How Do You Shower On A Road Trip?

How do you shower on a road trip? To be honest, you probably don’t shower as often as you should when on the road, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. There are many ways to shower on a road trip, and this article will tell you about some of them. 

Whether you have the time to set up an elaborate hotel shower or you just want to hit the showers in your car after some hiking, there are ways for everyone to get clean when on the road.

Basic Ways To Get Shower During Your Road Trip

When the only place you can shower is in your bathroom at home, it’s easy to take it for granted that there will always be hot water and fresh towels waiting. However, when you’re on the road, it can be hard to figure out how to deal with these basic human needs.

While also keeping your travel expenses low enough that you can afford to do more of these fun vacations with your friends and family.

So, there are some of the ways that you can try to have a shower while on a road trip.

  1. One of the most ways to take a shower during your road trip is to go to a hotel. 

However, not all hotels offer free Wi-Fi and air conditioner. If you are looking for affordable hotel offers on showers, I highly recommend using Orbitz for great discounts. 

So before you book your hotel room, be sure to check out my travel tips on why you should pay attention in choosing a hotel room with toiletries included so that you don’t have to spend any extra cash on stuff like toothbrushes or toothpaste.  

  1. Another way to shower during your road trip is by staying at an RV park. 

If you are looking for an affordable and comfortable place to stay while traveling, I highly recommend using Campendium as they offer free listings of campgrounds around America and Canada. 

  1. If you are not looking for a place where people can watch over you while taking a shower.

Then I suggest using a portable shower tent such as Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent (it is waterproof). 

  1. The easiest and quick way to have a shower is, having a body washer with you in a car and having a hanging plastic water bottle, you can make small holes in the bottle, so that water drops out slowly.

So, with this method you can have a short shower in a forest or garden area, it will be quick, and provide you with sufficient results.

This method can easily clean your dirty body, and it is the most convenient and affordable way. You can aslo use powder shampoo to clean and set your dirty and oily hairs. By using these methods above, I hope it will help make your road trip more enjoyable.

Other Options To Have A Shower In Road Trip

The most basic method is to purchase a sponge, towel, and liquid soap. Then you can use a gallon of water that you have packed along with you from your home and some white vinegar. This will keep your skin clean and healthy during your trip. 

Make sure that you bring a plastic container to store clean water for later on in your trip when necessary. This is just one of many simple ways that you can shower during your road trip. 

So make sure to pack light. You will be able to save more space in your car and have a better trip overall if you do not bring too much stuff with you on your road trip. So start packing for your next road trip today. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question No 1: Is it mandatory to take shower before any long drive? 

Answer: No it is not mandatory to take shower before any long drive. On the other hand, if you want to stay active all the time during the drive then do not take bath before leaving for a long drive. 

We all knew that person feels relaxed after taking bath. Moreover, the muscles become stress-free and relaxed which will lead a person to sleep. On the other hand, if a person takes a bath with warm water then he may feel drowsy. Due to this reason, taking bath is not advisable before a long drive, especially at night. 

Question no 2: What are alternatives to the bath during a road trip? 

Answer: As I have already mentioned not to take bath during the journey and before the drive. So here are a few alternatives to the bath during a road trip. Never forget to keep a paper towel in the trip bag. 

Use a paper towel and damped the armpit. make sure that the towel should not excessively wet. To clean your face, splash a little amount of water on your face. There is no need to use any soap or face wash. If you want to clean your hands and feet then try to clean them with a damp paper towel. 

During this procedure eat something light, it will help you restore the energy. 

Question No 3: Can a person stay clean without showering? 

Answer: Yes, a person can stay clean and fresh during a road trip without taking shower. Here are some tips for this process. use washcloths to clean the body. A paper towel is the best option. Use deodorant after every two to three hours. If your hair feels greasy then you can use baking soda as a replacement for dry shampoo. 


It is not easy to have a shower on a road trip, but not impossible yet. So, you can take a shower while on a road trip by the method that I shared in this article. Hope it will be helpful for you. 

And if you have any other questions about showering on a road trip, then you can ask anytime in the comment section. I will feel great to help you out with this situation. 

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