Mushroom Growing In The Bathroom: What To Do?

It may sound strange or maybe terrible, but if you see mushrooms growing in your bathroom, you should take it seriously as it is not only nasty and unpleasant but also unhealthy for yourself and your family. It can create several health issues too. 

So the main question comes to your mind while having Mushrooms in the bathroom is, what to do? And How to get rid of mushrooms growing in the bathroom?

In this article, I will cover almost all relevant details about the issue of Mushrooms growing in the bathroom. So, without further delay, let’s come to the main discussion.

Fungus Mushroom Growing In The Bathroom:

Fungus mushrooms usually grow in warm, moist, dark, and moisture-locked places. So if these factors come together, they allow growing mushrooms in the bathroom. It may sound horrible, but it’s entirely in your hand. If you see any kind of sprouting in your bathroom walls, sinks, or anywhere, you should quickly take action. 

First, make sure not to use your washroom, stay away, and also you need to take care of your family, especially children. After that, make sure to take safety measurements to overcome this issue as soon as possible.

What To Do If Mushrooms Growing In Your bathroom?

If you leave a moist or unclean bathroom for a long period, there are possible chances of growing mushrooms in the bathroom. It mostly happens when you are away from your home for extended vacations and keeps your bathroom door and windows closed.

So when you see any kind of mushroom in your bathroom, you need to observe the reasons behind the fungus. 

  • One of the possible reasons can be leaving your bathroom locked for long. 
  • Another reason can be leakage of washbasin, bathtub, and any other water pump in your bathroom. 
  • Damaged walls or improper flooring can also be one reason.

So, at first, you need to identify all possible reasons behind mushroom fungus. After identification, you have to take other steps, as the growth of fungus in the bathroom is not only disgusting, but it can ruin your entire bathroom atmosphere.

Are Mushroom Molds Dangerous For Health?

Black fungus or mushroom molds generated from moisture are hell toxic for health. The mushroom itself is not as unhealthy, but black fungus or mold can be harmful to your and your family. 

Usage of a bathroom containing mushroom molds can cause allergic reactions; the general symptoms include infection, runny nose, vomiting, and others depending on yourself and mold toxicity.

How To Get Rid Of Mushroom Growing In The Bathroom:

The main thing to know is the removal of mushrooms from your bathroom. You can get rid of mushrooms growing in your bathroom. With these simple hacks, you can use:

  • Solution of Fungicide RMR 86, 
  • Mold Spray Apolito, 
  • A mixture of baking soda and hot water,
  • And besides these, you can also use a combination of bleach and hot water to remove fungus mushrooms from your bathroom.

For your assistance, I will share easy and efficient steps to remove mushroom growing in your bathroom with the help of the materials mentioned above.

Cleansing Method:

For temporary and quick relief, you can choose this method, and it will be also easy to follow:

  • First, ensure your gloves or plastic paper to remove every mushroom.
  • Prepare a mixture of fungus cleaner by mixing one part of bleach with three to four parts of hot water.
  • Apply the prepared mixture to all the affected areas and leave it to dry.
  • After a while, re-apply the mixture and rub the affected areas with a sponge or scrub.
  • After rubbing properly, rine the affected area properly with lukewarm water.
  • Finally, dry that area with an old towel or any paper towel to block the re-growth of mushroom fungus.

You can also apply a natural alternative, such as a mixture of baking soda instead of bleach cleaner, but it may take some extra time and effort.

Safety Precautions For Mushroom Growing In The Bathroom:

Here I will share some of the safety measurements you can take to remove mushrooms from your bathroom.

  • Mushroom fungus always grows in moist and warm places. So make sure to ventilate your bathroom by placing a fan, leaving your bathroom door and windows open after taking a shower, or cleaning the bathroom.
  • Always clean the water content after taking a shower.
  • Always keep your bathroom surface dry, including ceiling, walls, and floor.
  • Hang your wet towel and bath mats in an airy place.
  • Always look after the leakage issues of the water tub, washbasins, and other tabs.
  • Clean your bathroom at regular intervals, wash the floor, toilet seat, vanity, washbasin, and other parts of your bathroom properly.
  • After cleaning the bathroom, make sure to dry it with a paper towel. Don’t leave moisture on the bathroom surface.

Frequently Asked Question 

Question No 1: What is the reason behind the growth of mushrooms in the bathroom? 

Answer: We all know that the bathroom is a moisture area and sometimes poorly ventilated. Additionally, the mushroom grows in an area that is basically moisture, poorly ventilated, and in a warm place. Furthermore, the mushroom grows in an area where there is a poorly sealed and leaking tap, bathtub, or shower unit. 

Question No 2: Do washroom mold mushrooms make a person sick? 

Answer: It is obvious that mold fungus is very harmful to human beings when they intake it. Consuming moldy fungus can be the reason for food poisoning, botulism, and nausea. Moldy mushroom is bad for health whether it is soft, or freshly produced. So it is recommended not to use moldy mushrooms as they can make people sick. 

Question No 3: what happens if you breathe in the moldy spores of the mushroom? 

Answer: For people who are not allergic to moldy spores will not show any reaction while breathing in the moldy spores environment.

 On the other hand, the people who are allergic to mold, then there is a high chance their immune system overreacts when they breathe in mold spores. In this condition, they can face coughing, itch eyes, short breath, and many other breathing problems. 

Long-term exposure to the mold spores environment can be the reason for asthma and chronic allergy in the airways. 

Question No 4:Can moldy mushroom grows overnight in our washroom?

Answer: The growth of the washroom moldy mushroom is very fast at night. Then it is obvious that the mushroom can grow overnight. The reason is at night the environment of the washroom is humid and a bit warm as compared to the day. These conditions help mycelia to reproduce rapidly 


Mushrooms growing in the bathroom are not normal, so ensure to get rid of the mushroom fungus as soon as you see them growing. I have shared almost all the relevant details about mushroom growth and its removal methods. So always take proper care of your bathroom atmosphere.

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