How To Keep Eyebrows Dry In Shower?

If you want to keep your eyebrows dry in the shower, then you need to try some specific kinds of gadgets and the possible ways of showering to avoid water contact with eyebrows. There can be different reasons, such as microblading, swelling eyebrows, serum and other things, due to which you want to avoid water reaction while showering.

So, today in this article, I will discuss How to keep eyebrows dry in the shower? And will come to know some basic ways to avoid water reaction to eyebrows while showering. Depending on your reasons, you can try some basic things to keep your eyebrows dry in shower.

Dry Eyebrows In Shower

If you have shaded your eyebrows, put any kind of serum and oil. Water and shower steam will definitely rinse it off. So, depending on different reasons, you can skip some parts while showering or can avoid using face products to avoid water reaction. 

Dry eyebrows while in a shower are typically referred to by the aesthetician after microblading, as the recommended time to take shower after microblading is appropriately 3 to 4 days. Because water, sweat, and steam can damage your newly bladed brows.

So, it is recommended to keep eyebrows dry, because the ink used in the microblading can come out if water interacts with it. So, it can disturb the blading and may not provide you with a proper result. 

How To Keep Eyebrows Dry In Shower After Microblading?

The best thing is to avoid taking shower and washing your face until your microblading dries properly. But if you want to take shower, it is important to keep eyebrows dry in shower, so here I will share some easy ways to avoid water reaction.

  1. Avoid Hot Shower:

Hot shower will create too much steam, and steam can affect the eyebrows without direct water reactions. So, it is best to use lukewarm water while showering.

  1. Use Of Protective patches for eyebrows:

You can use protective patches to cover your eyebrows. It will not only reduce the risk of water reaction but also protect your brows while hair wash.

  1. Use of sun visor hat:

A sun visor hat can be a perfect gadget to avoid water reaction while showering. It will keep your eyebrows dry in the shower. 

  1. You can wear sunglasses or goggles:

If you don’t have a sun visor hat, you can also wear any of the big size sunglasses or goggles to cover your eyebrows. Sunglasses or goggles can also cover the eyebrows and keep them dry in the shower.

  1. Use of dry paper towel:

You should try your best to keep your eyebrows dry while showering, but if they get wet unintentionally, then ensure that you have a paper towel to clean your eyebrows. Pat the eyebrows gently to remove moisture.

  1. Avoid washing face:

It is best to avoid washing your face throughout the shower, to avoid water reaction. You can simply wash your hair or body, while skipping your face. This will keep your eyebrows dry properly in the shower.

  1. Use of sponge and cloth:

Now, if you avoid washing your face, using a moist cloth and wet sponge is the perfect solution to clean your face. So use of a moistened sponge and cloth is the perfect way to clean your face. 

  1. Avoid long shower:

It is best to avoid long showers, so keep your shower short as much as you can. Long shower will create a long time risk and pressure to keep eyebrows clean. 

In addition to these methods, you can also keep your eyebrows dry while taking a shower with hand pumps, this will reduce the amount of excess steam or you can also control water reaction.

As a microblading procedure typically takes 4 to 5 weeks to heal, you may wonder how you should shower after 3 to 4 days. Well, if you consider these basic steps and things while showering, then this will not imply any harm to your microbladed eyebrows.

Do and Don’t After the Micro-blading of Eyebrows

Microbalding requires a lot of pre and post-care. If you do not do so, you can ultimately affect your eyebrow area and cause a wound. Below I am going to tell you about the most important dos and don’ts of micro balding. 

Always Use Wipes for Cleaning

After micro blading try to use the wipes for cleaning the eyebrows after micro blading. Furthermore do not try to touch the eyebrow area with your hand. Touch your affected area with the wipes only. 

Avoid Using Any Chemicals 

Avoid using any chemicals on the eyebrows after micro blading. As the chemicals may irritate the wounds caused due to micro-blading. 

Do not Wash the eyebrows 

While taking bath make sure not to wash the eyebrows with or without any facewash. It is recommended not to wash eyebrows with water. 

Always Sleep on Your Back 

After micro blading it is always recommended to never sleep on your side. Try to sleep on your back. It will help to regulate the blood flow. If want to sleep on your back then it is remanded to use the bandages on the side of your eyebrows. 

Do not touch the Eyebrows for 24 hours

After micro blading it is always recommended not to touch the eyebrows for the next twenty-four hours. 

Avoid Sweaty Workout 

The sweaty workout is prohibited after the micro-blading for at least one to two weeks. As the swart contains salt that may irritate the wound. 

Avoid Direct sunlight Exposure 

Avoid direct sunlight exposure after this treatment. As the skin becomes extra sensitive. Ultimately direct sunlight may harm the skin directly. 

Do not Apply any Sun Screen 

Do not need to apply any sunscreen, sunscreen location, makeup or any type of ornament on the eyebrows. Additionally do not rub or peel your eyebrows. 

Final Thoughts

Keeping your eyebrows dry in the shower is simple. If you consider these basic things, then you can simply protect your eyebrows from getting wet in the shower. If you have any other questions, you can leave a comment below. I will feel glad to answer all your queries. 

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