Can You Shower With Gold Plated Jewelry?

Gold plated jewelry is the best and cheapest alternative to real gold jewelry. Many people love to wear gold plated jewelry such as bracelets, chains, rings, and other gold plated accessories. 

By having good quality gold plated jewelry, you can have amazing, vibrant jewelry for long years. But while wearing or buying gold plated jewelry items, one thing will always stick to your thoughts: Can You Shower With Gold Plated Jewelry? Or do you need to remove it every time while taking a shower? And these thoughts are pretty obvious.

So, in today’s article, I will try to answer your related questions about taking a shower with gold plated jewelry. So without any delay, let’s start with the main question. 

Can You Take Shower With Gold Plated Jewelry?

If you wear gold plated jewelry and are concerned about your jewelry’s long-lasting shine, then you should never take a shower with gold plated jewelry. Taking a shower with gold plated jewelry may not harm the metal itself, but it can lessen the shine of jewelry; that’s why it’s not recommended.

As you know, gold plated jewelry is made of a thin layer of gold that is electrically charged onto a base metal. So taking a shower with gold plated jewelry after some time causes that thin layer to diminish entirely. Because the coating of the gold layer is so light, water can easily damage that few microns of gold plated layer. 

Can You Shower With A Gold Chain?

As I already mentioned, gold plated jewelry could not resist its shine after water reactions. Talking about the pure gold chain may not cause any issue to shower with a gold chain because pure gold is not affected by shower water. 

But if you like to shower every day, you shouldn’t shower with a gold chain because this can enlighten your gold chain shine if you take a hot shower regularly. 

The shower water may not harm the real gold metal, but like gold plated jewelry, it will reduce your gold chain shine if you take long, hot showers every day. But if you accidentally take a shower with a gold chain, it will not create any issue with your gold chain. A few baths will not instantly lessen jewelry shine. 

Can You Wear Gold Plated Jewelry In The Pool?

Well, it is not recommended to wear gold plated jewelry in the pool because it is a thin layer of gold. While water reacts, it may remove the gold plated layer of jewelry, so the best thing is to avoid wearing gold plated jewelry while swimming in the pool. 

Besides this, if you forget to remove your jewelry and unintentionally start your swimming, it will not harm your gold plated jewelry for once. But eventually, you should always consider removing your gold plated jewelry while swimming in the pool.

You can keep your jewelry shiny and beautiful for a long time if you make the right decisions, always removing it while having any reaction with water bodies.  

Why Shouldn’t You Shower With Gold Plated Jewelry?

This question might come to your mind if you are not properly aware of gold plated jewelry. So let me introduce you to some facts about gold plated jewelry so that you can easily understand the reasons not to wear gold plated jewelry while taking a shower.

Weaning of high quality gold plated jewelry means you are wearing as good as wearing the real things. But if you are wearing standard gold plated jewelry, it means your jewelry has only one single layer of gold, either having silver or probably another metal base. 

So now you can understand why you should always avoid wearing gold plated jewelry while taking a shower, swimming, or other reactions with water. A shower can easily damage your gold plated jewelry. So never expose your gold plated jewelry to water bodies. 

In some cases, you can easily take a shower with gold plated jewelry. As I mentioned, high-quality gold plated jewelry is the same as the real thing, so if you have high-quality gold plated jewelry, you can wear it while taking a bath.

Still, it’s not suggested to take regular showers wearing gold plated jewelry. So make sure to follow the suggestions if you want to keep your jewelry shiny and new for long. 

Precautions for Gold Plated Jewelry

Some of the special safety precautions are required to take care of gold plated jewelry, so if you keep wearing your gold plated jewelry while taking a shower, you are now concerned with your gold plated jewelry’s shine and color.

You can prevent your jewelry from tarnishing by following these steps:

  1. Always remember to remove your jewelry before applying lotion or any other cosmetic. And wait until your applied product is completely dry, and after that, wear your gold plated jewelry. It will prevent your jewelry from discoloring.
  2. Always apply perfume before wearing your gold plated jewelry. Because in some cases, perfumes chemical reacts with gold plated jewelry metal and makes a change in color. So never spray perfume directly on your jewelry piece.
  3. Always remove your jewelry while sleeping, taking a shower, or doing dishes. 
  4. Make sure to place your jewelry properly in a jewelry case, or don’t throw them openly at any place.
  5. Place a small jewelry box in the bathroom as well, so you always remember to remove jewelry while taking a shower.
  6. If your gold-plated jewelry is dirty or has traces of something, you can simply soak the affected piece into lukewarm soapy water for a few minutes and then clean it properly with tissue paper. 

Frequently Asked Question 

Question no 1: How long does a piece of gold-plated jewelry last? 

Answer: Generally the lifespan of gold-plated jewelry is two years. On the hand, if a person uses it with great care then its maximum age span can expand to two and a half years. After the mentioned time duration, this type of jewelry starts to transit and wear down. 

After using it for you two years you can take it to the jeweler who will re-plate your jewelry. Ultimately it starts looking new again. 

Question No 2: Can you wear gold-plated jewelry every day? 

Answer: wearing gold-plated jewelry every day does nothing to the person who is wearing it. Let me be clear here that wearing gold-plated jewelry for a longer duration may make it dull. 

Additionally wearing gold plated in the shower is also the reason behind the fading of the jewelry. If you keep this jewelry away from the water then it can last for two years. 

Question No 3: Is gold plated fake? 

Answer: the gold over the outer side of the jewelry is not fake. This layer of gold is totally original. Furthermore, the whole jewelry is designed by using metals and metal alloy that is not gold. 

 The jewelry that is designed busing gold platting is referred to as fake gold jewelry. 

Question No 4: Will Gold plated jewelry turn green? 

Answer: after using the gold-plated jewelry for more than two years the plating of the gold started to come off. When the layer of gold comes off then the base of the jewelry that is designed by using metal or metal alloy starts to react with air and moisture and starts tarnishing. 

The chemicals that are generally present in lotion, perfumes, and makeup products are the main reason behind turning gold-plated jewelry green. 


You may not shower with gold plated jewelry because it may affect and tarnish after reaction with water bodies. So you should completely avoid wearing gold plated jewelry while taking a shower. Make sure to follow all the safety precautions shared in this article to keep your gold plated jewelry shiny for a long duration. 

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