Top 5 Best Shower Head for Dogs Review and Buyer Guide

The best shower head for dogs can be hard to find, especially the one with the right settings. Usually, dogs run away from water, and it can be a tough job for you to clean your pet dog if he often gets himself dirty.

There is one thing that you can do about it, and that is you get a shower head with adjustable settings so that your dog doesn’t have to run away from high pressure from a water spray. This is the reason I have found the best shower heads for dogs that you use to wash and pet your dog.

Here are the showerheads that you can have at your home for bathing your dog daily.

Waterpik PPR-252 Pet Wand Pro Shower Sprayer Attachment. Waterpik PPR-252 Pet Wand Pro Shower Sprayer Attachment.
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Emoly Pet Bathing Sprayer Scrubber Dog Bath Shower Sprayer Emoly Pet Bathing Sprayer Scrubber Dog Bath Shower Sprayer
  • Innovative pet shower.
  • Shower sprayer & scrubber.
  • Faucet adapter kit.
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Danco 10086 VersaSpray Portable Hand Held Shower Head Danco 10086 VersaSpray Portable Hand Held Shower Head
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Kurgo Portable Outdoor Shower for Dogs, Dog Grooming Tool. Kurgo Portable Outdoor Shower for Dogs, Dog Grooming Tool.
  • OUTDOOR / INDOOR Portable shower.
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Rinse Ace Snap 'N Spray Quick-Connect and Detachable Shower Hose. Rinse Ace Snap ‘N Spray Quick-Connect and Detachable Shower Hose.
  • Quick-connect.
  • Controlled Flow
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ConairPRO Dog & Cat Deluxe Pet Washer ConairPRO Dog & Cat Deluxe Pet Washer
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Waterpik PPR-252 Pet Wand Pro Shower Sprayer Attachment

  • EASY & EFFECTIVE: Wand Pro professional grade dog shower unique wand shape provides full coverage to wash dogs of all sizes.
  • WATERCOMB & NARROW SPRAYS: Contoured water combing spray provides maximum coverage and power.
  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: Install in your shower and easily switch between your shower head and the Pet Wand Pro.

The Waterpik PPR-252 is a dog shower hose made for cleaning dogs and pets. This dog washing wand attachment is meant to clean any pet in your home with a soft, smooth sprinkle of the water. The Pet Wand Pro connects its inside to a standard shower headline from your bathroom to its nursery hose.


It comes with an 8-foot flexible hose, outdoor hose adapter, indoor shower diverter, and a suction cup hook for an unrivaled clean at home. The stream rate that you get from this attachment is 2.5 GPM. It has tight spray settings that are ideally suited for hard-to-reach or delicate regions of your pet.

The attachment allows the water to be emitted easily from its nozzles when the stream flows through the standard showerhead. Its novel water brush gives your pet the most extreme cleaning inclusion and the pressure that you want for successfully washing a thick hide of your dog.

You can find a simple select dial that is built on its handle, which permits you to adjust the water pressure and control the dog wash sprayer settings. You will get a delicate cleaning and peaceful washing of sensitive regions on the skin of your dog.

The Pet Wand Pro expert grade shower head for dog washing has an exceptional shape that gives full inclusion to wash dogs of all sizes and types by forming a water brushing splash that gives the most extreme inclusion and relaxing feel to the dog.

Another good thing about this dog shower head attachment is that you can install it easily anywhere. After that, you can switch between your shower head and the Pet Wand Pro setting to bathe your pet. With this dog shower head, showering gets simpler than ever. 

  •  It can be installed quickly.
  •  It has multiple settings for spray.
  •  Flexible Hose for extended reach.
  •  Easy switch for settings.
  • It can leak from the joint.

Emoly Pet Bathing Sprayer Scrubber Dog Bath Shower Sprayer

  • Innovative Pet Shower: sprayer with splash Shield equipped with a splash Shield around the head.
  • Comfortable Dog Shower: The head attachment is a dog sprayer with built-in gentle rubber teeth.
  • Faucet Adapter Kit: for pet shower bathtub good-quality 3/4’’ three-way diverter a Male 1/2” quick connector for the most popular faucet size indoor.

The Emoly Pet Bathing Sprayer and Scrubber is my favorite and professional dog grooming sprayer that is used for cleaning pets. The shower sprayer allows you to sprinkle water, whereas the scrubber helps to rub the skin and fur of your dog to give him a nice and comforting bath.


This dog bath shower attachment can change the switch whenever as indicated by your pet’s demand, and you can feel the water temperature through it once you turn it on. It can deal with both temperatures, whether its warm or cold.

You have to gently scrub the head while showering your dog for best results. This Meridian brush attachment on the showerhead projects from the shower to help the pet back rub and give him a relaxing feel so that your pet feels fresh and happier than ever.

When you rub your pet, it adjusts the spray strength accordingly and then slowly increases the pressure. You just need to be sure that the spray isn’t too high with the water pressure, which may not be comforting for your dog.

It is multifunctional, which is why you can choose the settings of your choice and use it on your pet for a better and more relaxing massage.

  • Best dog shower sprayer and scrubber
  • Good spray setting with splash Shield equipped
  • On/Off Switch for controlling the shower stream
  • Easy scrub and shower for dogs
  • Scrubber doesn’t last long

Danco 10086 VersaSpray Portable Hand Held Shower Head

  • COMPATIBILITY: ONLY FITS standard size round or square-shaped garden tub spout and BATHTUB SPOUTS WITHOUT DIVERTER.
  • PRE-INSTALLATION NOTE: To make the installation easier, it is recommended to soak sprayer nozzle in hot water for 5 minutes.

The VersaSpray Handheld shower head by Danco is the best dog shower attachment for washing pets kids, flushing hair, and cleaning the tub. This showerhead has a compact plan that takes into account any bath for your dog to be effortlessly changed over to have the accommodation of a shower splash.


VersaSpray is a great choice to consider as a dog washing shower head. I think this is the dog washing attachment for tub that is perfectly used as a hand shower to assist with washing the hair of your dog or clean any of your pets and give them a smooth and comfy bath.

The structure of this dog wash shower head is developed with the Versa shower plan to incorporate a customizable metal clasp that connects around the elastic spout fitting to assist with getting the sprayer splash wider on your pet. The speed of its showerhead is based on the attachment that you put on.

It can be attached to an existing shower setting which is why the spout material was changed to be gentler and more flexible and will extend up to roughly 2 inches when installed on any shower system. It makes cleaning your pet pretty simple and easy.

To install this dog wash attachment in your bathroom, it is prescribed that you connect to only the water connection where the water in the pipes is warm. Otherwise, the plastic material on this showerhead can get hard, and the shower results may not be the ones that you expected.

  • It has very much improved VersaSpray design
  • It can be easily installed inside your bathroom
  • The hose can be extended after attachment for easy reach
  • Metal clasp for adjusting spray size
  • Plastic quality head

Kurgo Portable Outdoor Shower for Dogs

  • OUTDOOR / INDOOR PORTABLE SHOWER: Turn any plastic soda bottle into convenient outdoor dog shower
  • FITS PLASTIC SODA BOTTLES: Fits any standard PET soda bottles from 16 oz to 2-liter.
  • MADE OF SAFE MATERIALS & DISHWASHER FRIENDLY: Rubber shower head for dogs is made of dishwasher safe, food grade silic1 that’s both PVC and BPA free

The Kurgo Mud Dog Shower makes the absolutely best choice as a dog bath attachment for showering your dogs because of the compact stream of water that it can spray for quick cleaning. This allows you to take care of your dog and wash his fur rapidly without putting in too much effort.


This dog bathing shower head fits any standard to help clean your dog or other pet. The stream that you can get from this dog washer sprayer is satisfactory with an average pressure, which means your dog won’t run off when you are washing it with either hot or cold water. 

It is dishwasher safe, and you can clean it easily after use because it is made from food-grade silicone that is both BPA and PVC-free. The versatility of this dog grooming hose sprayer doesn’t stop here because you can use it not just in your home but also at camping spots to wash your pet from the sand.

While it may not be the best dog shower spraying head on my list, but mostly clients prefer it because it can be used with a simple bottle or 2 liter of the jug to use the water for cleaning their pets. You won’t find any bad reviews for this product which is why I must say that you have to look at it for once.

  • It is dishwasher safe
  • It can be easily fitted with water soda bottles, or jugs
  • It is portable very easily and used as an outdoor showerhead
  • BPA and PVC free showerhead with clean sprayer
  • Limited on features.

Rinse Ace Snap ‘N Spray Quick-Connect and Detachable Shower Hose

  • Quick-Connect: the 6’ flexible hose with sprayer only when you need it.
  • TheToggle Lever: allows you to select from light flow to full flow with the touch of a finger.
  • When you’re done: simply detach the hose and store it for a clutter-free shower.

The Snap N Spray Shower Hose is the next dog bath hose attachment that you would want to bath your dog with. It has a simple way of getting the shower to work with a simple snap. You can simply connect it to the water connection of any pipeline and then start using this detachable shower hose for cleaning your dog.


This portable dog shower is pretty easy to use because it only requires a simple snap to turn it on or off. You can connect it to the shower line with a 6-Foot hose that will allow you to spray water on your dog when it’s too dirty. Snap ‘n Spray becomes the easiest detachable sprayer for you just with simple installation.

The Rinse Ace Connector on this showerhead allows minimal water dissipation through the shower arm and your showerhead. This allows it to save a lot of water when you are showering your dog. At the point when the hose is associated, water possibly streams when the sprayer switch is changed from PAUSE.

There is a switch on this detachable showerhead that permits you to choose from light stream to full stream with the bit of a finger so that you can keep your pet comfortable with a gentle spray. At the point when you’re done washing your dog, you can remove the hose without any mess.

The 6 foot separable hose can be connected and removed easily from this dog shower head which is why it is among the best dogs showerhead that you would ever find on the market. With this option, you will be using a 1-setting variable stream sprayer when your dog needs a warm and cozy shower, and that is all.

  • Easy switch to control variable stream with a snap
  • Light stream and soaking splash for quick clean
  • Removable and attachable easy to use a hose
  • Flexibility for cleaning and use
  • The shower hose can get loose after being used a few times.

ConairPRO Dog & Cat Deluxe Pet Washer

  • DELUXE PET WASHER: Designed for washing & deep cleaning the coats of all breeds.
  • DUAL SETTINGS: With a reinforced 8 foot hose for maximum versatility, this deluxe pet washer has dual spray settings.
  • PET GROOMING SUPPLIES: Grooming your cat or dog is easy when you have the right tools.

Conair Pro Deluxe pet washer for dogs is great for soft wash and easy cleaning for your pet. I have never seen a dog shower head that has such a delicate elastic feel and is pretty much easy to hold when you are showering your dog. Its simple accessibility and ease of use say it all about the product.


There are several highlights in Pro Deluxe Dog and Cat pet washer, such as double settings to allow a user to adjust its water pressure. It offers an 8 foot Hose and 2 connectors that are meant to be used in the shower or tub where you are cleaning your dog.

The outside hose lets the user to connect or disconnect it from the water stream easily. It is simply prepared to meet the requirements of a dog owner who is taking care of things in every way and delivering very high quality and long-lasting body for long-term use.

This product highlights kneading elastic fingers for shampooing, and users also get double splash settings to fulfill their pet’s needs. You can choose the setting from a full body shower or to a shaded splash setting. This will make it easy for you to clean your pet with a soft spray from the delicate nozzles of this showerhead.

Overall, the ConairPRO Dog and Cat shower are perfectly planned with excellent materials for solidness and showering needs, but there is a bit of a problem for some customers who have found it to be not very useful over the long run. They complained about the constant leaking of water through its face.

  • Double setting delicate water sprayer 
  • Double connectors for outdoor and indoor use
  • Soft rubber fingers to massage the dog
  • Easy connect and disconnect from the connection
  • Leakage can occur from the shower face.

Buying Guide: How to Choose Dog Shower Head

A shower head for a dog is meant to clean your dog with delicate and gentle spray, and they are mostly used as handheld instruments. In some cases, you may be able to find fixed dog showerheads, but they are not very useful in terms of cleaning your dogs.

So to understand the things that you should consider when buying a dog shower head, I would help you with a few choices.

Perhaps the best component you can find in showerheads for dogs is a back rub head. These are pretty effectively recognizable as they ordinarily look like elastic teeth (or knobs) that fit around the shower head.

Rub Head

The best thing about this element is that it serves different utilizations and not just goes about as a tool for scouring, cleaning, and shampooing, yet it additionally eliminates old hide and gives a delicate back rub feel to your dog as well. You have to always keep this point in your mind.

One-Handed Design

In case your standard technique for cleaning up your dog is tiring for you, you should choose a handheld shower sprayer for your dog. A simple handheld showerhead will make it simple for you to clean up your dog with one hand without making you feel tired.

The one handed design will let you spray the stream and then stop it just with a flick of a button. This implies that your other hand is allowed to move your dog to pet him and make him feel relaxed when you are showering him.

Size of the Hose

You can check for the length of hose of the specific dog showerhead attachment that you can use at a distance. In case that it does, you will need a suitable length as the more drawn out the hose, the greater adaptability you will have with washing your dog.

Indoor/Outdoor Use

You should also differentiate your need for indoor or outdoor use of the dog showers that you are searching for. It’s a decent choice to purchase a dog shower sprayer that can be utilized in both of conditions. 


What is the best dog bath sprayer?

Here is a list of the best dog wash shower attachment.

  • Waterpik PPR-252
  • Emoly Pet Bathing Sprayer and Scrubber
  • VersaSpray Handheld shower head by Danco
  • Kurgo Mud Dog Shower
  • Snap N Spray Shower Hose

Can I use showerheads for dogs?

Yes, there are showerheads for dogs, and you can use them to clean your pet every once in a while.

The Shower Head For Dog Common Errors-How to Fix Them By Yourself

There are a few errors that you might face while using the shower head for a dog. In this part of the article, you are going to learn about this problem/. Additionally, to lessen your trouble you will find out the solution to fix these problems by yourself. 

Ultimately you will not take any assistance from a third party. So let’s learn about these problems and its solution. 

Clogged Shower Head For Dog 

Generally, we use unfiltered water for giving baths to our beloved pet dog. We definitely enjoy this time with our pets. This time happy time can become trouble if the shower head becomes clogged that you are using for giving the bath dog. 

Generally, unfiltered water contains alt of calcium and other minerals in it. Ultimately when we use the shower head with this water without cleaning it then it will be clogged. The clogged shower head is due to the deposition of excess minerals and lime scaling. 


You can avoid this condition if you clean the shower head with vinegar and another cleaning agent like bleach agents. Moreover, if you try to clean the shower head once in a week. Then there is no need to soak it in vinegar or any other cleaning agent. 

Leakage of Shower Head 

The leakage of the showerhead is due to the breakage of the seal and valves of the showerhead. It does not matter if you are using the showerhead or not. Sometimes the showerhead is not tightly bound to a base


The easiest solution to this error is to check the shower head is tightly attached to the base. Furthermore, make sure the seal or vales are in fine condition. You can use wrenches for tightening the shower head. 


This was my review about the best shower head for dogs in which I shared some of the best dog bath sprayer to look for. Each of the products here has specific properties and use, which is why I recommend you should choose wisely after reading some reviews and recommendations.

My Recommendations

Top Pick

The best option here is the Waterpik dog shower called the PPR-252. I recommend this product to everyone because of its 2.5 GPM rating, along with a novel water brush that helps you clean the skin of your dog easily. A dial on the showerhead lets you adjust the settings.

Runner Up

Conair Pro Deluxe pet washer is the runner-up for this contest because of its double settings for a delicate water sprayer. I like the soft rubber fingers of this option to massage my dog, and it can also be easily connected and disconnected from a water setting to save your time.

Value for Money

In the end, the best value for money dog hose attachment is the Conair Pro Deluxe pet washer for dogs and cats. I like it because of the double settings that offer full-body shower or to a shaded splash setting. The materials are also excellent for its solidness.

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