How Do Hotels Keep Glass Shower Doors Clean?

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of hotels is their squeaky clean rooms and immaculate glass shower doors, which are always spotless and gleaming!  But how do they get like that? And what exactly goes into cleaning these shower doors? 

Hotels have to use different techniques than regular homes do in order to keep their glass shower doors sparkling without damaging them or creating streaks on the glass. 

Let’s take a look at the different methods hotels use when it comes to cleaning their glass shower doors.

Glass Shower Doors In Hotels

When you think of hotels, there are a lot of things that come to mind. Service, cleanliness, roominess, but one of those things isn’t glass shower doors. 

When you take a shower in your home, you don’t usually have to worry about whether or not your soap is going to slide down and break your glass shower door. 

It might be something that comes into play once a year or so, maybe even less if you’re diligent about keeping water out of it. 

But when you are in a hotel (or visiting hotels) it becomes something that requires more attention than most people expect. 

And though there isn’t much to it, there is still some upkeep needed to keep them clean and looking like new. When taking a shower at home, most of us just put soap on our hands and lather up until we feel clean. 

You might be thinking that’s all fine and dandy but what does that have to do with how hotels keep glass shower doors clean? 

Well, if you take notice next time you go into one of these establishments, they don’t just place your soap anywhere within reach of their showers.

Cleaning Solutions For The Glass Shower Door

Today hotels are becoming more eco-friendly, so cleaning solutions are less harsh on guests and their belongings. However, they still have a difficult time keeping glass shower doors clean and free of spots. 

Luckily, there is no one secret to cleaning shower doors that works for every hotel in every situation, as every hotel will use a different combination of chemicals for their glass shower door cleaners. 

The formula can depend on any number of things such as what materials were used to make up the glass door itself or even how dirty it gets from day today. 

Glass and Chrome shower doors are very popular in guest bathrooms, especially in upscale hotels. 

Chrome is a great material for glass and shower door design because it is long-lasting, sturdy, and looks great with most decors. 

However, a downside to chrome is it will develop an oxidation or yellowing effect after prolonged exposure to water. 

This can make it harder for guests visiting hotels who are looking at shiny clean shower doors but walk away thinking it looked so much better before I showered.

What could be causing that? The answer is usually caused by hard water minerals from local tap water.

So let’s go over some common types of cleaners that hotels tend to use when cleaning their glass shower doors

Avoiding Streaks And Water Stains

Much like mirrors, glass shower doors need special attention paid to them. 

While you can use a squeegee to remove most water from mirrors and windows, it will scratch delicate glass if you’re not careful. 

Additionally, high-pressure water-fed systems that are used in public restrooms/showerrooms are out of the question for delicate and easily marred surfaces like shower doors. 

Thankfully, there is a way to keep these surfaces clean without streaking or scratching them such as silica beads. 

These tiny beads are used in most commercial and public glass-cleaning systems, as they provide an even coating that isn’t likely to scratch or stain delicate glass shower door surfaces. 

And you know the best part about using these products? They last for up to years! 

Some of you may be thinking that it seems difficult to apply such a product onto the glass door, but rest assured, it’s easier than you think. 

Brushing Off Dirt And Debris From The Glass

One of the biggest factors when it comes to keeping glass shower doors clean is making sure to quickly brush off dirt and debris from these doors. 

In some cases, hotels have on-site cleaning crews tasked with keeping all of their hotel shower glass doors up to code. 

In other situations, contractors might come through a few times each week to make sure everything is in tip-top shape.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question No 1: Can I make my glass shower door crystal clear? 

Answer: Yes you can make a glass shower door crystal clear at home. By using home ingredients you can easily make a solution that will clear the glass door without leaving any spot on it. Make the homemade glass cleaner by using baking soda, vinegar, and water. 

Now you have to dip the sponge into the solution. After dipping the sponge scrub the glass surface with the sponge. The baking soda that we use in making the mixture is act as an abrasive. 

The second ingredient is vinegar, it will help to dissolve spots of soap scum and hard water. Scrub the glass until the door is glass clear without any spots. 

Question No 2: What is the most effective way of cleaning glass shower doors? 

Answer: The quickest and easiest way to clean the glass door is to use an ammonia mixture on the glass shower door. You can make an ammonia mixture at home. If you do not want to make it at home then you can purchase it from any department store. 

Here is the recipe to make the ammonia solution at home. Take two tablespoons of ammonia in a bowl. Now add 2 quarts of distilled water. Make sure the water should be warm. Mix it thoroughly and add the solution to the spray bottle. 

Now spray the mixture on the glass door. Now scrub the door with the help of a sponge and you are done with the cleaning. 

Question No 3: How can we remove the cloudy film on the glass shower door? 

Answer: To remove the cloudy film from the glass shower door, add two cups of vinegar in the spray bottle and dish soap. Mix it thoroughly.  Spray the mixture over the spot and leave it for ten minutes. 


Glass shower doors require frequent cleaning to avoid soap scum buildup.  In this article, I discuss ways that hotels can maintain these glass shower doors in-house that are less expensive than contracting an outside service. 

So, I hope all of these are helpful for you. If you have any other questions, then you can ask in the comment section.  I will be there to answer all your queries. 

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