Why Does My Skin Come Off After A Shower?

You may love to have a hot shower early in the morning to relax or charge up your body for all-day activities. But, you may wonder that after having a shower, your skin comes off, gets dry, cracks afterward, and peels off after rubbing dry skin. This can be problematic, and you may want to know it properly, so in today’s article, I will share complete details about the topic, Why Does My Skin Come Off After A Shower? And will discuss different things related to this query.

However, it may depend on your skin type and the cosmetic or shower products you use. So any part of your body, such as legs, arms, face, the neck, can get affected by peeling skin issues. So, in our next paragraph, I will discuss why the skin comes off after a shower? So that you may know the basic reasoning behind this issue.

Why Does My Skin Come Off After A Shower?

There can be various reasons for dry skin and peeling skin after a shower based on the products and skin types, which I will also share, but mainly there can be two possible reasons which allow your skin to come off after a shower, such as:

Dry Skin Type:

Dry skin can be a basic reason, either after the result of regular shower mistakes or the use of improper products, or a skin problem. You will notice that your skin cracks and peels off after showering. 

Sometimes, it depends on the hot shower because dry skin comes off gradually after having a hot water shower. So, you should better moisturize your skin with natural ingredients or cure it properly after having serious health problems. 


This is a natural phenomenon, called cell turnover, in which your skin cells shed and replace themselves between 14 to 28 days. You may not notice it every time, but it may appear like white flakes of skin coming off after having a shower.

Shower Mistakes That Cause Skin Dryness and Peeling.

When you realize the issue of skin coming off after a shower, you need to consider your showering routine, as there may be some mistakes that lead to this issue, so here I will share some of the shower mistakes that cause skin dryness and peeling off:

  1. Too Long Showers.
  2. Taking Regular Hot Showers.
  3. Overuse of Shower Products.
  4. Cheap or allergic Bar Soap.
  5. You Used To Scrub Your Body Too Hard.
  6. Use Of Improper Body wash.
  7. Use Of Harsh Face wash.
  8. Less or No use of Moisturizer After Shower.
  9. Dirty WashCloth Or Loofah.
  10. You may not properly clean every part of your body.

Besides these ten mistakes, any other issue causes the skin to come off after showering. So, if you face skin dryness or peeking issues after showering, you must consider these issues and examine your shower routines to overcome the issue.

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How To Overcome Dead Skin Coming After A Shower?

In the above paragraph, I have shared various reasons that might cause dead skin to come off after a shower, so you can consider solving those issues so that your skin may not come off after a shower. Here I will share some main things to consider if you want to get rid of this issue, so make sure to consider them properly. 

  • Shower with cold or lukewarm water.
  • Gradually decrease the duration of your shower.
  • Always make sure to consider hygienic measures while taking a shower.
  • Check your daily used shower products ingredients.
  • Always prefer natural ingredients products over chemicals.
  • Use a clean and dry towel to pat dry your body after showering.
  • Always consider moisturizing your body properly after a shower.

How Does Exfoliating Remove Dead Skin?

Exfoliation is a process that sheds off or removes dead skin cells; there are three main exfoliation processes, such as natural, mechanical, and chemical treatments. As I share in the above paragraph, a natural one is where dead skin cells naturally turnover and replace with new skin cells, but it may not properly remove the dead skin patches.

Mechanical exfoliation includes the process where you can remove dead skin physically with the help of materials like exfoliating scrubs, washcloths, body brushes. You should gently rub the skin to avoid rashes. 

In chemical treatment, exfoliation is done by using different chemicals. Commonly used chemicals include enzyme peels, AHAs, and BHAs. AHA-containing products should be used twice or thrice a week. Daily usage of products having AHAs causes over-exfoliation, dry and harsh skin. 

So, in these ways, exfoliating removes the dead skin and overcomes the issue of skin coming off after the shower.

Most important Tips While Taking a Bath 

No doubt taking a shower after a long hectic day makes the person fresh and relaxed. But here the problem is most people face the peeling off the skin after taking shower. Let me be clear that this only happens when you do not prepare your skin before taking bath. 

Furthermore, there are a lot of other mistakes that they do that will ultimately face the peeling off the skin after showering. Below I am mentioning which thing you should do before taking bath. 

If you follow the step below then I am dam sure you will enjoy the long bath without stressing about your skin damage. 

Remove the Makeup First

The very first thing that you must perform before taking shower is to remove all the makeup from your face. Use miscellaneous water for removing the makeup thoroughly. You can also use coconut oil as an alternative to the miscellaneous water

Water Temperature 

The second most important thing for taking shower is that the water you are using for bathing should not be so hot. Taking shower with hot water can make the skin very dry and scaly. Always use lukewarm water for taking bath. 

Using hot water for a bath not only damages your skin but it will also damages your hair and make them very dry. 

Apply Cleansing Oil 

If you want to make your skin hydrated, then here I am telling you the quickest method for doing so. Always apply the cleansing oil all over the body and gently massage. This massage will exfoliate the dead skin and make it hydrated. 

Wash Hair First 

The very first stepping in the bathroom for taking shower is to wash your hair first. Using a shampoo that contains sulfate makes hair rough 


There can be various reasons which cause the skin to come off after a shower. I have shared a complete guide about this issue, so I hope this article will provide you with easy and quick ways to overcome this issue. You can also ask anything related to this topic in the comment section. I always love to answer all your queries.

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