Top 5 Best Handheld Shower Head For Pleasure review & Guide

A handheld shower head is of great use when you want you are in a hurry and looking to get a shower instantly. These showerheads provide good pleasure with some of their settings for each type of user so that they can enjoy a relaxing morning shower. This is the reason why I have created a list of the best handheld shower head for pleasure so that you can take a look at each product individually.

Top 5 Best Handheld Shower Head For Pleasure

Each of the products listed here is from a well-known brand which means all of them are great shower heads for your daily use. Let’s see the details that I have provided for every product so that you can easily make a choice from the best handheld shower head for pleasure for yourself.

Moen 26112SRN Magnetix Six Function Showerhead Moen 26112SRN Magnetix Six Function Showerhead
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Showerspas 1011 BN Retro Fit Handshower Showerspas 1011 BN Retro Fit Handshower
  • Surface mounted & pre-plumbed.
  • 8″ rain showerhead.
  • Invigorating 5-function hand shower.
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Delta Faucet 7-Spray Touch-Clean Hand Held Shower Head With Hose Delta Faucet 7-Spray Touch-Clean Hand Held Shower Head With Hose
  • Installs in minutes.
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Delta T176464-BL-1 Ashlyn Monitor 17 Series Trim Delta T176464-BL-1 Ashlyn Monitor 17 Series Trim
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Fire Hydrant Spa Plaza Deluxe Spa Carmel Handheld Shower Head Fire Hydrant Spa Plaza Deluxe Spa Carmel Handheld Shower Head
  • Multi Setting.
  • Designed for Low Flow.
  • Stainless Steel Stretch Hose.
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Moen 26112SRN Magnetix Six Function Showerhead

  • SPOT RESISTANT: Spot Resist Nickel finish resists fingerprints and water spots.
  • FLEXIBLE: Features a kink-free metal hose that extends reach and flexibility.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR SHOWER: Multiple distinct shower settings give flexibility and variety.

The best hand held shower head in my list is the Moen 26112SRN Magnetix. This is a great shower head that comes with Magnetic Docking System. A 5.5-inch head is fitted on this shower head for providing 2 gallons each second and 6 splash settings which can be pushed through by means of a basic snap of a button.


What I love about this showerhead is that it has a Spot Resist Brushed Nickel finishing. It means that it doesn’t get dirty and it doesn’t have any clogging problems. It has six spray settings for each type of individual to give a great refreshing shower. 

Moen 26112SRN Magnetix adopts an exemplary strategy to its plan by offering a solitary ergonomic shower head that can be detached from its attractive docking system and utilized as a handheld showerhead. The showerhead feels really smooth and easy to use, but there are a few problems that many users have faced.

After a period of time is passed, the quality of the shower gets lower. Most people complained about the magnetic system not working well, and in some cases, the head fell off. People were not satisfied with the overall quality in the long run, which I think is a very important point to take notes of.

  • 6 different spray settings
  • It has a longtime warranty
  • It has a 5.5-inch head that delivers high-
  • pressure 2 GPM of water
  • New Magnetic docking system
  • The shower hose is very small.

Showerspas 1011 BN Retro Fit Handshower

  • 8″ rain showerhead.
  • Surface mounted and completely pre-plumbed.
  • Connects to water supply at your current showerhead location.

The PULSE ShowerSpas 1011 Kauai III shower head is another great product to mention on this list. The base model has a delightful brushed nickel finish, yet the choice for different finishing is available like dark matte, brushed gold, and chrome. With regards to the extravagant shower system, this model certainly possesses all the necessary qualities.


It is one of the best shower head with an amazing size. The 8-inch showerhead sits on top of a huge shower arm, which houses a cleanser, and a smaller hand-held shower head that has five different splash settings for your morning shower. In my opinion, on the subject of the best double shower head system, the Kauai III is really a unique choice.

It is because this shower head is not only stylish but also very much satisfying with the pleasure that it provides for your daily shower. It is additionally vital to take note that the Kauai III framework comes in two distinct models, one with a 1.8 gallon each second spray and the other with a 2.5 gallon each second spray.

People who have used this product are really satisfied and pleased with its styling and the working features that it has. The only problem is that it costs way too high. This means an average person wont to be able to put his hands on this product. People with a good bank balance can easily get this showerhead.

  • It comes with a 59-inch non-kink hose.
  • The body is made of brushed nickel finish.
  • Easy to fit in any bathroom.
  • Different adjustable settings with long-running capability.
  • Too expensive shower head for average people.

Delta Faucet 7-Spray Touch-Clean Hand Held Shower Head With Hose

  • MASSAGING JETS: Relieve sore, tired muscles with focused, invigorating massaging jets for the ultimate showering experience.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Touch-Clean spray holes allow you to quickly and easily wipe away.
  • Installs in minutes.

If you want to go for a cheaper alternative, then I will suggest Delta Faucet Touch-Clean Hand Held shower head with hose that has 7 spray settings. It is a profoundly reasonable unit that has a 60-inch stretchable hose that provides a clean and simple delivery of the shower. The showerhead is also easy to clean, which means you will be stress-free using this product.


It is a very reasonably priced shower head which means you will be limited on features, but still, you will get what’s necessary. I like the usefulness and plan of this shower head that delivers a very simple look and design, which makes it easier to fit into any bathroom style.

There is a stretchable hose that can help you in getting an easy shower with comfort, but there are still significant drawbacks to this product. Most people have shared reviews that as this product is made of plastic, it leaves a smell when taking a shower. I think this is what you can expect from a cheap shower head that is doing the work of premium showerheads in your case, which is fine for me.

  • Highly affordable unit
  • It comes with seven spray options
  • The hose stretches out to 72 inches
  • Features like premium shower heads
  • Body is entirely plastic
  • Grip is slippery when wet

Delta T176464-BL-1 Ashlyn Monitor 17 Series Trim

  • ROUGH SOLD SEPARATELY: Tub faucet and shower trim kit only.
  • 4 POWERFUL SPRAY OPTIONS: Shower head spray settings include.
  • HAND SHOWER & SHOWER HEAD IN ONE: The In2ition 2-in-1 Dual Shower allows you to use the hand shower with hose.

If you are still not clear on choosing any of the above-listed shower heads for your bathroom, then consider looking at the Delta T176464-BL1 17 Series Trim. It is a rain shower that you would want to add to your bathroom. This model elements a huge 10 or 12-inch fixed overhead shower head alongside a wand-style handheld shower head.


The DELTA T17464-BL-I has its own matching valves, which can be effortlessly introduced and are made from hardened steel wrapped up with brushed nickel that explaining the fine quality of this product. Dissimilar to large numbers of different models of showerheads, the valve in this shower head controls the water stream for both the overhead shower and the handheld unit.

By utilizing the water diverter, users can choose to utilize either of the function or both at the same time. Besides the hand held shower head, it additionally has its own holder and very much made 59-inch hose that can loosen up to an entire 75 inches.

Another good feature that I love about this product is that it can change and adjust the shower temperatures for you. The only problem is, you get this shower head for a very hefty cost. The price of this shower head is not very pleasing for most of the customers, which is a point to keep in your mind.

  • Unique anti-scalding cartridge
  • Extra-large overhead shower fixture
  • High-quality body with stainless steel and brass construction
  • Matching valves and showerhead docking station
  • It doesn’t have spray modes on the handheld showerhead.
  • It costs too much.

Fire Hydrant Spa Plaza Deluxe Spa Carmel Handheld Shower Head

  • Multi Setting.
  • Designed for Low Flow.
  • Stainless Steel Stretch Hose.

The last best handheld shower head for pleasure will be Fire Hydrant Spa Plaza Deluxe Shower Head. I have selected this shower head with a 78″ Hose because of its high-pressure ability through a stainless steel body which makes it a durable and long-lasting product on my list. There are several features on this showerhead to notice.


It has a total tempered steel development and a 6.5 feet hose, making it a very good choice for those who are seeking pleasure from a showerhead. It has two models in which the main model has a 59-inch hose and conveys a lower sticker price than the other model, which is fitted with a 78-inch hose and costs more.

The two models are developed out of chromed treated steel and utilize a ‘power rain’ shower as the main setting. It just has one setting, which may not be very pleasing. For certain individuals, this may not be a lot of an issue, yet while talking about the subject of the best handheld detachable shower head, it is without a doubt something worth referencing.

I have put it on the last of my list because of its limitation to only one set. As the individuals who have utilized the item will validate, the water pressure is basically the same as what most showers have, but you cant the settings.

  • Excellent where water resources are low pressure
  • There is an adjustable mount with the showerhead
  • It comes with two models having a long hose
  • High-quality body construction
  • Expensive shower head with one setting only.

Buying Guide: What To Look For

The best handheld shower head for pleasure have been discussed in detail. But it’s important to know how I selected that product to be on my list. I’m going to share this guide with everyone so that they can get the idea about what to look for and what to check when choosing the best handheld showerhead.

Elements and Spray Settings

When choosing shower heads with a sprayer, you should be keen about the spray settings. Not every person often thinks about having distinctive shower settings, but rather many do. The critical step about choosing diverse shower choices is you don’t really have a clue how they work until you’ve given them a shot.

That being said, a large number of the top items give a great idea about the features that can help you in choosing the best shower heads 2021.

Development Material and Finish

A normal shower head is built with high-grade plastic or metal, which can vary the quality level of the high-pressure handheld shower head. As a rule, a showerhead that includes all-metal bodies will be of more power and will endure longer than one put together with plastic.

Still, in some cases, a large number of the plastics being utilized these days are very solid and impervious to breaking, which can, in some cases, help you in finding the best hand held shower systems for pleasure.

Water Pressure

Water pressure is an important thing to check, especially if you are choosing a shower head with handheld combo. You don’t have to expand the GPM to build water pressure. Assuming you have a low water-pressure connection, you ought to consider searching for a shower head that is planned explicitly to battle this issue.

Because there are numerous ways a showerhead can control water spray to have it splash with more power, I would suggest you choose a removable shower head with a smaller face. It gives more powerful spray settings. The most effective way to really take a look at whether or not a shower head would be reasonable for a helpless tension association is by checking out its LPM rating.


When choosing the best handheld shower head, the obvious considering is the cost. Obviously, which shower head you wind up picking will rely to a great extent upon how much cash you are willing to spend on. When you recognize your financial plan, it makes your purchase fundamentally more sensible, as you can decide to choose the best showerheads for a reasonable price. 

Hose Length

It is fundamental to think about how far the hose length will let you reach and how much space the shower has. It should have a good hose length that is in your value range so that you can feel relaxed and comfortable while taking a shower.


GPM is also a good point to keep in mind when choosing the best high-pressure handheld shower head, as it gauges the number of gallons of water a showerhead emits. An average of 2.5 GPM is recommended as a standard for every shower head, but there are a few states that have an even lower recompense.

Accordingly, you should, in every case, take guidelines and understand such things in purchasing a showerhead. If you are buying a cheap shower head, I suppose you may not get a good GPM in most of the showerheads.

Double/Single Systems

Showerheads can come in single or double systems. This can also affect the price, but you will get a whole new experience. Double shower heads have two separate heads, one that is fixed in the wall and the other that can be removed. I prefer double shower head systems instead of one, but you can choose according to your requirement.

It is because neither one of the showerheads is better compared to the next because it truly depends on a personal opinion and choice. Certain individuals like the ease of use of the single system and view the double shower head as complicating, while some are amused by double shower head systems.


When you buy a product from a brand, it allows you to claim a warranty for it. When choosing a showerhead of high quality, always look for the warranty limit being offered by the company. In addition to the fact that it is great client support, this shows that the brand remains responsible for the toughness of the showerhead.

You may have noticed, a portion of the more costly models offer a lifetime guarantee, though a portion of the lower models will offer a 90-day guarantee for the customers.

Common Handheld Shower Head For Pleasure Problems with Solution 

A handheld shower head for pleasure is a type of washroom gadget that can encounter problems. The problems with the handheld shower are very minor that can be fixed at home very easily.

Here you will get to know about the two most common problems of the handheld shower and how can you resolve them by yourself without calling a plumber. 

Clogged Shower Head 

A clogged showerhead is a very common problem that every handheld showerhead user face. The shower head starts to clog after fifteen to sixteen days of use. This clogged sower is the consequence of mineral deposition in the shower head. 

These minerals are generally calcium and magnesium. When the user of the shower head did not clean it thrice a week then there is a high chance that minerals start to deposit in it. In the area where the water is more salty and hard the handheld shower may be clogged after two to three days of use 

Solution of Clogged Shower Head

If you do not want that your shower head to be clogged then it is recommended to use clean it twice or thrice a week.

 You can simply unscrew the shower head and rinse it with water. In case the deposition does not clean with this method you can soak it in the mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Soak the shower head for twenty to thirty minutes then wash it with tap water. 

Leakage of Shower Head

The leakage of the shower head is another common problem of the shower head. The leakage sometimes happens when the pis or the hardware is too firmly tightened with the shower head. Sometimes tightening of the hardware break the body of the shower head and leakage may start. 


Check the shower head through every week, and always tighten the hardware to the time when it is firmly attached to the base of the shower head. 


Which handheld showerhead gives the most pressure?

There are different shower heads having high pressure.

  • Hopopro High-Pressure Fixed Showerhead. 
  • Aqua Elegante High-Pressure Showerhead. 
  • High Sierra’s All Metal Showerhead. 
  • Newentor High-Pressure Showerhead. 
  • Hopopro 6 Functions Handheld Showerhead Set. 

Are handheld showerheads worth the effort?

You may save water and scrub down with a handheld showerhead. These units incorporate exceptional aerators, which add air to the water shower to expand pressure while utilizing less water. 


This was a guide on the best handheld showerheads for pleasure in which I have listed the best products for helping new users. For more, you can ask questions straightforwardly.

My Recommendations

Here, I want to leave my recommendations for the best shower head products for you.

Best Option

The best option for me is PULSE ShowerSpas 1011 Kauai III shower head. If you have a suitable budget, then I think nothing beats this shower head for pleasure. The reason to choose it is that it houses a cleanser and it has five different splash settings. You will get the best use of double showerheads.

Runner Up

The second best option here is Delta T176464-BL1 17 Series Trim. It is also very costly, but still, the features are worth it. It has its own matching valves of very fine quality. You also get an overhead shower and a handheld unit to clean yourself.

Affordable Choice

The best affordable option here is the Delta Faucet 7 Spray Settings Shower Head. It is a cheap product that delivers all the features of expensive showerheads, which I think makes it a unique product.

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