Top 5 Best Shower Head With LED Lights Review & Guide

Showerhead with LED lights is an amazing innovation that has allowed several users to change the interior design of their bathrooms with an amazing glow. Having the best shower head with LED lights, especially a rainshower, can give a whole new experience. If you want one for yourself, then I can help you.

I have made up this guide in which you find the best shower heads with LED lights which will make your bath a breeze. Remember that these products are based on my experience and the way I consider things. So you can have a look at all of these and decide which one would be your top pick among all of them.

Dream Spa All Chrome Water Temperature Controlled 5-Setting LED Shower-Head Dream Spa All Chrome Water Temperature Controlled 5-Setting LED Shower-Head
  • 5-setting Hand Shower.
  • High-power 3-zone.
  • Tools-free Installation.
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Delta-Faucet 57140-SS25-L H2Okinetic Pendant Raincan LED Light Shower Head Delta-Faucet 57140-SS25-L H2Okinetic Pendant Raincan LED Light Shower Head
  • Water-powered LED lights.
  • Standard pendant raincan shower head installation.
  • No electrical hard-wiring required.
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Fontana Showers Wal De Marne Rain Shower Head Fontana Showers Wal De Marne Rain Shower Head
  • Solid Brass Construction.
  • High Quality-Fontana faucets.
  • Color Changing LED Lights.
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DreamSpa 5-Setting LED Handheld Shower Head DreamSpa 5-Setting LED Handheld Shower Head
  • 5 Temperature Settings.
  • Color of LED lights.
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Hotel Spa Extra-large Chrome Face 5-Setting Rainfall LED Shower-Head Hotel Spa Extra-large Chrome Face 5-Setting Rainfall LED Shower-Head
  • Five high-power settings.
  • High-precision.
  • Tools-free Installation.
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Dream Spa All Chrome Water Temperature Controlled 5-Setting LED Handheld Shower-Head

  • DreamSpa All-Chrome Water Temperature: Color-Changing 5-setting LED Hand Shower World’s Most Advanced LED Hand Shower.
  • 5-setting Hand Shower: can be used Overhead or as a Handheld.
  • Tools-free Installation: Connects in minutes to any standard overhead shower arm.

The first and the best shower head with LED lights, in my opinion, is the DreamSpa 5-Setting LED shower head. This is a showerhead that you will get in all chrome finishing along with a beautiful LED light option. There are multiple spray settings to adjust what type of shower you actually want.


This is one of the most exceptional led light shower head in view of the various elements it has. The body of this shower head is all steel which makes it very sturdy and long-lasting. This is a bit high on the price, but in return, you get 5 settings for shower spray and LED light to add an extravagance touch to your showering needs. 

The chrome finish makes it look more stylish for your bathroom. This showerhead has 5-spray settings is not quite the same as some other led shower head. It is one costly product, but it also has features for the price. The spray settings are hydropower fog, rainfall, economy, massaging back rub, and water-saving mode.

The LED has 3 settings that get changed with the temperature of the water. Besides, no battery is required, and the lights continue with the water sensor. I like its versatility as it can be utilized both as an overhead and handheld shower.

It is easy to install in your bathroom as well, but you should know that if you break the showerhead when fitting it by yourself, you don’t get any warranty to claim it. This reason has caught up many clients from buying this product.

  • Easy installation even by a novice
  • 5 setting showers available.
  • LED with 3 shading lights.
  • Hardened steel hose accessible
  • There is no warranty provided.

Delta-Faucet 57140-SS25-L H2Okinetic Pendant Raincan LED Light Shower Head

  • Water-powered LED lights.
  • Standard pendant raincan shower head installation.
  • No electrical hard-wiring required.
  • Flow of water automatically turns LED lights on and off.

The next best-led shower head I have listed in my guide is Delta Faucet 57140-SS25-L. There are some lovely components to love about this product. I like it because the LED lights naturally turn on when water is running and then switch off when the water stream stops. This is an amusing feature for new users like me who want a fancy shower head in their bathroom.


The Raincan Shower Head has smart lighting of the water-controlled LED that works in simulation with the H2Okinetic Technology for a refreshing bath experience. The light produced in this shower head is a mood lifter and allows you to have a good shower by the end of the day.

Utilizing cutting-edge innovation, the H2Okinetic feature shapes the water into a remarkable example, giving you more pressure than a standard showerhead. You will get the led lights shower head system without any electrical wiring. 

This is where this showerhead gets impressive because the shower sensor turns on the LED automatically when it senses water. It turns off by itself when the water stops, and I think this is one of the features that catch the eye of customers. 

A product that is made with a smart thought is always alluring, especially in the case of fancy shower heads like Delta LED Pendant Raincan Shower Head. But there are still some flaws.

It is not as advanced as most of the other showerheads. People prefer other showerheads because they offer more spray settings than this one. It can be only utilized in a bathroom where the person’s only need is to get a shower with LED lighting. And for that, the cost is high for this product too.

  • Stream of water naturally turns LED lights on and off
  • It has Water-sensing LED lights
  • There is no electrical hard-wiring required
  • Unpretentious sparkle for aesthetic feel in the night
  • Cost is high with limited features.

Fontana Showers Wal De Marne Rain Shower Head

  • Solid Brass Construction-The square rain shower head is made up of Solid Brass with a matte black surface and has resistance to corrosion and tarnishing
  • High Quality-Fontana Showerheads are high-quality faucets with elegant designs that give a beautiful look.
  • Color Changing LED Lights-The color of the LED lights changes with the changing temperature of the water.

The Wal De Marne Rain Showerhead by Fontana Showers is one of the elegant led shower head with temperature sensor on my list. It has a great rainfall shower that gives a comforting and relaxing bath when you return home after work. The body of this shower head is Solid Brass with a matte dark surface and has protection from erosion and discoloring.


This is one of the choices that can give an excellent look to your restroom. The shade of the LED lights on this showerhead changes with the changing temperature of the water. You will enjoy different light with each type of water temperature that flows through its pipe.

This showerhead with a valve is the ideal choice that matches your advanced washroom requirements in this modern world. I like the innovative downpour showerhead system of this product that drives the LED lights utilizing an underlying secret dynamo.

Another good thing is that this roof-mounted LED chrome shower wand is extremely simple to introduce without utilizing any special instruments. The lights will turn on when water pressure is sensed. The only problem is, you don’t get enough of the water pressure through this led handheld shower head.

  • High-quality shower head
  • Built-in Hidden Dynamo
  • solid Brass Construction
  • Easy Tools Free Installation
  • Water pressure is not as high as other products.

DreamSpa 5-Setting LED Handheld Shower Head

  • Color of LED lights: changes automatically according to water temperature.
  • INSTALLATION: Tools-free Installation. Connects in minutes to any standard overhead shower arm.
  • WARRANTY: Limited 1 Year Warranty with Instant Hassle-free Return or Exchange Policy if not 100% satisfied.

The DreamSpa 5-Setting LED shower head is another solution to your needs. It comes with LED lighting giving a great glow and attractive feel when you are cleaning yourself. The 5 spray setting led color-changing shower head gives you the option to choose your setting and take a decent shower in order to get refreshed.


The LED lights in this showerhead are controlled by the water which is running. The sensation include is splendidly constructed with the aim that no batteries are required for the power, and water temperature can change the shade of the light. At the point when the light changes with the progression of water, it will give you an ideal rain dance party feeling.

It has a high-power 3-zone dial and elastic silicone streams that have a self-cleaning component to clean the debris or particles on its face. You will get features like power rain, hydro-fog, water-saving, economic rainfall, and such features for a bath. The installation of this shower head is also simple, and you won’t require a plumber to do the task for you.

The guarantee on the item is only for a year, but you can get customer care service for it. It is a product with positive reviews overall, and you won’t see any unhappy having this shower head in his home.

  • Self-cleaning jets on the face.
  • 5 Settings spray for the shower.
  • Solid-body with chrome finish.
  • Hydroelectric sensor with 3 color-changing lights.
  • Warranty is limited to a year.

Hotel Spa Extra-large Chrome Face 5-Setting Rainfall LED Shower-Head

  • Extra-Large 8 inch Rainfall: LED Shower Head with 5 settings is powered by running water.
  • High-precision: three-zone dial with rub-clean jets, and click-action level Stylish Bell-shape design.
  • Tools-free Installation: Connects in minutes to any standard overhead shower arm, no tools required

The next best shower head with great LED lights is Rainfall LED Shower Head by Hotel Spa. It has 5 settings that are controlled by running water. The LED lights are also adjustable with settings that can change color during rainfall. A three-shading changing water temperature sensor allows it to easily change the color when you are taking a shower.


This is a rain shower head led that I have tested and reviewed before. It has Five high-power settings that incorporate Pulsating Massage, Power Rain, Hydro-Mist, Economy Rain, and Water-Saving mode. You will find a huge 8-inch chrome face on this shower head that has a good sensing feature for flowing water.

You will get a high-accuracy three-zone dial with rub-clean planes that will allow easy cleaning for its face after you take a shower. The color of LED lights changes consequently as per water temperature. For cold water, it will be different, and for hot water, it will be somewhat another color.

It is easy to install into your washroom and can be adjusted with a standard overhead shower arm. The people who have used this shower head have found a minor problem. According to reviews, this showerhead leaves random screeches noises after a few months of use. It can be annoying afterward.

  • LED lights have sensors for running water
  • It is easy to install
  • Five different settings for shower
  •  Water-saving mode and auto-clean feature


  • Not reliable for long term use

Buyer’s Guide: What to Consider

I have shared details for the best shower heads with LED lights and a lot of other such features. Each of the products has different LED lighting and spray settings, but how would you be able to distinguish the difference and choose your required option? For this, see this buying guide below to understand which things you must have in mind before choosing a shower head with LED lights.

Temperature Indicator

As you will be buying a shower head with LED lights, you must get one that has a temperature indicator. The LED lighting in such a showerhead will tell you whether it’s hot water or cold water. A portion of these shower heads has their own temperature readouts that will show the specific temperature of your shower water.

But, there are large numbers of them that just have LEDs for the look and design of the showerhead. At the point when the water is hot, a good shower head will illuminate red. The showerhead will turn to streak red to tell you if it’s excessively hot. When you see a blue light, the water is cold, and it will become green when it’s an ideal shower temperature.

This can be a particularly helpful component in case you have children since it can keep them safe from getting themselves harmed under a hot shower.

Shower Settings

Since your shower head has LEDs in it, that doesn’t imply that it can’t have different features that you would need. Most showerheads offer a few distinctive spray settings to choose from. Assuming that you like the adaptability of having numerous water streams from a similar head, then, at that point, you might need to search for one with a few choices accessible.

You might even select a double shower head that has numerous spray designs from two unique heads, giving you a diverse shower experience that is much bright because of the LEDs.

Pressure Level

Shower pressure is another factor that I always consider because sometimes the water pressure in my home can get really low. In such conditions, I have to use a showerhead that delivers smooth performance even under low-pressure conditions. You should make a decision based on the water pressure in your house.

Body Strength

Solidness will rely upon the plan of the showerhead, the materials utilized, and the kind of finish it is given. Many LED shower heads don’t get along well for long-term use, which is why this is a critical point to consider. Always choose a reliable and long-lasting product that has a good finishing, especially in tempered steel.


The cost of a shower head with LED light is usually high, but it is also an important key point to consider while shopping for your best product. You have to understand the amount you can stand to spend before you set out searching for a showerhead.

Your financial plan will direct you in picking as there are costly showerheads and less expensive ones. Generally, have it as a primary concern to get the best incentive for your cash, regardless of how little you are spending.

Type of Shower Head

A wide range of styles of showerheads are accessible with LED lights nowadays, so you’re not restricted to only one type. Remember that not all showerheads have the same settings. They have different arrangements.

Regardless of whether you need a showerhead for normal purpose, or a double shower head for ease, you can make your choice. You can even choose a handheld option with LED lights inside.

Temperature-Changing LEDs

These sorts of LED shower heads change their tone with the change in temperature. Generally, blue tones are utilized to address cold water, and red tones are used to address warm or hot water. For instance, the lights will become red or blue based on temp.

They can be functional for people with tangible troubles. Such gadgets work via a sensor. You should get one shower head that has good temperature sensing abilities.

What are the Common Errors of Shower Heads With LED Lights 

The shower head with led lights is an advanced type of shower head. Additionally, these shower heads also work the same as ordinary shower heads. The main difference between ordinary shower heads and the latest shower heads with LED lights is the addition of Light in the latest one. 

LED Lights Stop Working 

The most common problem observed in shower heads with led lights is that the lights f these shower heads stop lighting. The main reason behind this error is overusing of the shower head. In the expert opinion never use the shower head for more than two to three hours a day. 

Additionally, the LED lights have a specific expiry date. After that date, you have to replace the LED lights with new led lights. 

Lower the Water Pressure 

The second most common problem regarding the shower head is the lower water pressure than the usual water pressure. This problem is due to the blockage of the holes in the shower head. 

The blockage of the shower head’s hole is due to the mineral deposition and sometimes fungus grows inside the shower head. 

Clogging of Shower Head 

A shower head is clogged when its user does not clean it after adequate time. Clogging is basically the deposition of the minerals present in the water. The minerals that clogged the holes of the shower head are calcium and magnesium. 

To prevent your shower head from clogging and enjoy the actual pressure of water it is always recommended to clean the shower head thrice a week. You can simply rinse the shower head with water and clean it with cotton. 

To remove the clog that is stuck with the shower head, clean it with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. 


How does shower head LED lights to work?

All LED showerhead depends on the water stream to turn on the LED lights. The water stream drives a turbine or generator that thusly delivers power to supply to the LED lights on the showerhead.

For what reason does my LED shower head not work?

Assuming the LED shower head of your bathroom has stopped working over the long run, the reason behind this may be weighty water gunk, grime, and salts development in the showerhead.


This was my list of the best shower head with LED lights. I wanted to share the knowledge about the best shower heads that come with LED lights for an aesthetic shower feel. There are a variety of options in the market, but I considered these based on the features that I have explained above in my review. If you want my recommendations, then here are the products that I would consider first.

My Recommendations:

Top Rated

The best product, in my opinion, is Delta Faucet 57140-SS25-L. It has great sensing technology, which can detect when the water is running to turn on LED lights and then switches off when the water stream stops. The H2Okinetic Technology gives even a better working capacity along with great pressure in the showerhead even when the overall pressure is running low. 

Runner Up

The next best recommendation I would like to add is the DreamSpa 5-Setting LED shower head. This showerhead has 5-spray settings is not quite the same as some other LED showerheads. You can choose between LED that has 3 settings for taking a shower.

Affordable Choice

The best affordable choice that I consider is Rainfall LED Shower Head by Hotel Spa. It has 5 settings for sprayer options and it comes with LED lights that are also adjustable. Most importantly, it is a cheap option which is easy to install into your bathroom.

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