How Long Should You Wait to Shower After Eating?

When you eat food, you can’t help but wonder, How long should I wait to shower after eating? First of all, it depends on what you eat and whether or not you exercise after eating. Secondly, there are many factors that determine how long it takes before you’re clean again.  You know you shouldn’t shower immediately after you eat, but you also don’t want to walk around smelling like yesterday’s lunch, either. 

So how long should you wait before stepping into the shower after eating? We’ve got the answer. 

What happens if you shower right after eating?

Before we get into how long you should wait after eating, let’s discuss what happens if you shower right after eating. 

Skin cells slough off continuously and dies every day. The process is called desquamation, and it results in little flakes of skin that fall away from your body constantly throughout your life.

 Usually, these flakes are whisked away by water, but sometimes they can end up on your clothing or other surfaces. If you shower right after eating, it’s possible that you’ll rinse some of those dead skin cells off of your body and into your tub. 

If you have hard water (water with a high mineral content), those skin cells could combine with minerals in your tub and clog it up over time.

It’s also important to note that some experts believe taking baths and showers after meals can actually cause digestion problems, as they may interfere with hydrochloric acid production in your stomach.

For most people, however, having a bath or shower within two hours of eating is perfectly fine.

If you’re going to be exercising soon after eating a meal or even if you’re just planning on spending time outdoors you should wait longer than two hours before taking a bath or shower.

You don’t want to risk getting sick from ingesting bacteria from outdoor sources into your body through food residue on your skin.

The Average Time You Should Wait To Shower After Eating

The average time you should wait before having a shower after eating is generally an hour. After a meal, your body goes into digestion mode, focusing all of its energy on absorbing nutrients and calories from your food.

 If you jump in for a quick rinse-off immediately after eating, your body will not have absorbed all of those valuable nutrients. 

For example, if you drink fruit juice and then hop in for a shower within five minutes, about 75 percent of that liquid just washed down the drain and with it some important vitamins and minerals. 

Make sure to give yourself at least an hour before hopping in for that post-meal shower. In general, you should wait about two hours after eating a meal before going to a long relaxing shower.

If you eat food with a lot of fat or oil, like fried chicken or steak, then you should wait at least three hours, as your quick shower right after your heavy meal can disturb your stomach. 

When Is It Too Soon To Have A Shower After Eating?

Well, as I said earlier, there is no specific time that you can words, as it is totally up to the food you eat.So, there’s no one-size-fits-all rule for how long you should wait after eating a meal before having a shower.

But it’s generally agreed that you should avoid taking baths or showers for two hours after meals. That two-hour window is enough time for your body to absorb nutrients and settle in nicely. 

This advice doesn’t apply if you have diarrhea, however, as some water may cause cramping and may make your condition worse. 

If you do have diarrhea, take your shower/bath at least three hours after eating a meal. Similarly, if you have any indigestion issues, then you have to wait for at least 2 to 3 hours. 

So, taking bath right after eating or after 10 to 20 minutes will be too soon to have a shower. So, you should wait at least enough time, so that your food can digest properly. 

Things to Do After Eating 

If you want to stay healthy and fit all the time, you must follow some tips after eating your food. These tips will help to digest food properly without any complications in the body. So let’s look at the information you must follow after eating meals.

Always Do 10 minute’s Walk 

Make a habit to walk at least ten minutes after taking every meal. This walk will help to improve blood circulation and sugar levels throughout the body. Furthermore, it also helps to digest food quickly. The acidity problem does not observe in people who do ten minutes slow walk after food. 

Do Not Stress Out

In case you have taken a larger portion of food and now you are guilty. In this situation do not be hard on yourself, as one single large meal will not affect your body weight. Simply go for a slow walk. In this situation is recommended to take at least twenty to thirty minutes walk. 

Do not try to run or perform a hard and stressful workout right after taking a meal. 

Drink Water 

Sip little water after taking your meal. Wait for at least ten to fifteen minutes then drink water. It helps to flush out excess sodium that you may take in your meal. After doing ten minutes slow walk try to drink a glass full of water. 

Take Probiotic 

Make sure you ate taking probiotics after your meals. Probiotics are microorganisms. This microorganism helps in digestion. You can naturally ingest them by adding yogurt to your meal. 

The best way to feel is to add a plate of salad to your meal. It will help to feel you full and you will take in very less calories. Try to avoid the intake of artificial sugar in your diet. 


It is not specifically a time measure for this issue, but according to the type and quantity of a meal that you eat, you should wait for an appropriate time before getting into the shower. 

So, if you have eaten breakfast, wait for at least half an hour, and if you have taken a proper meal at lunch then you should wait for at least an hour before taking shower. 

And yes, if you have eaten proper fast food, steak, or any type of restaurant meal full of oil and extra calories, then you should wait for 2 hours and then take your shower. 

Besides this, if you have any queries then you can ask in the comment section. I will be there to answer your all queries. 

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