How To Retile A Shower?

Retiling a shower area is a major thing to do, if you want to keep your shower clean and pleasant forever.

Retiling a shower is not too hectic job, and most people consider doing it on their own. If you retile a shower on your own it will save a lot of money. 

Besides budget saving, retiling a shower on your own will give you satisfaction, and you will do everything according to your own style.

So, here I will share some easy ways to retile a shower, so that you can do it easily on your own. All you need to make sure is, do everything properly, slowly and have patience, as this work will take a lot of effort and time.

So, you should stay calm and active to complete this task. 

Easy Ways To Retile A Shower

Retiling a shower room is really important to create a new look, as the bathroom or shower area is usually the most used part of the house.

So, it is really important to keep it up to date, the estimated budget of retiling a shower 12.50 to 13$ per square foot. But if you retile a shower from a professional worker, you have to spend almost 5220$ on average.

So, why should you spend such a heavy amount? 

In this article, I will provide you with basic information for retiling a shower, so it will not be a difficult task to complete.

Step 1: Remove The Old Shower And Shower Handle

First, you have to remove the old shower and shower handle. You can easily remove it by using basic equipment such as screwdriver, driller or other things depending on your shower handle design.

If your shower handle is clean and usable, you can install it again after the retiling process. Otherwise you have to install a new shower handle in your shower room.

Step 2: Covering The Area

Now, after removing shower and shower handle. You have to cover the whole bathroom area properly. It is important to cover the floor with a thick sheet, because when you remove tiles, pieces of tiles will fall down.

So, it can damage the floor, you can cover the floor with any thick materials, like towels, foamy sheets, cardboards and other things.

Step 3: Removing The Shower Tiles

Now, after taking proper steps for the safety of your shower area. It’s time to remove the old tiles.

You can start from the bottom to the top with the help of any hammer or a chisel. Remember, you need to be extra careful while removing the tiles nearest to the ceiling area. You should remove tiles individually, some pieces will crack or fall down, but it is okay.  You should concentrate on removing tiles gently by pressing the hammer on the side and pushing it down. 

Step 4: Setting The Walls

After removing tiles successfully, the next step is to prepare walls for retiling. Proper retiling requires flat and properly clean walls, so it is important to prepare walls smoothly for retiling in perfect angle.

Step 5: Retiling Shower Area

Now, after preparing the walls, you can start the retiling process. Before starting the work, you should measure the wall properly. It will provide you a total estimate of tiles. 

Now, starting from the bottom half of the wall, first pour mortar on it and spread it evenly.

Then place the first two tiles along the left and right lines that you drew earlier, and set them just beyond the end of each wall. At the end point, you may need to cut tiles according to different dimensions to fix it properly. 

Remember to leave some space while fixing the tiles, it is important for the grout process that you can do on the next day. 

Step 6: Grout Process

This is the final step, after finishing your tiling work, you have to add grout in the tiles. Remove the spacers gently, and then apply a thick layer of grout in between the tiles and press it with a trowel

After setting the grout properly, you can remove extra grout with the help of a sponge or any cloth. After finalizing your work, you should wait for almost 48 hours to use your shower area.

Frequently Asked Question 

Question No 1: Can a person retile his own washroom? 

Answer: No doubt the retailing of the shower is a very hectic and time taking process. But let me be clear here it is not necessary to hire a person for this process. You can easily retile your own washroom by yourself. 

The retailing process only needs some methodical approach. You can easily learn this approach from the internet without any complications. If you will retail your own washroom then ultimately you are saving a lot of money. You can invest that money in buying tiles of high quality. 

Question No 2: How much does it cost to retail the shower? Is the cost fixed or variable? 

Answer: The answer to this question has a different answer. As we all knew that there are a lot of types of tiles available these days. Moreover, the price of every tile varies from one another. Furthermore, the area of every washroom is different. 

So it is very very tricky to mention the cost retailing of the washroom. Here I am mentioning the easiest step to estimate the cost of washroom retailing. First of all, know the price of the tiles that you are using. Then estimate the rate of washroom tiling by multiplying these values. 

Question No 3: Can I tile or the tile? Is it possible? 

Answer: It is not impossible to tile over the tile. This process requires a lot of technical and methodical approaches. Let me be clear here that this task can not be done by an ordinary person. 

To perform this task you need a lot of tools, time and techniques to tile over the tile. So the best way to tile over the surface is to remove ethe old tiles first and then tile new units. 

Final Thoughts

Retiling a shower is not tough if you follow the steps properly. If you are physically fit, then it’s not a big deal to retile a shower on your own.

When you do it yourself, you will save a lot of money, and you will do it properly without any hassles. Besides this, you can ask anything about this matter anytime in the comment section. I will be there to answer all your queries. 

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