Can I Shower With My Apple Watch Series 5?

Apple watch series 5 is an amazing tech watch, and you can say it is a wealthy investment on a watch. While buying or using the Apple Watch 5, you may wonder if it is okay to wear a watch while showering or not, or things like its safety come into your mind, as many people ask this question. So, in today’s article, I will discuss Can I Shower With My Apple Watch Series 5? And will let you know about other aspects related to the Apple watch series 5 while showering. 

Showering With Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch is a perfect solution to wear a device instead of carrying it all day. You may love the features of the Apple Watch and update your series to 5, which is not cheap at all. So, while buying Apple Watch 5, you may know about its durability to ensure its function properly.

You may know that your Apple Watch Series 5 is waterproof or water-resistant, which allows you to keep it under the water for at least 30 minutes. Still, you should know that even the brand itself does not recommend wearing any of the Apple Watch series in the shower (including series 5). 

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Apple Series 5 is waterproof, so it may not damage or have any issue under the water until you don’t watch it with any soap or liquid material. But, if you shower with Apple Watch Series 5, it may create issues when shampoo, liquid soap, or any other cosmetic products get in touch with your Apple Watch.

It may not damage your watch at once, but a regular shower wearing an Apple watch can damage its entire function, and it will not work properly. You can place your Apple Watch Series 5 under 50 feet of water without any difficulty, but where the water should be clean and clear. If you experience this with foamy or shampoo water, your watch will not be on properly. 

So, it is not recommended to expose Apple Watch 5 to shampoos, soaps, lotions, body wash, conditioners, and any other cosmetic products. You might be able to use your Apple Watch Series 5 while taking a shower without any shower products like shampoo, body wash, etc. 

What Can Happen If I Shower With Apple Watch Series 5?

If you turn On, Water Lock before showering with the Apple Watch, it will not damage your watch and protect it. But you may damage your Apple Watch or have trouble using it if you cover it with cleansing or showering products.  

I mentioned the risk of damage to the Apple Watch caused by soapy or shower products in the paragraph above. It may not work accurately or cause blur screen effects. There will be an issue with the display after water damage. An apple watch series 5 with water damage will display a water spot on the display or a foggy moisture spot on the screen.

So, this can ultimately happen if you shower with Apple watch 5, and soapy water comes in contact with the watch. Even so, there are still chances that water damage may not happen; because it also depends on the time. In most cases, if you immediately remove your watch and clean it properly, you will not suffer any damage. 

What Should I Do If My Apple Watch Gets Wet?

If you accidentally shower with an Apple watch and it gets wet with soapy water, at first, you should immediately remove it. As I recommend in the above paragraph, you should clean it properly to get rid of the water content after removing it. 

You must disassemble the watch and then clean it with Isopropyl alcohol ( it must be 91%). Clean it with a dry paper cloth or tissue. After that, you should scrub every part with a toothbrush, and for corners, you can use earbuds or cotton. It is tricky to repair it, but if the water content is less, you can simply clean it by following these steps. 

Do not use the dryer to dry it; you can place it under sunlight for just 15-20 minutes. Max sunlight also damages the Apple watch, so you should take care of it. Check your watch after a few days; if everything is fine and working well, then good; otherwise, you can visit a repair shop or Apple store. 

What Features to Notice While Buying Apple Watch Series 5?

If you are going to buy your first apple watch then this portion of the blog will definitely help you to find out which watch is the best suit for you. So let’s look at the crucial features of the apple watch series 5. 

Look at the Materials 

Before choosing the watch for yourself, first of all, decide that which material should be used in the manufacturing of the watch. It is indeed a very tricky task. But you have to do it to get the best watch for yourself. 

In my opinion, always select a watch that is designed using high-quality leather and metals or alloys.  Watch that the use of plastic to make its band is not much durable. The watch designed using leather is more durable and light in weight. 

Decide Your Budget 

Always decide on the budget before making any choice of watch. The watches available ranches from $10 to $50,000. Additionally, you can buy the watches from Walmart or from any shop in the big plaza. 

So i highly recommend you to decide your budget first, if you want to invest $50 on the watch. After deciding the budget now start your journey of finding the best watch for yourself. 

Design of the Watch 

Another important thing while buying a watch is to see the design. As we knew that a huge variety of watches are available in the market with different shapes, sizes, colors, and weights. The selection of the watch design totally depends on the taste of the person and the look he wants to carry. 

Buy From Trusty Seller 

Never try to buy a watch from a seller who is known to you. Always try to buy the watch from the person whom your trust. You can also take help from your circle so they recommend you some trusty sellers of watches. 


Apple watch series 5 is no doubt waterproof, but you should take care of it while having a shower so that it may not cause any damage.  I hope this article was helpful to you.  

If you have any questions about this topic, please ask in the comment section, and I will respond as quickly as possible. 

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