Will Flex Seal Fix The Crack Bathtub?

If you have a fiberglass bathtub, then cracking is something normal that can happen. There can be different reasons behind bathtub cracking that will be discussed later, but aside from those explanations, if you see a crack in the tub, you have only two options. 

  • First, you can repair it if the crack is under control conditions.
  • And secondly, you can buy the new one.

But while fixing thoughts, it might come to your mind that Will Flex Seal Fix The Crack Bathtub? Flex seal is considered exemplary to fix these troubles, so that I will share some facts and figures about flex seal in this article.

Will Flex Seal Fix The Bathtub Crack?

Flex seals can’t fix the bathtub crack permanently, as flex seals may not contain structural properties to fix the cracks. Although it can be a temporary solution to stop leakage, depending on the bathtub material, it can stay for a few days, but it will not fix the crack permanently. 

If you have a fiberglass bathtub, it’s completely fine to use a flex seal to fix cracks, and it may stay for a couple of days. But if you have a porcelain or ceramic bathtub, then a flex seal will not be a great option to fix the crack.

What Causes Bathtub To Cracks?

There can be different reasons for cracking. For example, fiberglass bathtubs can be damaged from dropping heavyweight objects, belligerent chemical cleansers, improper installation, overweight people, and other mixed materials used to prepare bathtubs.

Besides these, there can be other reasons, depending on the bathtub material and the persons using the bathtub. But I have shared the most common causes of cracking bathtubs. 

Temporary Fixes For Crack Bathtub?

Including the use of flex seal, there are some temporary methods you can try to fix bathtub cracks, so here I will share some common fixes for crack bathtubs.

  1. Stabling Primer for Cracks:

You can use a stabling primer for small cracks. It will not fix cracks properly, but it can stop the bathtub crack from growing more. 

The cracks usually increase over time, or it can be problematic because you may not be able to fill the damage on an emergency basis. So, using a stabling primer provides you with some extra time and will prevent crack growth.

  1. Repair Kit:

You can purchase a repair kit from any local hardware store. It can be a permanent solution if you can properly use it. So if you have fiberglass or a plastic bathtub, all you need to do is install it correctly. The repair kit may not work properly on any other material bathtubs, so make sure to check your bathtub material properly before using it.

How To Repair Crack Bathtub?

There can be some easy-to-do methods to fix bathtub crack, but if you don’t want to struggle, the best option is to hire a professional. Depending on the bathtub cracks or the material of your bathtub, some repairing fixes may not work properly. So the best option is to hire a professional, besides this, there can be some options, such as:

  • Welding:

Welding the cracks can be a good option if your bathtub is made of metal. So, if you have welding equipment or can do it on your own, it’s the best and quick way to fix cracks.

  • Polyurethane Foam Insulation:

This is the best way to make a waterproof seal. It can be an easy and quick trick to fix your bathtub cracks, but it will be only applicable if the crack is small.

In addition to fixing cracks, expanding foam material also strengthens your bathtub and prevents future cracks. 

  • Epoxy or Fiberglass Resin:

Fiberglass resin, also known as epoxy resin, included in the repairing kit to fix cracks, is the best option to fix the bathtub’s damages. You can use epoxy resins at the bathtubs other than the fiberglass.

It can be messy and tricky to use epoxy resin, so if you can do it easily, then try.  Otherwise, you can skip this option or call the repair person. But if you know how to deal with messy epoxy resins, it can be the perfect solution to fix cracks.

Frequently Asked Question 

Question No 1: Which thing is used to fill the crack in the bathtubs and toilets?

Answer: There are many things available in the market that can be used as a filling for the filing the cracks in the bathtub and toiles. The most reasonable and safest thing that you can use to fill the crack of the bathtub is an epoxy repair kit. 

This special repair kit is perfect the fill the crack in porcelain, enamel, ceramic, acrylic, and fiberglass bathtubs. The good thing about this kit is that the filling is available in different shades so you can pick one that is perfectly matched your bathtub color. 

Question No 2: Which thing is used to seal the crack of the plastic bathtub? 

Answer: The bathtub that is designed using plastic requires something else than an epoxy kit to fill the crack in the bathtub. For the sealing of the plastic bathtub, you need glue that is specially designed for sticking the two plastic surfaces firmly. 

Question No 3: Is it possible to fill the hairline crack in the bathtubs? 

Answer: yes we can also fill the cracks that are equal to the hairline in the bathtubs. For filing these types of cracks you need a putty knife. Take the filling over the surface of the knife and fill the crack carefully. No need to take more filing on the knife. 

Take the filing that is enough to fill the crack only. After filing, you have to give some time to the filing to get dry. Keep the moisture away from the filled crack. 

Question No 4: How much money need to fix or seal the cracks of the bathtubs?

Answer: The fixing or sealing of the cracks in the bathtubs depends upon the location of the cracks and the nature of the cracks. The budget that is required also depends on these factors. 


Flex seal may not fix the crack bathtub properly, but I have shared other common fixes. So you can use anyone according to your crack condition and bathtub types.

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