Top 5 Best Waterpik Handheld Shower Head Review And Guide

Does your bathroom handheld shower head seem to be getting old? Do you want to replace it with a cost-friendly long-lasting product? 

Then in this Best Waterpik Handheld Shower Head list, you will find the perfect fit.

If you are hesitating on buying a good handheld shower head just because of the price, then do not worry because these shower heads are affordable in price.

Although I believe you should not worry about the costs when it comes to household items because these are the items that make your living better and upgrade your lifestyle.

If it is a handheld shower head, then with the Best Waterpik Handheld Shower Heads reviewed below, you can choose the perfect shower head without hurting your budget.

Waterpik High Pressure Handheld Wand and Rain Shower Head. Waterpik High Pressure Handheld Wand and Rain Shower Head.
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Waterpik CF-201 FlexNeck Rain Shower Head. Waterpik CF-201 FlexNeck Rain Shower Head.
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Waterpik SM 653 CG 2.5 GPM Handheld Shower Head. Waterpik SM 653 CG 2.5 GPM Handheld Shower Head.
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Waterpik Body Wand Shower Head (Best Of All)

  • Body Wand features: A hand held shower wand, plus a relaxing rain shower head.
  • 3-way diverter: lets you choose the shower wand, rain shower head, or both – ultra-flexible 8-foot metal hose.
  • Relax and relieve stress: The large 6-inch rain shower head features 4 modes, including soothing rainfall and invigorating Power Pulse shower massage

If you want a completely enticing bathing experience, then this dual showerhead will provide it to you. It is great for cleaning purposes available at a very reasonable price these days. 

It comes with a handheld and a fixed shower head feature in a single package. Both of these are adjusted together on the bathroom walls and can be used in turns or together at the same time.

Key Features

It has a dual system with three modes of shower handle and four spraying features of the fixed head. There is a power pulse and rainfall set in the fixed head as well.

You can switch between any of these or can use a blend of these settings at the same time. I personally like the rainfall setting on my gloomy days as the water running down seems to carry away my sadness with it.

Although it looks technical and difficult to understand yet, this shower head is easy and simple to install. The Waterpik Body Wand Shower Head is really worth it.

You can save yourself great money from your water bills through this showerhead. It has a well-managed output of about 1.7 gallons per minute. There is great flexibility with the pliable hoses.

With the Waterpik Body Wand Shower Head, you can reconstruct your bathroom into a personal spa space.

  • It has two different kinds of showerheads
  • It has a 6 inches wide area of its fixed head
  • There are separate spraying functions for the
  • Handheld shower head
  • It saves a lot of water
  • It can only work with wall installed showers
  • It does not provide Low water pressures

Waterpik CF-201 FlexNeck Rain Shower Head, 2.5 GPM

  • FLEXIBLE SHOWER HEAD: 12 inch flexible shower neck allows you to position the shower head wherever you want it
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Accommodate any height, short or tall — low or high shower pipes
  • RAIN SHOWER HEAD: Large, 7.5 inch wide rain shower head in chrome provides a relaxing spa-like experience every day

The Waterpik CF-201 FlexNeck Rain Showerhead is second on our list. It is because of the fact that it is simple to regulate and install. Both the horizontal or vertical positions are easy to set and alter.

Just like its name suggests, the CF-201 FlexNeck Rain Shower Head has a rain-like appearance and feel to the water that flows out of it.

Key Features

The water is evenly distributed with the anti-clog nozzle this product has. These nozzles alter the incoming droplet into a cone shape which prevents clogging.

The lifetime guarantee is given by the manufacturers of the Waterpik CF-201 FlexNeck Rain Showerhead, which means it is a reliable product, and you can trust it.

There are different options for bathing. You can choose the fast rinsing with the intense power sprays, or you can go for the drenching rain bath option of this showerhead.

You can install the bath head and neck anywhere you like in your bathroom. It has a 12 inches neck which can stretch to longer distances than the other showerheads.

You will be happy with the performance of this showerhead because the shower delivery can comfort you easily and make you forget your problems for a moment when you are in the shower.

  • It has an anti-clog nozzle
  • It has a Lifetime guarantee
  • Easy setting and installation
  • It has a 12 inches neck
  •  At high power sprays, the water feels hard against the skin.

Waterpik SM-653CG 2.5 GPM Handheld Shower

  • SPRAY SETTINGS: This massaging shower head offers a range of spray modes.
  • DIY EASY INSTALLATION: This shower head installs in minutes on any standard shower arm, no plumber or pipe tape needed.
  • AFFORDABLE PERFORMANCE: Waterpik shower heads provide high-style, powerful performance and are an affordable choice.

The SM-653CG Waterpik shower head is a great choice for those who like more settings in the showerhead. With this showerhead, you may enjoy a great bath and mesmerize its sleek chrome finishing.

The shower that you get from this product is very relaxing and gives a massage like feel. Although the hose is a bit rigid and does not detach easily, it is still a great product for you to try at least once.

Key Features

It has six different settings, including the water-saving dribble, slow massage, pulsating massage, PowerSprays, full body massage, and full body.

Its Hose is a little stiff and does not move easily. It requires some force to detach. It also does not contain EasySelect options, so moving the head and changing the spray settings are difficult too.

There are many different options and settings to choose. It has a great performance, whether it is for a little light rinse or a pressure massage.

It is a great home accessory to have as it is suitable for any height or sized individual. Even your pets will have a great time with this SM-653CG Waterpik showerhead.

This showerhead model has a great flow rate with 1.8 Gallons per minute, so it saves you a lot of water. This is great for those who like to keep their budget low. 

  • It has an Optiflow for constant pressure
  • It is Affordable
  • It has 6 amazing Spray options
  • It has a 5-feet hose with different functions
  • The spray settings are hard to change
  • Its hose is tough and stiff
  • It has some parts made up of plastic.

Buying Guide for Waterpik Shower Head

If you do not like the products above and would like to go out and buy yourself a good shower head, then this buying guide will help you choose the best Waterpik Handheld Shower Head.

Consider User Requirements

While buying a Waterpik shower head, you should be mindful of who is going to use it. Is it for an adult who would find it hard to use stiff and sturdy items? Or is it going to be for a child who will need a lower set and a smaller shower head?

Similarly, If it is for a pet, then you should keep in mind to buy a shower head that has the best settings for it. 

As long as you keep the user of shower head in mind, you should be fine in choosing the right item.

Water Flow Rate (GPM) And The Water Pressure

Look for a Waterpik shower head that has a suitable flow rate. If your house water supply has low pressure, then you can choose the OptiFLOW. The OptiFlow will help increase the pressure.

It is always best to choose a Waterpik showerhead that will have different settings for GPM or the water pressure. With different settings, it becomes easier to adjust the shower, save water and have a better time taking a bath.


Make sure that the handheld shower head you are using has a certification from an EPA WaterSense. This would protect you from having a weak shower.

The best Waterpik shower head would be the one which has less consumption of energy and water. Even if the housing has low pressures, your new shower head should be able to increase it effectively.

Type of Showerhead

Make up your mind to decide what type of shower head you are looking for? If you need consistency, then you can have it from the fixed shower head.

If it is for pleasure, then choose the rainfall showerhead. We recommend buying Waterpik handheld showerheads.

Spray Settings

Choose showerhead that consists of different spray settings. These come in amazing combinations, including pet wands, adaptable heights, dual power options, full-body, etc.

If I were to choose for myself, I would go for a combination of water-saving mode, tension release, massage, and extensive coverage areas.


Choose a convenient Waterpik handheld shower head that does not need a high maintenance regime. The one with the least requirements, attachment and installation methods and a great hose length would be great.

Design & Quality

Choose a Waterpik handheld shower head that matches the design and color of your bathroom. It should go with the style and shaping of other items in your bathroom to accentuate the bathroom looks.

Also, be considerate about the quality of the item you are to pick. Make sure it is made up of high quality that will last a longer period of time.


What are some of the Best Waterpik Handheld Shower Heads?

There are many great Waterpik Handheld Shower Heads, but the best ones among them are below. These are chosen by great testing and evaluation.

  • Waterpik Body Wand 
  • Waterpik CF-201 FlexNeck Rain Shower Head
  • Waterpik SM-653CG Handheld Shower

Which is the best Waterpik Handheld Shower Head?

The best Waterpik Handheld Shower Heads is the Waterpik Body Wand Shower Head. It has a dual system with three modes. It comes with a rainfall setting and has an output of about 1.7 gallons per minute.

How to Clean The Handheld Shower Head-Few Important Tips for Shower head Cleaning

Every accessory that is used in the bathroom needs cleaning. In the same way, a shower head also needs periodic cleaning to remove all the mineral deposition and debris from the shower head. 

If you want to enjoy the proper pressure of the shower head then you have to make a specific time for the cleaning of the shower. Below are some important tips that help you to clean the shower head thoroughly.  

  • First of all, fill a plastic bag with white vinegar. If the vinegar I distilled then it is a very good option. 
  • Tighten this plastic bag filled with white vinegar around the neck of the shower head by using a rubber band. 
  • Make sure that the entire body of the shower head will be dipped in the vinegar. 
  • Let the shower head soak in the vinegar for several hours. Dip them for at least two to three hours. 
  • After two to three hours remove the bad from the shower head. Dispose of the bag in the plastic bag in the dustbin. 
  • Sprinkle the baking soda over the shower head where the mineral deposit is more. 
  • For the cleaning of the holes, you can use a toothpick or a needle to open up the holes. 
  • After that, take a clean piece of cloth and start scrubbing the shower head. It will help to clean up all the dust build present over the body of the shower head.
  • Use tap water to rinse the shower head. It helps to wash out the dust and deposit layers of the shower head. 
  • If the surface of the shower head becomes dry due to the use of vinegar in this case you have to use a little bit of oil over it and polish it with cloth


In this discussion, we shared details for the best Waterpik handheld shower head in detail, along with the pros and cons. I am hoping that everything was cleared to you through this article.

Personal Recommendation

I will personally recommend the Waterpik Body Wand Shower Head among all the other Waterpik handheld showerheads listed above. 

My recommendation might help you in making an easy decision for choosing a Waterpik showerhead.

The reason for this is its many different settings and two different shower heads feature. If you like fixed showerheads, then there is one, and if you like a movable shower head, there is one of that too. 

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