Why Do RV Shower Heads Leak? Best RV Shower Head

This is a common question that RV shower head users ask themselves and their fellow campers when they return from their trips, only to find out that the shower head doesn’t work properly. This problem is not as such as people can avoid easily, because it’s such an annoying problem to have.

So, this article will explain why RV shower heads leak and what you can do about it. So, have patience and understand the basic things properly for better results. 

What Cause RV Shower Head To Leak?

You may notice water dripping from your RV shower head, but aren’t sure why it’s happening or how to fix it.

So, there can be several reasons for that, sometimes it becomes really important to take action, to avoid the problem in the future so that you won’t have to worry about leaks every time you use your shower in your RV.

RV shower heads leak and it’s incredibly frustrating when this happens. You get into the shower, and the water pressure is weak or non-existent. It takes forever to fill up your bathtub, and you’re left with a whole lot of dirty water on the floor after each shower because there isn’t enough pressure to flush it down the drain easily. 

One of the most common reasons an RV shower head leaks is because it’s not being used correctly. This can be easily solved by making sure that it’s not being pushed down too hard and that there isn’t any sort of damage to it. 

For example, if your RV is having issues with water pressure, your problem might actually result from a larger issue within your plumbing system. In other words, if you have a serious problem with your RV, you may need to look into hiring someone who knows what they are doing. 

If you don’t have access to professional help or don’t want to pay for it, try asking around at local repair shops in your area. They might know of someone who does work for cheap or even offer discounts for their own customers. 

If you aren’t able to find anyone like that in your area then just keep looking online until you find one. It’s better than spending money on something else when all you really needed was a simple fix.

Furthermore, if you’re RV shower head leakage problem is not too much complicated, then you can simply fix the leak RV shower head on your own with these easy steps. 

But, here the key is to have patience, as it can take a long time to fix properly. 

How To Fix Leak RV Shower Head?

There are several reasons that an RV showerhead may start to leak. It could be something as simple as a loose connection or an O-ring, but more complicated issues may also exist. 

But on another side, there are several ways to fix a leak RV shower head. The first step is to inspect your water pressure at home; if it’s unusually high, you might have low water pressure in your rig. 

This will fix the RV shower head leakage if there’s just a water pressure-related problem. Other wise, you have to test out your faucets onshore power and make sure there aren’t any leaks before you set out on your journey. 

Then, check to see if the threads of your shower head are corroded from calcium buildup, which can inhibit water flow into and out of your unit. If it’s calcified (or limed up), use vinegar or CLR to dissolve it; then scrub away with a toothbrush for best results. 

Finally, if none of these fixes work properly, it means your RV shower head is damaged. So, you’ll need to replace your shower head. A new one should cost around $20 and take less than five minutes to install. And after that, your shower head leakage problem will be solved. 

The Most Common Errors of RV Shower Heads 

Like every showerhead, an RV shower also encounters a lot of common problems. In this part of the blog, I am going to tell you about all the common errors that can be observed in RV showerhead

Clogged Shower Head 

The most common problem with the RV showerhead is the clogged showerhead. This problem is usually observed in the area where the water is salty and hard. The clogged shower head issue is due to the deposition of minerals and salt inside the shower head. 

The holes will shrink and the water will not release fully and the shower head will not provide enough flow during the bath. 

Leakage of Shower Head 

The second most common error in the RV Showerhead is leakage of the showerhead. The leakage occurs due to some technical eros. This condition might also occur when the shower head is not tightened to the suitable limit. 

In very rare cases overtightening of the shower head may break the seal and leakage may happen. In the expert recommendation always take help from the plumber. So that he can instal the shower head in the proper way without breakage which is the reason behind the leakage. 

Low Water Pressure 

The third common error of the RV shower head is the low water pressure. When the holes or the pipes or shower head are clogged with salt and mineral deposition then this issue may arrive. This is the most common problem in the area where the water is hard and salty. 

On the other hand, this problem might also happen when people face a water shortage. To avoid this problem the best solution is to install a water filtration plant that will provide less hard water free from excess salt and minerals. 


RV Shower head leakage is a big problem if you do not fix it on time. As it is important to fix a leak shower head so that your bathroom or shower area may not become messy all the time. 

So, this article has explained how RV shower heads leak and how you can fix this problem quickly and easily. 

So, you can easily fix this problem after reading this, furthermore, if you have any queries, you can simply ask in the comment section. 

I will be there to answer your all queries. 

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