Should You Shave Before Or After A Shower?

Shaving efficiently is the most important component in keeping off rashes, dryness, and pain triggered through shaving.

But what is the ideal time to shave? Should You Shave Before Or After A Shower?

If you prefer to get a relaxed and close shave with a cartridge or straight razor, then it is great to shave after showering.

But does this rule constantly remain true? What if you have sensitive skin or frequently experience razor bumps? There are different questions people usually ask, so this article will cover all the answers related to these questions.

Should You Shave Before Or After A Shower?

Shaving before or after a shower is totally up to the person. Both situations are appropriate for you. The best thing is to consider your feasibility, comfort and priority. As both of these time zones have some good points to consider.

Generally, it is the perfect time to get your shave done at the time of the shower. It is considered the best time to enjoy a close, comfy shave.  Many men are opting to switch up their morning routine by ditching the traditional, post-shower shave, which is less obvious as to whether we should shave before or after showering.

Well, you may not know but this question is quite obvious and important because your showering and shaving time is somehow related. Shaving before or after the shower leaves a standard impact on the quality of your shave, the same as your choice of razor and foaming foam.

It also changes your shaving experience, well shave before or after, both are okay depending on your satisfaction. But this article will share the experience and some facts about both, shaving before or after showering. 

So, you can choose any one depending on your own choice. Because after getting to know both aspects  your own choice will always lead you towards best results. 

Shave Before Or After Shower? When Is A Better Time To Shave?

As I mentioned before, shaving before or after shower is totally up to your own feasibility. There are some of the things which prove when it is better to shave.

Firstly, you should know the fact that razors used for shaving also differ for before and after showering. Here I will share it in detail. 

Razors For Shaving After A Shower: You can use the following razors after finishing your shower.

  • Safety razors.
  • Shavette.
  • Cartridge razor.
  • Disposable razor.
  • You can also use an electric shaver.

Razors For Shaving Before A Shower:

When shaving dry, without preparing the skin with pre-shave treatments or a shower, you should only use a dry electric shaver. 

An electric shaver performs better when the follicles are dry, since they are less likely to clog. Electric shavers that can be used with shaving cream (i.e. wet shaving) break this rule.

Besides this, water temperature, showering products and other factors are also important to know while understanding the best time to shave. 

The most efficient way to shave after showering is to go for a dry shave as opposed to a post-shower shave, especially if you are pressed for time in the morning. 

You can take a shower after shaving to remove any debris on your face, which can help prevent infection if you have cut yourself whilst shaving.

Taking a shower after shaving results in a more efficient shave because the steam opens up your pores, giving you easier access to your hair follicles, which provides a much closer shave. 

Along with this, I will also share some detailed facts about both shaving after or before a shower. So, you can make your mind according to shared information. 

Shaving After A Shower:

If you have sensitive skin, then shaving after a shower is a great option for you.

And if you often suffer from rashes, razor burns and bumps, then shaving after a shower will overcome this problem.

It also reduces your time and it will be less messy. It allows you to have a quick shave after a shower. As you can wash your face during the shower and can also apply moisturizer or your exfoliating scrub during your shower. 

The benefits of shaving after showering are many since the hot or lukewarm water of the shower opens up your skin pores. It allows the dirt that has accumulated since you last showered to escape.

The steam causes your hair follicles to soften, which benefits a closer and more comfortable shave with fewer passes.

Shaving Before The Shower:

Unlike traditional shavers, electric shavers are quite popular today. If you’ve already chosen to put down the razor blade in favor of an electric razor. Then I would love to recommend you break with another tradition.

If you haven’t already: by switching the post-shower shaving for a pre-shower one.

The same situation is true if you are trimming your beard; sometimes it is easier to remove your bristly beard hair with an electric shaver.  And it is easier to shave your curly beard hair while dry than that of wet. 

Another benefit is, Once you are done with your shave, you can wash off shaving cream and hairs remaining on your neck and face in the shower.

This can reduce the  irritation caused by itchy hairs clinging to your shirt collar.  The best part is, you can experience your smooth shaved beard during shower once you have done it before the shower. 

How to Shave Properly- Detailed Guide 

Shaving is the most important part of personal hygiene for both men and women. To shave any area properly there is a proper process that will minimize the hazard of rash after shaving. Below is the proper way for shaving. 

Have a look at them and follow the al the steps for a painless and rashless shaving process. 

Wet the Skin First 

The very first step of shaving is the wet the area. Indirectly you are wetting the hair which will soften them. If you have to shower, then I recommend you to shower first. As it will make that body part’s hair wet and they become softened as well. 

The main benefit of shaving after showering is that all the dead skin will also remove when you use a razor. As the skin is oil-free, warm and moist. 

Apply Shaving Cream 

This step is optional for people who do not have sensitive skin. For people with sensitive skin, it is mandatory to use shaving cream or gel of their own a choice on the [art of skin they want to shave. 

Use Razor in the Direction Hair Grown

After applying the shaving cream or gel, now you are ready to use razor on the skin. If do not want razors bumps and burn then shave in direction of hair growth. 

Rinse the Area After Every Swipe 

After every swaipe of razor rinse the skin with the tap water. Make sure to replace the blade after every six to seven time of shave.

Apply Mositurizer after Shaving

When you are done with the shaving, rinse the skin properly with water. Always apply mostuzierzer on skin. It will make the skin free from drynes and minizes rashes. You can also use after shave tonic on the skin. 

Final Thoughts

Shaving before or after a shower, both are the best option to consider depending on your shower and your shaving techniques. 

Both ways are great to have different experiences. 

You can shave after a shower if you have sensitive skin, as a hot shower will open up your pores and you can get a smooth shave.

You can also choose to shave before a shower, if you have an electric razor, as it can work best on your dry hair. So, you can choose any of the options, depending on your feasibility. This article has covered almost all the facts about both situations.

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