Can You Wear Airpods In The Shower?

You may love to wear your expensive AirPods all the time, but as you know, electrical devices and water have not matched, so you should take care of AirPod’s reaction with water bodies. Many people always show concern while buying or using Airpods. Can they wear them during the shower or not? 

So in today’s article, I will discuss Can you Wear Airpods In The Shower? And will discuss some basic information about AirPods in the shower. So, make sure to read properly till the end for basic understanding. 

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Some models of AirPods do come water-resistant, but there are some limitations. So you should not wear Airpods in the shower, this is not a great deal to wear Airpod’s during the shower. If you want to replace old Airpods with new ones, you can take a shower while wearing Airpods to fulfill that wish, but for any new or regular use Airpods, it is unsafe. 

Let’s discuss some facts about Airpods in the shower to clarify your doubts about this question.

Airpods In The Shower

As you know, Airpods are electronic gadgets, which may come with water resistance prosperity, but the best thing is you should always avoid your AirPods in the shower. It might be a fact, that sometimes if you purchase your Airpods from any third party manufacturing company or any local store, besides buying from original brands, they sometimes claim that the Airpods you are purchasing are waterproof or water-resistant. 

But in actuality, water-resistant Airpods also have a limit, and you should never use them underwater, such as in the shower, because it might damage the internal system, so they may not work properly. There can be great chances that your Airpods may not work properly after an inappropriate water reaction in the shower. 

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If you accidentally start taking a shower while listening to your Airpods, but after a while, you realize and take them off, that’s okay for your Airpods. In general, this reaction won’t harm your Airpods if they are appropriately dried and kept in a sunny place.

Can You Use Airpods Pro In The Shower?

In the shower, you can’t use Airpods Pro or any other model, old or new, water-resistant or not. Some people may consider the water-resistant concept in the wrong way, but having a water-resistant Airpods Pro doesn’t mean that they are okay for water reactions. 

It, true that Airpods are fine with splashes, sweat, and light showers, but not acceptable to have a regular shower while having them. You may have a bathtub shower while using Airpods Pro, as the water reacts with the air will be not as proper, but taking a shower under the running water from the shower tab can damage your Airpods Pro. 

So, you should understand the concept that electronic products like Airpods Pro and water don’t have any match. The third generation Airpods Pro and Airpod Max are water-resistant, but they never allow you to wear them while showering. You may wonder why, so I will explain the concept of waterproof and water resistance in the next paragraph.

What Is Water Resistance?

As I mentioned in the above paragraph, third-generation Airpods Pro and AirPods Max are water-resistant, which means, that they are protected against splashing water, sweat, and light water reactions, such as light rain, washing the dishes, giving bath to your pets, and some small activities like these. 

So, according to the International  Electrotechnical Commission, your water-resistant Airpods Pro is totally protected against these kinds of water reactions which I discussed above. So, what results do you extract from these statements? It means that you can safely wear your water-resistant Airpods Pro or Max under these circumstances or wear it while having a workout, running, or any activities that discard sweat. 

But, it doesn’t mean that you can wear them under the shower. Airpods are actually not designed to withstand water submersion, so you shouldn’t place them under running water, as it will make them defect or damage. 

It is also advised by the brand itself that you should never wear Airpods, including water-resistant ones, in the shower, sauna, or steam room. And you should also not keep them in a dryer or washing machine, according to the precautions by the Apple brand.

Can AirPods Be Saved If They Get Wet?

Depending on the condition, you can at least try to save your Airpods after getting wet. If they get wet from splash water or rainwater, they may clean or dry properly. All you need to do is follow these simple tips to clean or save your Airpods:

  • You can dry them with a clean, lint-free cloth before placing them in their case. 
  • You can also use a dry cotton bud to clean the water drops from the speaker and microphones. 
  • You can also place them under sunlight to ensure they get adequately dried. 
  • You need to remember that you shouldn’t place your Airpods in charging mode if they are wet, so make sure to dry them properly before charging them. 

So, if there is less water reaction, you can easily save your Airpods by following all these tips, but if they do not work properly, you should check them at the nearby electronic store. So, they can repair your Airpods or check the issue after analyzing them properly with machines.

Crucial Features to Notice in Water-Resistant Airpods

With the innovation in the field of since and technology now you can also enjoy music while you are taking bath with the help of water-resistant AirPods. Here the main problem the common people may face is which features should be present in the water-resistant AirPods. 

If you are thinking to buy your new water-resistant AirPods and you do not know which qualities or features your air pods should comprise then you do not take any stress over this issue. Here you will know which features make an ordinary the best water-resistant AirPods. 

So without creating further curiosity let’s move toward the crucial features of water-resistant AirPods. 


The very first thing about the best AirPods is that they should comprise a durable design. The size of the AirPods should not be so big or not so small. It should design in a way that it will stick with the ear without slipping.

Additionally, the AirPods should be designed with anti-slipping material so that they provide the best grip with the ear. 

Sound Quality 

The second most important factor that should not be neglected while shopping a water-resistant AirPods is that they provide high-class sound quality. In simple words, the Airpods should enhance each and note of the music so you can enjoy real crips of the music. 

Furthermore, make sure that your selected AirPods should not provide a deterioration in the sound. You can check this feature by using the Airpod at that spot. 

Charging Case 

The third and most important thing to notice while selecting an AirPods for yourself is to see the charging case of the AirPods. The charging case should be compatible with the size of the AirPods. Furthermore, it should not be so big. 

Do not miss to notice that the charging case should not be so heavy. 


Airpods are electronic gadgets loved by all, so you should take good care of them. You can’t wear Airpods in the shower, or you shouldn’t wear them. There is no real reason to wear AirPods in the shower, so if you want to keep your Airpods safe for long-term use, you should take care of water reactions. 

I have shared complete details about Airpods in the water and answered most related questions. So, I hope you will like this informative article. If you want to ask any questions related to this topic, you can ask in the comment section. I will make sure to answer all your questions.

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