I like about it. It clears mineral development for the durable execution of water spray through the nozzles. 

Users have found this rainfall shower head ceiling mount to be very good in performance with 2.5 GPM flow rate. But for all this, you do have to pay a very high price which I think is a smart option only if you want to opt for the best choice available.

  • Easily adjustable with rain shower ceiling mount
  • Best for long term use
  • Elegant ceiling showerhead to add a luxurious feel
  • More spray settings and easy cleanup
  • Price of this showerhead is high.

Buying Guide for Ceiling Shower Head: What to Check

Now, I will tell you what should be first checked and understood when choosing the best ceiling mounted rain shower head, flush ceiling shower head, flush ceiling mounted rain shower head with led, flush ceiling mounted rain shower head, and  other such options. 

Here are things to know about flush-mounted showerheads.


You will need to go through a lot of ceiling shower head ideas to full understand the cost and pricing of all the products. The fitting cost for the best flush mounted shower head may be different than a rain shower head in the ceiling. 

It’s important for you to set your financial plan according to the best rain shower head with handheld settings that you would like. To be sure whether you want ceiling mounted rain shower head with a handheld option, you should set your price range. 

Similarly, assuming you would like various designs (Massage, Rainfall Spray, Power Rain, and so on), you’ll find the overhead showerheads ready to give such features with a simple touch. And you truly need to think about additional highlights that a flush mount ceiling shower head has.

Spray Rate

It’s not only important that you should be looking for a taller shower head that would become your oversized rain shower head. There are important things like the Spray Rate of a showerhead which is very important. 

The best overhead shower head in the ceilings are normally great products with a fine spray pressure. But not every product is reliable. While getting flush mount ceiling shower heads, you must understand what spray rate it is offering so that you can enjoy a warm shower. 

Getting a bigger showerhead like a 20 inch shower head, for example, it will decrease the water pressure due to bigger size and more nozzles. Consider choosing a smaller one which provides a good spray.


When you are in doubt about choosing a roof shower head, one thing you must keep as a priority is its finishing. This will greatly impact the look and feel of your bathroom. A ceiling mounted waterfall shower head with a chrome finish is always a smart thought.

You can also choose to go with a matte black option which can be suited with any background. The common three completions for most of the best rain shower system that comes for the ceiling are chrome, brushed nickel, and bronze.

For most the people, chrome is the ultimate choice for both present day and conventional restroom plans. In any case, brushed nickel is filling in notoriety as it gives a more discrete, dark shading meaning it consistently mixes into most washroom stylistic layouts. 

At long last, bronze gives a hotter, more provincial appearance. 


It’s also important to understand the settings in a ceiling shower head. You just don’t have to learn how to install a rain shower head in the ceiling and get along with it; you will need to understand various things about showerhead settings too. 

The settings allow you to main and control temperature, water stream, and other functions. On account of a combo shower, flush rain shower head, ceiling rainfall shower system or whatever choice you make for choosing a ceiling rain shower head system

You must be very clear about the settings that you are getting from that showerhead before you buy it.

Extra Features

You should also for some extra features from different rainshower reviews to get more idea about the types of ceiling showerheads with different features. 

A fiberglass shower ceiling may be able to provide a good flush mounted shower head that has more speed and spray features for your showering needs.

In some cases, you may get an overhead rain shower system that provides a decent spray or waterfall shower head from the ceiling. All of it depends on the type of showerhead you choose with features. 

You must know how to install ceiling shower head that is designed to be a luxurious alternative to your standard showerhead.

Common Problems Related to ceiling shower Heads and How to Fix It

Like every other ordinary showerhead, ceiling showerheads also have a lot of problems that need to be fixed. These problems may affect the working of shower heads as well. So in this part of the blog, I am going to tell you about the problems related to ceiling shower heads and how to fix them. 

Leakage of Ceiling Shower Head 

The leakage of the shower head is it most common problem related to the shower head. The leakage of the shower head may waste water and collect water on the floor of the bathroom. 

The collection of water on the floor of the bathroom may be the reason for mold in the bathroom. The mold makes any place very awful. The most common reason for leakage of the ceiling shower head might be a piping issue. Sometimes the connection on the shower head is very loose 

To avoid this problem it is always recommended that. Hire a skillful plumber for adjusting the shower head. In case you are adjusting the shower head by yourself then try to adjust it very carefully

Clogging of Shower Head

The second problem for the shower head is clogging of shower head due to the deposition of minerals in the shower head. This problem is usually present in an area where the water is very hard. 

The scaling of lime is also the reason for clogging of the shower heads. As the solution to this problem, you have to clean the shower head after every ten to twelve days. If you do not do so then you will end by the slow pressure of water. 

If you did not do anything for the clogging for a longer duration then the clog becomes permanent. To remove this clog, you have to use a mixture of baking soda and water.


Are ceiling shower heads well?

The ceiling shower heads are an incredible choice for your bathroom. They are an innovative addition to your bathroom that gives a comforting shower with different settings for your ease. 

You should get a decent showerhead that is ceiling-mounted so that you don’t have to waste energy in carrying the showerhead in hand.

What’s the best rainfall showerhead for a reasonable price?

At $30, you can make a selection from a huge category of rainfall ceiling showerheads that can be mounted into the ceiling to provide a relaxing shower to you. There are various brands with different choices accessible for the users so that they can have a good time to get relaxed.

Are roof shower heads great?

Since the water is falling straightforwardly from a higher place, it hits and covers all the areas of your body simultaneously. A roof-mounted shower head helps to save water too. 

The present high-productivity showerheads regularly discharge under 2.5 gallons of water each second, while more seasoned models frequently splash around 5.5 gallons each second.

Is the waterfall shower head good?

The advantages of waterfall showerheads are fundamentally the comfortable feel and solace. People who have used these showerheads have always been happy and satisfied. The stream of water from these showerheads provides an amazing experience for dousing and unwinding. 

But few of their drawbacks incorporate versatility and water pressure.


This was my detailed review of some of the best ceiling showerheads. I did deep research on each of the showerheads listed above so that other users can get the benefit of choosing the best shower head for the ceiling mount. 

I couldn’t find many that are actually present in the market at the moment, which is why the list only has some of the available options.

I hope you find this review very helpful. I am adding my recommended showerheads based on my experience and knowledge about these products. So I will suggest you the ceiling shower head for different reasons.

Best Overall

The best ceiling showerhead that I think is Delta Faucet Single Spray Touch Clean Rain Showerhead. It is because of its excellent tempered steel body that it avoids any corrosion and rust. You will find 140 individual water nozzles for spray-on this showerhead. 

It’s a versatile option which is why it can be divider mounted or suspended from the ceiling. Its easy-to-clean feature and simple installation make it worth it.

Most Reasonable

The most reasonable option with the best price tag is the Euphoria 260 by Grohe. I like it because of the 3 types of spray settings available for the users, along with its ergonomic plan. 

It feels great to see a rich ring of chrome with shine giving an elegant feel as a ceiling showerhead. I recommend it because it balances the water equitably to each nozzle at the front for an unrivaled showering experience.

Luxurious Option

If you want to decorate your bathroom by adding top-of-the-line products, then consider choosing PULSE Kauai III. It is one of the most expensive options that I will suggest to you, but this showerhead offers what you really need for a luxurious touch and feel of a washroom. 

It can be used as a fixed showerhead for the ceiling while the other showerhead is handheld. You get 5 functions for bath with a clean soap dish and adjusting sidebar.

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