Why Do I Sweat After A Shower?

You Just stepped out of the shower, and your body feels like it’s on fire. That’s not exactly how you want to start your day, but unfortunately, that’s what happens to many people who experience excessive sweating after a shower and it can be embarrassing in front of coworkers and clients alike.

Sweating, known medically as hyperhidrosis, can be the cause of much embarrassment and discomfort.

Here’s why you sweat after a shower and some basic remedies that can help you to control excessive sweating and live more comfortably with your condition.

Reasons For Sweating After A Shower

One very common reason that individuals start to sweat excessively after a shower is because of an increase in temperature.

If you live in a hot climate, or you are doing exercises that raise your core body temperature and generate a lot of sweating.

You may not feel that much warm, sticky, or sweaty right after showering during the summer in contrast to the winter when the air is cold and dry, especially in the shower. 

But the humid weather in the home, which combined with a higher body temperature from warm water on your skin, can leave you feeling hot, sticky, and sweaty after showering.

You can try cooling off immediately by taking cool showers or baths and drinking plenty of cold fluids. Over-the-counter antiperspirants can also help keep perspiration under control if applied correctly.

How To Control Sweating After A Shower?

You should apply antiperspirant at night before bedtime when your body temperature is lower. Don’t forget to wash it off in the morning or it may stain your clothing.

Be sure to know about controlling body odor and managing excessive sweating due to bacteria build-up on your skin.

Deodorants, antiperspirants and body powders can help reduce odor-causing bacteria and sweating after a shower.

Try to rinse your body properly after a shower and then wear your clothes, it will also overcome your sweating issue. 

Leave your body for some seconds to cool down properly before stepping out of the shower, it will also lessen the chances of excessive sweat. 

Make sure to have a proper ventilation system to overcome humidity, also turn on the shower fan and your bathroom windows for air crossing. 

Usually when you step out from the shower room after completing your hot shower, your body temperature is still hot, that heat allows your body to generate sweating. 

This will naturally close your body pores and thus you can completely get rid of sweating. 

So, to decrease the sweating you should turn off the hot shower before finding your shower and stepping out from the shower area. 

As you get out of the bath, gradually lower the water temperature to lukewarm. 

You should also keep the bathroom fan running to cut down on the humidity and blot the skin rather than rub.

Try to have cold or normal water showers instead of hot showers, it will also lessen the sweat issues after a shower. 

Is Sweating After A Shower Is Bad? 

Sweating after a shower is not actually bad at all. It’s a natural process and it’s nothing to worry about. 

But some people sweat a lot which can be a sort of difficulty for them, as sweating also releases bad odor which is unpleasant for any one. 

So,  it can be a sort of problem for many people, usually sweating is not considered a good thing while you are with others.  

So, it is better to avoid that kind of embarrassing situation and sticky body. So, you can properly rinse off your body after a shower to avoid sweating issues.

Besides this, you can follow any of the ways as shared in this article. Those ways will easily overcome your sweating issues, and allow you to enjoy a refreshing day. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question No 1: Does a cold shower stop sweating? 

Answer: showering is the very pleasant and quickest way to remove stress from the body. If a person takes bath using cold water then it will help to circulate blood throughout the body. The circulation of blood in the body is very beneficial for health. 

A bath with cold water is like a morning workout. As we all knew a morning workout is the main reason behind the smooth flow of blood.

The main difference between a cold water bath and a morning workout is that the cold shower does not produce much swearing as compared to the morning workout. 

Question No 2: How can I stop sweating so much? 

Answer: Swearing is a natural process, that removes excess water and salt from the body. Sweating in normal amounts is healthy. On the other hand, if you are sweating so much then it looks very bad and you feel smelly all the time. 

You can avoid excess sweating by using tablets that will reduce the sweating. If you do not want to take any tablet for this purpose then you can take help from iontophoresis.

It is the process of treating areas that produce more seats with the weak electric current that passes through the water 

The third way to get help is from botox injection is under the armpit and areas that produce more sweat. This process is painful and is not suitable for all people. So before injecting botox always take a consultant from a dermatologist. 

Most people are moving to surgery. In the surgery, you can remove the swat gland from the body. This treatment is not recommended by the experts. A normal amount of swat is necessary to keep the water and salt balance in the body. 


There can be many reasons for sweating depending on body and showering water temperature, climate, clothing, and other factors such as humidity, close shower area and others.

So, to overcome this sweating issue after a shower you can easily try any of the things shared in this article. Besides this, if you have any further questions, then you can anytime ask in the comment section. I will be there to answer all your queries. 

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