Top 5 Best Kids Shower Head Review and Guide

When you have kids in your home, you have to take care of them by giving them a proper bath every week. For such a reason, you need the best kids shower head that will deliver a soothing and soft experience for your baby. This is the reason I have got a guide on some of the baby bath shower heads that can be used to bathe your kids.

Here I have a short list of baby bath shower sprayers that may be useful to you to clean up your kids or babies.

Skip Hop Baby Bath Showerhead, Moby, Blue Skip Hop Baby Bath Showerhead, Moby, Blue
  • 2 in 1 showerhead and hand-held sprayer.
  • Hand-controlled water pressure.
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Rinse Ace 3901 My Own Shower Children's Showerhead Rinse Ace 3901 My Own Shower Children’s Showerhead
  • Quick-connects.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Detachable hose.
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KINDIARY Baby Bath Shower Toy for Toddlers KINDIARY Baby Bath Shower Toy for Toddlers
  • Childhood Development.
  • Battery-Operated.
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Skip Hop Baby Bath Kids Shower Head 

  • The six-foot hose (plus hanging hook) keeps it neat and out of the way when not in use.
  • Diverter lets you seamlessly switch between your showerhead and hand-held sprayer
  • Hand-controlled water pressure allows a gentle, steady spray

The Skip Hop Baby Bath Shower Head is the best product for a baby bath with sprayer. It comes packed in a starfish shape that is attractive to babies and little children. It’s the best baby bath shower head for infants to two-year-olds which is made of safe plastic parts that are non-harmful to them.

This is a baby shower head for a simple bath. A six-foot hose of this shower head delivers comfort and versatility of use in the bathroom with a very delicate water spray setting. With the additional water diverter, you can move between the settings of the shower head and its handheld sprayer. 

The Skip Hop Baby Bath Shower Head is better than expected with its easy installation and ease of use to bathe your babies. You will actually want to move the head around the tub and wash your kid without getting water in his eyes. For secure capacity, it incorporates a switch setting that you can use to balance it on a current shower head to the other side.

Installation of this kid’s showerhead is pretty simple as you just need to connect it to the existing shower head. It’s ideal to use for bathing your infants and babies. Since the spray setting is customizable, they will not feel irritated from this showerhead’s spray.

A few downsides can be noticed with this showerhead too. You may feel like the hose is not of solid quality. Another aspect is that the quality is not very longing for long-term use. You may sometimes feel that the shower head is not fully depleting the sprayer, causing potential shape to develop.

  • Very gentle stream settings
  • Simple kids shower installation 
  • Easy to use for bathing infants
  • Toy-like shape to keep the kid entertained
  • Overall, the build quality is not very good.

Rinse Ace 3901 My Own Shower Children’s Showerhead

  • The product is highly durable and easy to use
  • Easy installation and easy handling.
  • Quick-connects: easily to your existing showerhead.
  • Adjustable height: just their size with softer spray.

The Rinse Ace 3901 is a baby showerhead made for the kids so that parents can give them a smooth, comforting bath. It’s a showerhead that is intended for your youngster’s comfort and security with a soft body with ergonomic shape making it easier to hold as a baby hand shower for cleaning or bathing your baby. The simple installation and easy control will let you deal with the kids easily.

You will get a 3-Foot hose that allows a shower stream for bathing that can be positioned on your kid. The spray water delicately streams down the body of your kid and allows you to wash your kid gently using soap. This baby bath sprayer is meant to be connected with an existing water connection that can be removed later on.

The overall build quality of this baby shower spray for kids is very sturdy, and it has switched on it for a quick setup to take care of the showering needs. The spray settings are adjustable, you can set the splash and its length, and there is a separable hose that allows you to put away the shower for use later on.

It is simple to use because you just have to connect it to a water connection and then use the switches to control the settings of spray from the head. It gives a soothing and comforting shower that will make your kid feel delighted.

  • Quick connection for easy attachment and removal
  • Delicate water spray with adjustable setting
  • Separable hose for versatility
  • Easy to hold while giving a shower to a kid
  • Quality is not very long-lasting.

KINDIARY Baby Bath Shower Toy for Toddlers

  • Easy to Install: Just attach the suction cups to the smooth surfaces on the bathtub.
  • Super Fun: Make bath time fun for your kid; Simply press the star for an endless stream of water.
  • A Safe Bath Time Gift: Made of durable BPA-free plastics for safe playtime fun and a wonderful children’s gift.

The Kindiary Baby Bath Shower Toy is an inventive sunflower shape showerhead toy with numerous shadings and designs that can be grabbed from the market. I must say that your child will be happy with this shower head because it gives a charming appearance on the outside that can keep your kid busy to play with it while you give a nice and smooth shower for baby.

This innovative baby shower attachment has different coloring options that can attract your kid to make him comfortable for a bath. The solid mounting will allow you to use the showerhead efficiently by using the Star button on its button. The button throws a stream of water that is gently making it an ideal baby shower bath toy.

It is recommended for kids that are about a year and a half age. The body of this baby shower sprayer is made from BPA-free plastic, making it pretty safe for babies. There is a battery system inside this baby showerhead that allows it to circulate the water inside, and it can be sprayed with a simple button.

The only problem will be that if the batteries run out of charge, it will only circulate the water inside but not shower it on your baby. You will need to replace the batteries often to keep them going for a long time to give a bath to your baby.

  • Funky design, attractive for babies
  • Easy installation and baby-safe
  • Safe bath spray with a gentle stream
  • Runs on batteries
  • Useless if batteries are empty.

Buying Guide: What to Consider

If it is your first experience with the baby, then you may not know what is safe for your baby and what is not. This is why you need to understand some things to consider which must be in your mind while purchasing the best kids showerhead for your babies. Here I will explain a few things for you.


A showerhead from a brand would forever be dependable. Regardless of what the showerhead for baby brings to the table, you will get a fine quality than customary or standard baby showerheads in the market. Pick a product that is from a specified brand.

Shower Settings

Spray settings are significant as they can change the performance and stream rate of the shower for you. This will permit you to adjust settings for your baby so that he feels comfortable when you shower upon him. There are few showerheads for kids that offer spray settings. Most of them generally don’t have any settings.


Cost can be considered for these showerheads for kids. Each option may have a different price tag, but you have to count on all the features to make sure the cost is worth it. Then you can make a decision on it so that you are satisfied with your product.


The quality of a showerhead that you will use for kids should be checked before you buy any product. It is because kids mostly like to hold up things and throw them away. This way, the showerhead may not last long if you buy a cheaper one with low quality. Consider choosing one with the best quality.

How to Make Shower Fun for Kids 

Most of the children cry during showers. So it becomes very difficult for the mother to make the baby comfortable during the shower. If you are facing the same issue, then I can help you in this regard. 

As below I am going to tell you some tips that make the shower fun for your child. So let’s break the curiosity and get into the article. 

Schedule Shower 

The very first thing that you can do for your children to shower fun is to schedule every shower at a different time. By doing this your baby does not which time is for shower and you can easily fool the baby

In the expert opinion giving a shower to the children at the start and end of the day make them stay active during the day and sleep peacefully at night. 

Start the Shower with Play

Most people love to play with the water. So on hot days, let your baby with cold water. On winter days use hot or lukewarm water for showers. Allow your child to play with water and make him comfortable with the environment. After that start a mild water fight. 

Allow Toys in Shower 

Purchase a bag full of showering toys. Before taking your baby to the shower prepare the bathtub first. Fill the bathtub with water. Add little soap to it so that the bubbles and lather form over the surface of the water. 

After doing it, add all the toys to the bathtub. Now take your baby to the shower tub, first of all, allow him to play with the toys. Make sure you choose toys that are vivid in color. These bright and beautiful toys attract the baby and he will definitely enjoy the bath without crying. 


What are the best showerheads for kids?

Some of the best kids shower heads are.

  • Skip Hop Baby Bath Shower Head
  • Rinse Ace 3901
  • Kindiary Baby Bath Shower Toy

Can I bathe my baby with a showerhead?

Yes you can shower your baby with a showerhead that is made for kids and only meant to be used for bathing them. These showerheads have a gentle spray setting, and they are mostly made of BPA-free plastic.


This was my review on the best kids’ shower heads. I have listed my suggested products, which I believe to be very much useful for bathing kids as well as pleasing them with the outside looks. I hope you find any of the listed showerheads useful for your home use so that your kids can enjoy a safe and relaxing bath.

My Recommendation.

Here I will leave my suggestions by categorizing the best options.

Best Overall

In my opinion, the best kids shower head overall is the Skip Hop Baby Bath Shower Head. The reason behind choosing this showerhead is that it is made of safe plastic, and it has easy installation for every bathroom. A six-foot hose is enough to deliver a delicate water spray setting where you can adjust these settings according to the requirement of your kid.

Kid’s Choice

I will recommend Kindiary Baby Bath Shower Toy to you if you want to consider a showerhead that makes your kid happy. This showerhead has a funky design with a sunflower face to attract your kid and keep him focused when you can give him an easy bath. This will make things easy for you if you have a kid who doesn’t like getting bathed.

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