Will A Toilet Unclog Itself?

Suppose, when you wake up at midnight to have a relief in your bathroom, and you observe that your toilet seat is clogged, it may be an issue for you if it happens to you first time, and you may get worried, and need to know the important question, Will That Toilet Unclog Itself? Or Not? So, in today’s article, I will discuss this vital question, so without any further delay, let’s come to the main point.

Will A Toilet Eventually Unclog Itself?

This question might come into your mind eventually when you sit with your clogged question, but it’s normal because a toilet can unclog itself if some bathroom accessories like toilet paper, tissue paper, and feces are stuck to the bathroom. 

And it will take a maximum of an hour for a toilet to unclog itself, but it depends on the material which clogs the toilet. If those things are easily degradable, then the toilet may unclog itself. Otherwise, it may take more than a day if the massive amount of material clogs the toilet.

What Are The Things That Clogs The Toilet?

The most common things that clog the toilet are basic bathroom accessories like toilet papers, paper towels, cotton pads, female sanitary products, baby diapers, paper masks, and other things related to bathroom usage.

After using them, most people flush these things, but they usually are not meant to flush out. And most of these products are non degradable, so there are high chances of clogging. Besides this, if your toilet clogs a massive amount of these products, the toilet will not be able to unclog itself. Thus you will need to do it by yourself. 

You should also not flush your hairs down in the toilet seat, as they may get tangled in the pipelines and cause clogs that can be tough to sort out. Other than this, if your toilet clogs a few tissue papers or cotton pads, it may unclog itself within 24 hours of the time limit.

Will A Clog Toilet Unclog Itself Overnight?

A toilet unclogs itself overnight if the amount of the products clogged in the toilet is less, or they are biodegradable products or dissolve in the water. Sometimes flushing the toilet more than three to four times can also unclog the toilet overnight. 

A powerful flush of water exerts high pressure on the clog, and after a few minutes’ wait, it may often unclog the toilet, and it will be able to use. You can try to flush till your toilet unclog successfully.

What To Do When Your Toilet Is Clogged?

There can be three to four possible choices you can do if your toilet is clogged, which includes:

  • At first, you can wait for some time, so the toilet unclogged itself.
  • After waiting for some time, you can unclog the toilet by yourself.
  • Or, if it’s not in your hand, you can contact any plumber or sanitary operator to unclog the toilet.

If you allow your toilet to unclog itself, it can be possible if the clogged material is organic. Otherwise, waiting for the toilet to unclog itself can be a waste of time.

Considering the amount of material that blocked your toilet, it’s better to unclog it by yourself, as it is not really tough to unblock the toilet. You can use some basic things like enzyme cleaner, toilet cleaner, hot water, wire hanger, liquid soap, or any kind of detergent. If you don’t want to do it yourself, the last option is to call a plumber to fix your toilet clog.

How To Unclog The Toilet?

In case you decide to unclog the toilet yourself, I will share some basic steps and methods that you can follow for better results.

  1. Use Liquid or Dish Soap:

You can use foamy liquid or dish soap to unclog the toilet. All you need to do is take ample liquid soap or chunks of dish soap in a bowl of hot water and then pour the mixture into the toilet. Wait for almost 15 to 30 minutes, and after that, flush out the material.

  1. Use Hot Water:

Another method is using hot water. It can dissolve the clog faster than the other products. Make sure to use hot water, not boiling water, as boiling water may break your toilet place. 

  1. Use Of Wire Hanger:

You need to untwist your wire hanger to make it reachable to the bottom of the toilet to unclog. When you get the clog, bring that wire up to dig the clog to remove it, and after that, flush the toilet properly. 

  1. Use Of A Plunger:

If you have a plunger in your house, then it’s an easy and quick way to unclog the toilet. You need to put the plunger down to the toilet seat slowly and then plug the plunger in up and down movement. You can check after some time whether the clog unlocks or not.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question No 1: Is it safe to leave the clogged toilet overnight? 

Answer: Leaving a clogged toilet overnight is bt risky. The risk related to clogged bathrooms is they can produce harmful gas. This gas is very dangerous and it can cause short breath. Furthermore, you can also be disturbed by the smell produced by this clogged toilet. 

Additionally never try to use the clogged toilet. If you have two toilets in your home then use that toilet in the replacement of the clogged toilet. Unluckily if you have a single toilet then do not make any compromises call the plumber and fix your clogged toilet. 

Question No 2: How long does a toilet take in unclogging? 

Answer: A toilet may take several hours to only fifteen to twenty minutes in unclogging. The time taken in unclogging is depend upon the method you are using in unclogging it. When you use water that is extremely hot in unclogging the toilet it will take only fifteen to twenty minutes in unclogging. 

Furthermore, add a little amount of soap into the hot water it will in the unclogging and remove foul smell from the toilet pipelines. Using water that is not hot can take more time in unclogging. 

Question No 3: What is the quickest and strongest method to unclog the fully clogged toilet? 

Answer: if your budget is high then you can go for the Drano max gel is the best solution to clean the drain and unclog the toilet. These gels take only ten minutes in unclogging the toilet. 

On the other hand, you can also use hot water with a little amount of soap or detergent in it can unclog the toilet in ten to fifteen minutes. The hot water with soap and detergent in it can also act as the perfect replacement for the Drano max gel. 


A toilet may unclog itself if regular organic material clogs the toilet in a lesser amount. It may take a few hours to unclog. But if it takes more time and you can’t wait for long, you can try the steps discussed in this article. It will take no time and will fix your toilet clog. 

After removing the clog successfully, you should promise yourself or teach your children or other family members not to flush these items into the toilet.

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