Top 5 Best Handheld Shower Head For Low Water Pressure

Do you have a handheld showerhead for low water pressure? If not, then you need to understand that having a handheld shower makes it easy to wash up the body and enjoy a pleasant bath. Small handheld showerheads make it quite simple to carry, and the adjusting head rotates to cover all parts of the body during a bath.

This brings up the need for the best handheld shower head for low water pressure. If you wish to find out the Best Handheld Shower Head For Low Water Pressure, then i have made a complete list of some of the best shower head products that I have personally used. These products offer a lot of unique features to make your baths simple and easy. Find more about the handheld shower head in my guide below.

List of Best Handheld Shower Heads for Low Water Pressure:

Here is a complete list of the best shower heads in my experience that you would love to see.

Delta Faucet 7 Spray Touch Clean Shower Head Delta Faucet 7 Spray Touch Clean Shower Head
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Moen 26100EP Showerhead Eco-Performance Moen 26100EP Showerhead Eco-Performance
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Waterpik XRO 763 Pressure Powerpulse Shower Head Waterpik XRO 763 Pressure Powerpulse Shower Head
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Rainfall Shower Head Combo by AquaDance Rainfall Shower Head Combo by AquaDance
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Speakman VS 3011 BN Anystream Handheld Shower Head Speakman VS 3011 BN Anystream Handheld Shower Head
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Delta Faucet 7 Spray Touch Clean Shower Head


The first and highly recommended shower head is the Delta Faucet 7 spray shower head. It is one of the best shower heads with a hose. The model is Chrome 75700, and it has good features like a Touch-clean spray, massaging jets, and a powerful shower system that is adjustable to make your bath a breeze. 


This is one of the best shower heads with the following features:

Steady Spray

This steady shower head has a full-coverage spray that transforms your daily shower experience into a pleasant cleansing. You will feel refreshed and prepared for everything to take on a new day.

Touch-Clean Surface

It has soft rubber spray perforations that allow minor residue to be wiped away with the touch of a thumb or finger for an instantly refreshed appearance of the hose.

Pivoting Shower Head

Showerheads that can rotate about a point make cleansing easier. This product gives the right angle with its easy pivoting shower head.

Pause Feature

This is a unique feature that reduces the flow of water to a trickle, saving water while shaving your body or scrubbing yourself in the shower.

  • 7 different spray options
  • Easy to install within minutes
  • Easy to clean shower head
  • Massaging jets
  • Powerful spray


  •  It doesn’t have a detachable shower head

Moen 26100EP Showerhead Eco-Performance

  • VERSATILE DESIGN: Chrome finish is highly reflective for a mirror
  • MAGNETIC BASE: The magnetic docking system allows you to easily detach and use as a handheld shower head 
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR SHOWER: Multiple distinct shower settings gives flexibility and variety
  • ADA COMPLIANT: Complies with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifications

The 26100EP showerhead by Moen is an Eco-Performance model which can be considered the best handheld showerhead. It has a magnetic docking system with six different functions. It is a low-pressure shower head with an MDS system that allows a person to take it down and put it back in its place. 


This hand shower has the following features:

Rotating Dial

It comes with a rotating dial that allows a person to select the message types. It has options like downpour mode, rinse, and wide coverage.

Tangle Free Hose

One of the best thing of this handheld shower is that the tangle-free metal hose allows the person to clean their pets or kids without having to deal with the pipe.

MDS Feature

It has a new magnetic docking system to help the person in cleaning himself/herself easily by carrying and placing the showerhead back in its spot while scrubbing the body.

Chrome Finishing

One of the amazing features of this shower head is its chrome finishing. This adds more to its look and feel, which makes your bathroom look stylish too.

Variety of Finishes

Rich, antiqued bronzes, classic chrome, and more striking modern finishes, like black and gold, subtle, warm nickels, are all available from Moen. Thanks to its wide range of high-quality and long-lasting finishes, you can make a statement in any bathroom.

  • Versatile design
  • MDS innovative feature
  • Rotating dial and tangle-free hose
  • Various functions for shower speed
  • Multiple finishes
  •  It doesn’t have an easy cleaning feature.

Waterpik XRO 763 Pressure Powerpulse Shower Head

  • HIGH PRESSURE HANDHELD SHOWERHEAD: Rejuvenate with this chrome 7-mode handheld shower head featuring our patented PowerPulse therapeutic-strength massage spray.
  • 7 SPRAY SETTINGS: This hand held shower head offers a range of modes to meet your needs.
  • HANDHELD SHOWER WITH ADJUSTABLE BRACKET: Use as an overhead shower by placing the handle in the included adjustable bracket holder.

If you have used a shower head before to wash, then you would love how the XRO 763 by Waterpik can make it easy for you to take a bath during the summer or winter season. It has a removable shower head with a 2.5 GPM and 7 different spray settings. This means you can handle this pressure power plus showerhead according to your choice.


It is the best high-pressure shower head with a lot of exciting features that are listed below:

7 Spray Settings

This showerhead has 7 adjustable settings which can allow a user to turn it into either a low-pressure showerhead or an increased water pressure shower head.

Adjustable Bracket

It comes with an adjustable bracket which makes it easier to place it overhead and use it as a shower. The hose is 5 feet, and the handle is put in there to keep everything steady.

Style and Design

This showerhead provides a high-style profile having a very powerful showering performance according to your setting. The design is great with the sleek look of a showerhead.

PowerPulse Massage

The deep massaging action is provided by the patented PowerPulse Massage technology for a revitalizing and reinvigorating therapeutic shower experience.

Easily Adjusting Shower Head

You will get a Waterpik PowerPulse shower head that can be adjusted easily when installed at the position of your choice for an indulgent bath experience.

Hand Shower with 5-Foot Hose

It has a massaging hand shower with a 5-foot hose. You will have 7 modes to choose from in order to continue the powerful massaging shower to please yourself. It has the best shower heads for pressure.

  • Easy installation with an amazing shower massage.
  • Great massage power.
  • Relaxation feel and affordable item.
  • Offers superior massage to feel comfort and calmness.
  •  It doesn’t come with an MDS feature.

Rainfall Shower Head Combo by AquaDance


The Rainfall shower head with a handheld combo by AquaDance is also one of the top-rated shower heads that you must see. I had a personal experience with this one, and I feel like it’s one of the best inventions that can help you bath with combined water flow patterns. This product comes with an Anti-Clog High-Pressure feature with 30 settings which makes it a very versatile shower head in this list.


This showerhead consists of the following features:

30 Settings

With Rainfall Shower Head Combo, you get to choose 30 different settings for water pressure. It is equipped with shower heads that increase water pressure. You can adjust the settings for this best shower head for low water pressure too.

6 Full Spray Settings

It comes with 6 settings of Full Spray on both of the showerheads. The Click-Lever Dial makes switching from one setting to another a breeze. There is also a patented 3-Way Divider that allows you to operate each shower head individually or both at the same time.

Shower Head Cleaning Made Simple

It is equipped with Rub-Clean Jets that makes it easier for a user to clean the showerhead without putting too much effort. It is one of the best 2 in 1 showerhead.

Pause Mode

There is a smart water-saving mode in which the shower heads pause the flow of water when a person is scrubbing the body or getting away from the shower.

Microban Technology

Showerheads are notorious for harboring high levels of bacteria, so keeping them clean is crucial. This technology works in preventing the mold, mildew, and germs from the showerhead from growing within and around shower nozzles. As a result, you and anyone else will be able to take a cleaner shower.

  • It has a shower head with a hose 
  • Wall mount shower head combination
  • Microban Technology for bacteria-free bath
  • 30 different settings
  •  It doesn’t have a sprayer.

Speakman VS 3011 BN Anystream Handheld Shower Head

  • TRANSITIONAL STYLE: Featuring a traditional style with a premium contemporary finish.
  • ANYSTREAM TECHNOLOGY: The adjustable shower head’s patented Anystream 360° system effortlessly transitions, evenly distributing water.
  • HIGH PRESSURE: Shower heads control the spread of water as it leaves the nozzle with patented plungers.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: The shower head system is installed in minutes – no plumber necessary!

The next shower head that I would recommend to you is Speakman VS 3011 handheld shower. Unlike other shower heads with sprayer, it has a brushed nickel finishing that gives it a beautiful look and feel. But the main reason for choosing this shower head is that it is made from durable plastic with a combination of brass and corrosion-resistant elements.


This high-pressure handheld shower head is a luxurious-feel product having the following features:

Chelsea Shower Head

With its Chelsea shower head fixture, it has a refined yet traditionally appealing structure and is suitable for both traditional and modern bathrooms. It is designed to provide a truly pleasant experience with over 50 distinct water sprays.

Multiple Speeds

Users have the choice to effortlessly adjust the showerhead’s output speed between Massage, Intense, and Combination spray patterns by spinning the spray face in either direction. This makes it one of the best high pressure handheld showerheads.

Modern Design

With its amazing Chelsea Shower Head, this aesthetically beautiful and best showerhead is meant to provide a premium, luxury shower experience and is a monument to great engineering. It was produced for a bathroom fixture that would not only look great but would also work well for a long time.


The Combination option combines the Intense and Massage water spray patterns to become either a low water pressure shower head or shower head with high pressure. It gives an incredible home shower experience with the best of both worlds in one energizing environment.

Anystream Technology

The Anystream Technology shower system is the latest addition and a feature to this showerhead to deal with any water setting. The self-cleaning plungers in the showerhead prevent hard-water buildup and silt, requiring minimal maintenance. It becomes a handheld shower head with shut-off feature.

Easy Installation

Its installation is simple, and it can allow the showerhead system to be fitted in minutes without the need for a plumber.

  • Transitional shower head design 
  • Unique 50 individual water sprays 
  • Best shower head for low water pressure
  • Easily customizable spray settings 
  • Settings for high water pressure
  • Its quality is not as good as other handheld showerheads.

Buyers’ Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying

If you are creating a new bathroom in your house with the addition of a showerhead, then it’s important that you understand things about all the best shower heads for low water pressure as well as the best shower head with a hose so that you can get what you actually need.

Each individual may have a different choice in choosing a showerhead, such as one person may like an extendable showerhead for his use, but the other person might want to go for top rated shower heads like the best dual shower head.

To eliminate this difference, we have picked some key considerations to keep while choosing a shower head for your home.

Size of Showerhead 

Look for a showerhead that is between 3.5 and 7 inches in diameter. The reason behind it is that if you get one that’s too small, having a size less than 3.5 inches, showering will take a lot of time.

While it is often assumed that a big showerhead is better, but it will be difficult to utilize a big one if you acquire one that is greater than 7 inches in size. Small size shower heads are usually high pressure showerheads.


Quality is always a factor when choosing a showerhead. Nobody wants to improvise on the quality of products when he is building a unique and beautiful bathroom for taking showers.

A showerhead isn’t something you will buy on a regular basis which is why choosing one with stainless steel, ABS plastic, nickel, chrome, or any such material would be the smartest thought.

Ease of Use 

According to my experience, I always look for a showerhead that provides ease of use when I will take a bath. This is why you just don’t have to go for a good design, but also a handheld showerhead that has an ergonomic feel in your hand along with a flexible hose. In this way, you can choose the best high pressure shower head with hose.

Water Pressure 

Water pressure matters when considering a handheld showerhead because shower heads with low water pressure are not liked by most people. They prefer best shower head to increase water pressure in order to clean themselves quickly and get going.

Easy to Clean Nozzles

The clogging of showerhead nozzles is one of the common things to occur with high water pressure. To avoid such situations, you will need to buy a shower that has easy-to-clean nozzles.

Number of Spraying Options

The spray settings option can make it easier for you to adjust the speed of the shower. Having more spray settings means different users can use that showerhead according to their own will. Having a shower head with at least three options is sufficient, while you can get the best ones with seven or nine settings.

Design of Shower Head 

Whether or not you know how to install a handheld shower head, you should choose a good design for your bathroom. Most bathroom designs use chrome showerheads, but you can also choose from a number of other varieties with unique aesthetics. To give your bathroom a polished look, your shower head should match the rest of the decor.

Easy to Install Shower Heads

Choose a showerhead that has a few steps of installation or the one that fits right into the position of the current wall shower area. Make things simple when installing a new shower head, and aside from that, learning how to install a handheld showerhead cuts down on the time that it takes to do so.

Keeping the Benefits in Mind

If you are cleaning pets or bathing your children, then you have to keep all the aspects in your mind. From the number of spray settings to the flexibility of the hose and other important features, it’s necessary to give a thought about how many people will be using the showerhead in your home and what do they require.


Question No 1:Which are the best handheld showerheads?

The following are the best handheld showerheads in the market:

  • Delta Faucet 5-Spray Shower Head.
  • ANZA Handheld Shower Head with Hose.
  • WASSA Handheld Shower Head.
  • YOO-MEE Shower Head.
  • AquaDance 7″ Premium 3-Way Rainfall Combo.

Question No 2:Do low-pressure shower heads work?

Generally, a low-pressure shower head can assist with supporting the strain of the water as it sprays out. So, you’ll get an all the more impressive, kneading, and welcoming shower feel with a low-pressure shower head.

Question No 3: How can we increase the water pressure in my handheld shower head? 

Answer: Generally the low-flow shower head is designed with a regulator. In simple words, the regulator is known as a rubber pressure reducing valve. This valve helps to maintain the pressure. You can maintain the pressure and increase or decrease the pressure according to the need. 

The best way to increase the pressure in a handheld shower is to take out the regulator. The second thing to increase the pressure you can do is to enlarge the hole which will ultimately allow more water into your shower head. 

Question No 4: Where is the flow restrictor present on the handheld showerhead? 

Answer: The pressure or flow resistor is usually located over the neck of the shower head. Moreover, sometimes these flow restrictors are located on the threaded end of the shower head. When we remove the shower head from the arm of the shower head they will appear on the opening of the aerator. 

From the aerator, these flow restrictors can be removed from a lavatory or kitchen faucet. The location of the flow restrictors varies from shower head to shower head. 

Question No 5: Which shower head is best to work at low water pressure? 

Answer: The Mixer and digital showers are specially designed to work at low pressure. These shower heads can be best fitted to mains and gravity-fed systems. These shower heads provide the enough water flow for covering the whole body of the person at a time. 

On the other hand, the whilst gravity fed system needs a pump to provide an adequate amount of pressure. In simple words if you need a shower head that will provide you flawless working at very low pressure then you should pick the mixer or digital shower. 


This was a detailed review on the best handheld shower head for low water pressure. I have discussed some top products in the showerhead category along with their features. I have also shared a buying guide according to my experience for new customers to get an idea about how they can choose their best shower head.

Our Recommendations:

In case you can’t make a decision in choosing your best option, then I can help you in clearing out most of the things. 

Best Seller:

In my personal opinion, I recommend Delta Faucet 7 spray shower head for everyone. The major reason is its easy-to-clean feature along with its 7 settings for taking a shower or cleaning up, which is feasible for everyone to use accordingly. 

Runner Up:

The runner-up would be XRO 763 by Waterpik because it has a 2.5 GPM and 7 different spray settings that can be applied on a removable head.

Best Budget:

And if you consider choosing a reasonably priced and affordable handheld shower head for low water pressure, then I highly recommend the Rainfall shower head combo by AquaDance. You get 6 settings of Full Spray, Anti-Clog High-Pressure feature and Microban Technology all inside a 2 in 1 handheld shower. What more can you get at such a price? I hope you find the answers helpful! 

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