Why Do Farts Smell Worse In The Shower? 

Farts can never smell pleasant, but in some cases they smell worse that can be a problem.

Some people can control worse farts and some cannot control, there are many people who usually fart very badly in the shower.

So, the question arises, why do farts smell worse in the shower? What are the reasons behind it? And how can you control it?

This article will cover all these questions and at the end of the article you will be able to clear this confusion.

Why Do Farts Smell Worse In The Shower?

Farts smell worse in the shower due to many reasons, if you have a small shower room then humidity can cause farts to smell worse.

When you fart in the shower, the gas quickly mixes with the surroundings, and smells worse than casual.

Your shower water temperature also causes farts to smell worse, as in warm water the gas rises immediately to the nose.

Besides these there can be many reasons depending on your scenario which can allow farts to smell worse in the shower.

Let’s discuss some of them.

Reasons Why Farts Smell Worse In The Shower

Fart is a natural process and everyone farts, it’s nothing bad in it but many people do not like to do it openly.

Many people are always concerned about the fart smell and they want to know the reasons behind the foul smell, especially in the shower. 

So, here I will discuss four possible reasons why your fart smells worse in the shower.

  1. Closed Or Small Shower Area:

Closed or small shower areas can cause farts to smell worse in the shower area.

In addition to the sudden and unrestrained release of noxious gases into the air, the fact that you’re in a closed area .

When you close the shower door it adds to the noxious gas explosion. 

Humidity, a small place and no windows or exhaust fans can cause farts to smell bad during showers.

In a closed or small shower area there is no space for farts to eliminate, so it’s obvious that you will smell it worse than the normal fart. 

In this case, you will feel the entire smell released by the body, not that farting in the shower is any different than farting out in the open. 

However, technically fart does not escape, so that causes you to smell the full strength of the gas.

  1. Hot Shower Causes Fart To Expand:

It’s a fact that hot water causes the fart to expand, you may have realized that you fart forcefully while in the shower. 

In simple words your fart is forced out by a hot sower, which creates a pressure and causes it to expand. 

As another factor, being naked in the shower allows the fart to escape with full force, because of no clothing providing a barrier. 

Hence, the hot shower and nakedness increased the fart smell in the shower.

  1. Water Vapors Enhances Sense Of Smell:

Water vapors in the air during showers are another reason that increase the smell of fart and make it worse than the normal.

The more humid the environment, the easier it is to detect odors at much lower concentrations. 

Some of you may know that water vapors in the air, especially in a closed area such as shower , allows our nose receptors to smell more strongly.

The smell might not be the same if there are any windows or exhaust fans, since exhausting allows the fart to be properly eliminated and will not mix fully in the shower area.

  1. Food That You Eat Before Shower:

Another reason that farts smell worse in the shower is the food that you eat before taking the shower. 

So being in the shower or shower area is not only the reason, in fact your food can be a reason.

If you eat a proper meal with a full stomach, it’s obvious to have a fart during the shower, as your food allows the bacteria in your gut to break down properly thus eliminating fart.

There are possibly less chances of bad odor farts, if you eat less before taking a shower. 

You can experience this trick anytime you want, it will definitely create a difference. 

Final Thoughts

Farts are a natural thing, and it’s nothing bad to discuss anything about it. 

Farts in the shower are something that causes trouble for almost every other person, and most people want to know about the reasons for bad odor farts in the shower.

This article has covered almost all the possible reasons, such as humidity, closed or small shower area, water vapors, and your diet.

Besides these reasons, there can be many other reasons too depending on your personality and your atmosphere, but these are some common reasons.

I hope this information is helpful for you if you have any further questions about this topic. You can anytime ask in the comment section, I will be there to answer your all queries. 

Frequently Asked Question

Question No 1: Why do farts smell worse in water? 

Answer: The farts smell very bad in the shower. No one exactly knows the reason behind this happening. Even scientists did not find any appropriate answer to this question. The reason behind this happening might be the water vapors. 

The smell and water molecules form a combination that can be received by the receptors in your nose. This reason is only accepted by a few members of the scientific world. The second reason behind this process is that the gas water binds with water vapor. According to this green theory the air act as a sponge for the fart molecules. 

Question No 2: Why are the women’s farts comparatively smaller than the men’s farts? 

Answer: According to thorough research scientists has reached an appoint that women’s farts are usually smaller than men’s. The second study shows that women’s fart is more concentrated with hydrogen sulfide. 

On the other hand, the men’s farts are more in volume. Moreover, these farts are not concentrated as compared to women’s farts. In very few cases this process acts differently. This happens in the very far and rarer cases when a person has to take more or less food. 

Question No 3: what will happen if you fart in water? 

Answer: Farting is a natural process. If a person fart in water or underwater it will create a bubble of gas. As we all knew that farts are in gaseous form so they create gas bubbles that will ultimately displace the water around them.

In some cases when the bubble is larger then it may cause explosion. Some swimmers use this bubble to propel through. If you are swimming with the gathering then try to hide this thing. If will not do so then it seems very unethical. 

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