Can You Shower a Dog After Giving Birth?

Can you shower a dog after giving birth? Is it good or not? And what are the results of doing this? You might have heard that it’s bad to bathe a dog right after they have given birth, but Is it true?

These are some of the questions that dog owners have been asking about their pets, in this article we will answer these questions to ensure that your dogs get the proper care after delivery.

Why Does Showering A Dog After Delivery Matter?

After having her puppies, your dog will most likely begin to lick and clean them. As she does, some of their afterbirths may fall out of her body, and she’ll try to groom it off by licking. 

Once it touches her tongue, though, it is absorbed into her system meaning that while dogs are very good at removing dead tissue from themselves, they cannot really distinguish between blood and food sources.

Many professional organizations recommend keeping a dog with newborns in isolation for at least four days or until all signs of afterbirth have passed. 

The umbilical cord also falls off on its own within three weeks; if you leave it attached longer than that you’re running a serious risk of infection for both mom and baby.

What Are The Benefits Of Showering A Dog After Delivery?

Some women choose to shower their dogs after giving birth, and although that may sound unusual, there are some real benefits. Showering your dog after delivery can help both you and your pet get some much-needed fresh air and exercise. 

It’s important for pet owners to be able to let their dogs play outside once in a while and by taking them out on walks or letting them enjoy some time outside when they’re nursing, it’s easy to make sure that you don’t neglect them during a busy time. 

The other big benefit of showering your dog after delivery is just being able to spend time with her as she recovers. Your baby will be inside bonding with his new sibling or sibling(s), but pets need attention too. 

What Are The Risks Of Showering A Dog After Giving Birth?

Dogs are very clean animals. So much so that they spend an excessive amount of time grooming themselves, which is why it may seem odd to shower them after they give birth. But there is no need to worry. Your dog will be fine if you choose to shower her after giving birth. 

Whether or not it’s recommended, however, may depend on your dog and whether she’s had issues in previous pregnancies or deliveries regarding infections or sickness afterward. 

The biggest problem is not actually getting your dog wet but rather avoiding bacterial transfer from your hands onto her body because it could potentially lead to illness for both mother and puppies. 

So, avoiding direct contact with dogs while they’re pregnant is important as well because many illnesses can be transferred through saliva. 

That said, if you shower your dog after delivery, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly first and avoid direct contact with her skin and mouth. 

If possible, keep other family members away from her until you have cleaned up as well. This way everyone can avoid transferring bacteria back and forth between each other. It’s also important to keep in mind that some dogs might become uncomfortable when being showered post-delivery; 

Therefore, proceed at their pace when bathing them afterward you want to make sure they’re comfortable.

What Are Other Issues Related To Showering A Dog After Delivery?

If your dog has just given birth, then you are likely faced with an interesting question: can you shower a dog after delivery? Your first instinct might be to say no since you’re worried about keeping your pet clean and safe. 

However, your veterinarian may encourage you to let your dog take her time and get all of that icky muck out of her fur. If so, here are some things to consider while she’s cleaning up. 

It’s All About Her Recovery:  While it may seem like a good idea to help your dog out by showering her, there is really no need for it. As long as you keep your home clean and don’t have any visitors during those first few days post-delivery, there should not be much mess at all. 

It will also give her time to rest in between baths or showers because being on her feet too much could cause problems with hemorrhaging

Most veterinarians will recommend letting your dog stay on bed rest for two weeks after giving birth this includes limiting how much walking around she does outside of that time period as well.

How to Take Care of Dog After Delivery 

Delivery is traumatizing, painful, and the most exciting experience for the mommy dog at the same time. So after delivery of the pups, you should provide proper care for the mummy. This care will help to recover the mummy bitch soon from the delivery phase. 

Keep the Moomy Clean and Groomed 

Keep her clean and groomed after delivery. Here I a not saying to give an immediate bath after giving birth to pups. It is normal that dogs discharge some fluid that is green, red, and brown in color. So if your dog is discharging some fluid then leave her for sometime 

So in this case use a paper towel to clean the discharge. If the dog delivers the pup by c-section then use healing ornament on the wound twice a day. 

Monitor the Mums and Pup’s Health 

Do not forget to observe the pups and mum’s condition after the delivery. The rise in temperature within 24 to 48 hours after delivery is totally normal. if the temperature lasts for a longer duration then consult a veterinary doctor and use proper medication. 

Supply Fresh Water in Large Quantity

After delivery makes sure mum’s dog is drinking enough water. Make s schedule to supply fresh water to the mommy doctor every one to two hours. never give cold water to the mum after delivery. Add lukewarm water to her diet. 

Using warm water in the diet tries to detoxify the toxins present in the body of mum and promote healthy digestion. 

A Balance Diet 

After delivery, the mum needs a special diet. It should contain enough protein, carbohydrates and fat in the diet. You ca take help from the maternity doctor and ask him to provide you with the proper diet plan for the mum dog. 


If you have been wondering whether you can shower a dog after delivery, read this article to learn more about what you need to do to take the best care of her without compromising her health or safety in any way. 

As, we have looked at the facts and reasoning behind showering dogs after delivery, so you can decide whether to get soaked or not. 

I hope this article will help you a lot. 

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