What To Put Above Shower Surround?

The shower area is always relaxing and soothing for everyone who loves to take long baths. It is best to put some pretty stuff above your shower surrounds to make it attractive. You can put a lot of ideas together to blend your shower surround. 

But it’s completely up to your ideas and preferences. That is how you want to make your shower surround. In this article, I will discuss What To Put Above Shower Surround? and share some latest, trendy, and unique ideas for your shower surrounding walls. So, make sure to read till the end for relevant results.

It’s ultimately your choice to leave the above shower surrounds blank or blend them with colors and creative ideas. Different designs and ideas are available in the market to create or recreate your shower surround. You can also do some of them on your own, as DIY designs and ideas, and also set them from professional workers. 

What Is Best To Put Above Shower Surround?

The answer to this question varies from one person to another because there is also diversity. Some people like to decorate shower surrounds with decor pieces, paintings, DIY designs, and some like fresh and cozy paints, tile up, and other materialistic designs. 

So here I will share some ideas, you can choose any of them, according to your own choice. According to research and public reviews, all are top-rated ideas and designs of the market. 

  1. Waterproof ART

Waterproof artwork that may not be damaged by liquid exclusion and humidity can be put above the shower surrounds. Such as attaching picture frames, colorful hanger arts, scenic artwork, figurative art,  metalwork, painted designs, and others. 

You can make it on your own, depending on your creativity. You can also order any waterproof art piece depending on your choice and emotions because the best art is the work that expresses your emotions and values.

  1. Paint Touch

You can choose any schemes and colors for your bathroom paints according to your choice and paint touch. There are different themes and designs available online, such as blue, purple, off-white and some beige color shower surrounds.  

You can also paint the shower surrounds as the same wall color to create a design. You can choose paint to create different designs such as patterns, strips, circular rings, diamond-shaped stones, and others.

  1. Tile It Up

Decorative tiles are also considered the cheapest and most common method to put above shower surround. A few rows of beautiful tiles above shower surrounds can enhance the overall look of the shower area. 

Different materials and designs are available for shower surrounds, but ceramic tiles are the most commonly used. You can also match the tile to blend with your bathroom decor. It can also be shaped differently depending on your style to engage a new look. 

  1. Creative Shelves

Any kind of creative and stunning shelves above the shower surrounds are also in fashion. Most people choose this design not only for decor purposes but also for their unlimited shower products. 

Plain white, off-white, and ceramic color shelves look good to set above the shower surround. You can fill the shelves with decorative pieces and your showering products. To protect things placed and on shelves, you can also place thin glass sheets on them. 

  1. DIY Designs

This is also the best option to put above shower surrounds. You can put colorful bathroom wall hangings, DIY woodwork, vinyl wallpaper, beadboard, natural prints, vintage-style mirrors, and displays of beautiful fresh or artificial flowers. 

You can also put match accessories and add some greenery to engage your shower surround. Depending on your likeness and choices, you can prepare any of these DIY designs. 

  1. Decorative Panels

You can also install decorative panels above the shower surrounds. You can choose glass, metal-plated, wood color, and ornamental design panels for this purpose. There are different kinds of raised decorative panels, such as backsplash panels, automotive diamond plating panels, wood panels, and even glass panels. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question No 1: which thing should I put on the top of the shower wall? 

Answer: Above the shower head wall you can put a moisture-resistant paint. As we all knew that moisture spread all over the surrounding of the shower heads. In case you have applied ordinary paint then it may peel off after some time.

There is no doubt about it, applying moisture-resistant paint costs much. Meanwhile, this paint last longer. If you have more money to invest in the surrounding of the shower head. You can go for the anti-microbial or anti-fungal additive in the paint. 

This thing may avoid the damage caused by the moisture and mold around the shower head surrounding. 

Question No 2: What things i can use in place of tiles in the surrounding of the shower head and on the shower wall?

Answer: The best replacement of tiles for the shower wall is the acrylic panel. Let me be clear here acrylic is a very suitable material for the bathroom. The benefit of acrylic panels is that they are available at very low prices. Furthermore, there are very less problems in adjusting the acrylic as compared to the tiling. 

Additionally, these acrylic panel is very durable, scratch and chipping-resistant and stain resistance as well. 

Question No 3: How to seal the top of a shower to protect it from moisture and mold? 

Answer: You can seal the top of the shower by using a sealant. For applying the sealant you need a paper towel. As the paper towel smooth the sealant and make remove the excess from the top. The prepper way of applying sealant is given below.

  • Make sure the area should be dry
  • Choose a correct aperture size
  • Cut the nozzle
  • Apply a sufficient amount of sealant 
  • There should not the gaps in the sealant bed
  • Wipe up the excess sealant 
  • Let it dry

Final Thoughts

So, depending on your choice and bathroom designs, you can choose any of these designs to put above the shower surrounds. All of them are unique and popular ideas for the shower surround. 

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