What Size Pex For Shower? Complete Guide

The use of PEX waterline fixing for shower valves is now considered valuable and effective. It is not too constant and comes in various sizes to adjust and accommodate your shower valves. But while using Pex for a shower,  it is important to know the size of Pex. 

This article will cover the details about What Size Pex For the shower and will come to know about some common questions related to Pex for the shower. 

So that, you may know the proper information about Pex for the shower.

Showers depending on the size of the pipeline, you can typically preserve 3/8 inches of the line for the shower Pex. 1/2 or 3/4 Pex can be ok for your shower, depending on the supply line for the shower.

The supply line of the shower having 3/4 lines can easily access 1 2 Pex size for a shower. 

Now, mostly 3/4 Pex size is not used, because it is not as needed, but it is not wrong and inappropriate to do so. 

Considering the shower supply line, you can use 1/2 at each fixture and can continue using 3/4 till further branch.

What Size Pex Pipe For Mobile Home Shower?

The size of Pex pipe for mobile home showers depends on the water supply line, 3/8 inch Pex size is appropriate for the mobile home shower.  Generally, the distance from the manifold to the fixture decides the width of the Pex pipe.

So, a 3/8 Inch Pex size is considered okay for almost 250 feet, and a 1/2 inches line is okay for the water pressure up to 350 feet

Besides these, 3/4 inches pipe is suitable for an almost 500-foot line. 

So, depending on the feet of the shower line, these three sizes are the most common options for mobile home showers. 

You can choose anyone, depending on the supply line. 

What Size Pex Drop Ear Do I Use For Shower Installation?

The size of the pex drop ear usually depends on the fixtures you purchase for shower installation. 

Fixtures such as rain Head or hand held in your shower build have particular fitting.

The fitting is used to attach the shower head hose to the wall. This fitting thread onto a pipe that needs to be fixed below the tile surface by 1/4th to 3/4th inches. 

In order to install body sprays, the pipe nipple must protrude 1/2 to 5/8 inch beyond the tile’s surface (then an escutcheon plate covers the opening). 

The rain head threads into the (female thread) drop-elli which should be below or even with the tile’s surface.

That’s the reason size depends on fixtures, but it is best to use 100% silicone sealer around the hole, after that you can put escutcheon plate cover on. 

Is 1/2 Pex Big Enough For Shower?

It is good enough to go with both 1/2 and 3/4 pex size for shower pipelines.but the thumb rules for both sizes are somehow different. 

As I mentioned earlier, depending on the shower line, 1/2 pex is good enough for the shower if the supply line for the shower is tied into 3/4 lines. 

Generally, the wider the tubing should be, the farther the manifold is from the fixture. That’s the reason 3/4 lines are okay for 250 lengths. 

1 2 pex is fine enough for shower if you require 4.5 gpm (gallons per minute), and your pipe is less than 93 feets. 

Now, depending on your requirements and restrictions, 1 2 pex size can be okay for shower.

How to Plumb a Shower With Pex?

Here I am going to guide you about how you can plumb a shower with Pex. 

Drill the stud

First of all, you have to drill the stud and fix the plate over it. 

Run the Water Lines 

After drilling the suitable hole, now you have to run the water lines through it. To perform this step you can take help from the nail plate. 

Pull Lines In a Place 

The next step is to pull all the lines through the nail plates. The important thing that should not be neglected is that you have to leave pipes on both sides of the hole. 

Secure the Lines 

After pulling the lines in place you have to secure all the lines properly. You can use a clamp to secure the end of the lines at a place.

Set a Slack

When you are done with the securing of lines, you have to set a slack. The reason behind the setting of slack is to allow expansion and contraction. 

Place a Rough Stub 

After setting the slack you have to place the rough stab. It will help to adjust the PEX pipes in place. Never miss this step. 

Apply Crimps 

The application of crimps is the most complicated part of the whole procedure. If a person is unable to fix the crimps at the right place then the leakage might occur

Adjust the PEX

After the application of Crimps correctly. The next step is to adjust the suitable size of PEX. make sure to use the right size PEX

Soldering the Fitting 

When you have adjusted the PEX at the right place then it is time to solder the fitting. After soldering the fitting gives time for cooling. 

Position the Manifold 

Attach the bracket to the manifold before adjusting it at the specific place. 

Align the Template 

After positioning the manifold, you have to align the template by using a pencil. 

Attach the PEX Ball Valves 

Now attach the PEX Ball valves with the manifold.

Final Thoughts

Pex sizes for showers differ and depend on the pipeline of shower area. In general, 3/8 , 1/2 or 3/4 pex sizes are used for showers. 

You can use any of these sizes, according to the fixtures and pipeline of your shower area. Besides this, all other details about pex size are shared in this article. 

I hope this article will be helpful for you. If you like to ask any other thing related to pex size, you can ask in the comment section. 

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